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Kojic Acid Soap Review -Step One to Lighter Skin

What is Kojic Acid?

For many women, getting their skin to be lighter and brighter, with an even, consistent tone, is one of the most important aspects of their skin care regimen.  And there is a wide variety of products to help them achieve it.  Some use harsh chemicals such as hydroquinone, but more and more, it is becoming apparent that this is not necessary.  There are natural products that work equally as well, and don’t have potentially dangerous side effects to worry about.

Kojic Acid comes from a certain variety of mushroom.  It was isolated in 1989 in Japan, when it was discovered that it had skin lightening properties.  It works very similarly to hydroquinone, in that it inhibits the activity of tyrosinase (the enzyme responsible for the production of melanin) and also prevents other enzymes from converting into melanin. Without the melanin, skin pigmentation lessens, and dark spots and patches are lightened.  Some studies have shown Kojic Acid to be just as effective as hydroquinone, which is the number lightening agent available.

Kojic Acid Soap ReviewKojic Acid Soap

Kojic Acid comes in several different delivery mechanisms – lotions, creams, and serums to name a few.  One of the most popular by far is Kojic Acid Soap.  Used by many women in The Philippines and Japan for years, it is now gaining popularity with women all over the world thanks to the dual wonders of online shopping and international shipping.  Kojic Acid Soap is arguably the simplest way to add a lightening product to your skin care regimen.

Kojic Acid Soap usually comes in a transparent orange bar reminiscent of the original Neutrogena glycerin soap.  Often, the Kojic Acid is combined with a fruit extract, commonly papaya, to add an exfoliation action. The Kojic Acid goes to work on lessening the formation of pigment, while the papaya or other fruit extract helps break down the top layer of skin more quickly to reveal the smooth, even skin below.

How To Use Kojic Acid Soap

You use Kojic Acid Soap in much the same way you would use any soap.  Lather and apply to the area you are trying to lighten, whether it’s your face, knees, elbows, armpits, or anywhere.  Kojic Acid Soap can be irritating and drying, so at first, just rinse it off right away. Once your skin gets used to it, you should leave it on for 20 seconds or so before rinsing it off. You should start to feel a tingle.  When you do, it’s time to rinse.  After using Kojic Acid Soap for a while, you can gradually increase the amount of time you leave it on to boost the effectiveness.

Skin Lightening, no matter what method you choose, usually takes at least a few weeks, so be patient while looking for results.

Kojic Acid Soap Side Effects

Kojic Acid Soap does cause a mild tingling or burning sensation if left on the skin.  On the one hand, this is how you know it’s working.  On the other hand, you don’t want to burn your skin.  It also causes peeling, much like a glycolic acid peel.  The recommendation from most Kojic Acid Soap users with sensitive skin is to start out just applying and rinsing off, then slowly build up the time you leave it on.  Start with 20 seconds, then increase to 30 seconds, and so on.  And if at any point, it starts to burn, rinse it off right away.

Where to Buy Kojic Acid Soap

There are lots of brands of Kojic Acid Soap, like Kojie San, Diana Stalder, and Likas.  At this point, your best option is to search online for retailers.  Amazon has several choices.  Prices range from about $3 to over $10 per bar, so you’ll definitely want to shop around.


With skin lightening becoming more and more popular the world over, it’s nice to see some natural solutions that are as effective as their chemical counterparts.  And studies have shown this to be the case with Kojic Acid Soap.  The key with this product is to start slow and be patient.  Go ahead and add it to your lightening and brightening routine but we recommend a topical treatment as well.  Your skin will be the better for it.

We recommend that if you’re going to use Kojic Acid Soap, use Illuminatural 6i as a topical treatment for optimal results!

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Q: Where can I purchase this soap? -Patricia Morris

A: I see it in a lot of Amazon shops but not retail. Rachel

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  • Sarrah

    Nice reviews. I’ve been using kojic whitening soap for over a year now and its effective and keeping my pimples away.

    Kojic san and Likas are commonly use in our country. But I’ve been using Royale kojic soap lately and I liked the results.

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