asian hairstyles for women with long hair

Hairstyles For Asian Women With Long Hair

Asian Hairstyles for Women With Long Hair

hairstyles for asian womenAsian women have some of the most beautiful hair in the world. From the bluish hue that highlights their jet black hair to its soft, thick texture, no hairstyle on an Asian woman ever looks messy, outdated or out of control. If you think otherwise, consider how popular Japanese hair straightening techniques have become in recent years as women all over the world try to get a piece of that perfect hair. And when it comes to Asian hairstyles, women from all walks of life are turning to these always captivating hairdos.

What makes Asian hairstyles so desirable is the versatility it provides during both the day and the evening. Here are some popular Asian hairstyles for women with long hair:

Peek-a-boo style

Back in the forties, the peek-a-boo style haircut was very popular. Today, it has gotten a bit of a modern makeover but still has the same sexiness it did back then. This is a perfect style for long hair and long bangs. The bangs are just about even with the rest of the hair or can be slightly shorter, but they are significantly parted over to one side nearly covering the entire eye. A blunt end finishes this look.

layers toward the face hairstyleLayers towards the face

Just about all Asian hairstyles have a blunt cut which means the hair is cut without a definitive end so there is no curl inward or outward. When you layer the sides with a blunt cut, the hair will appear to look as if it is turned into the face which creates a dramatic framing of the cheeks and jawline and then down into the neck area. This style can be supported by straight bangs across the forehead or with no bangs at all.

Small ponytails

If you want something completely fun and out of the ordinary, try putting small ponytails in your hair. Leaving most of the hair in back down, pull your hair from the top of the head (with a part down the middle of your scalp) and putting a high ponytail on either side. They should be placed more towards the back of the head rather than completely even with the top of your ears. Using some fun hairpins and ponytail holders asian hairstyles for women with long hairadds even more frolic to this very trendy style that is no longer just for little girls.

When it comes to Asian hairstyles, there is nothing you cannot do. Women with very straight hair will wear these styles the best. Another way of changing the style is to add highlights or coloring to your hair. Many Asian hairstyles lighten the hair on the bottom while leaving the top part darker. This adds some dimension to your hair—and lets you be more creative with it as well. Big waves can also be used in these long hairstyles. It is pretty much up to your imagination and what you want to say with your hairstyle.

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