womens hairstyles over 50

Hairstyles For Women Over 50 With Straight Hair

Great Hairstyles For Women Over 50

womens hairstyles over 50Women over fifty with straight hair are envied by many. This is because straight hair allows a woman to wear a multitude of styles that look sophisticated without looking too old and sexy without looking silly. The tricky part is to select a hairstyle that is becoming of a fifty plus woman without looking like you are trying to steal your twenty-year old daughter’s hairdo. Luckily, many of the hairstyles today are great for more mature women and even some classics have gotten updates to look more modern and less like the styles your grandmother used to wear.

Some of the more modern trends in hairstyles for women over fifty with straight hair are:

Bob cuts

In order to look younger, keep the length of your bob cut between your chin and your collarbone. Straight hair has a tendency to lay flat and lifeless, but a bob with some layers or a flip at the ends is a great way to add volume and a bit of a wave. However, you can also wear it straight, but add some gel or mouse to the roots so it does not lie too flat on your head which can give you a much older look.

hairstyles for women over 50Short layers

As you age, your hair becomes thinner which makes straight hair look all the more boring and flat lacking any type of excitement. By adding some short layers, specifically around your face, you not only add some thickness to your hair, but you can also minimize your frown lines. Apply mousse or gel to the roots to give it even more body. If you want to play up this style, you can always use Velcro rollers to add some loose cascading curls.


Older women may feel like bangs are for the young, but if they are cut and styled just right, they can be worn by any woman at any age. Side swept bangs are the best—especially for hair that is thinning around the hairline. Wearing bangs that are swept to the side along with some loose waves creates a very whimsical style. A curling iron or rollers work great for creating waves on otherwise straight hair.

bangs for women over 50As an older woman, you start to discover that there are some facial features you want to accentuate and some you want to detract from which is why finding the perfect hairstyle is important. Be careful if your hair is both straight and long. You do not want to simply wear it straight with no bangs or style at all. It may look great on a young girl, but on a woman over fifty, it will make you look a lot older than you are. You need a style that adds thickness, has a lot of body to it and, most importantly, shows off your best features.


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