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GrandeLASH MD Review – Should You Try it?

Thick, lush eyelashes and well-defined eyebrows make eyes look special, catching attention and attracting compliments. Unfortunately, we weren’t all blessed with those features and as we age, our lashes and brows can grow thinner, become sparse, and break off more easily.

GrandeLASH MD claims to overcome those problems and make your lashes longer and lusher than ever. Is GrandeLASH MD safe and does it really enhance your lashes and brows? Here’s what we found out.

GrandeLASH MD – Its Ingredients and How it WorksGrandeLASH MD

Grandelash MD is an enhancing treatment for eyelashes and brows. It may be used by both men and women and promises results within 4-6 weeks.

The product is produced by GrandeNaturals LLC that is based in White Plains, NY. Unfortunately, there is not much else known about the company.

If you visit the official GrandeLASH MD website, you’ll find there is some good information there, but there is not a lot about its ingredients. We are told that it is produced from all natural ingredients, a variety of natural extracts, peptides, vitamins, and amino acids.

This combination is reported to encourage longer, thicker growth, help repair and restore the health and condition of lashes and brows, and moisturize and protect the follicles. There are no parabens in the formula.

Results of a clinical trial are published on the GrandeLASH MD website, reporting that 89% of the trial’s 55 participants experienced “definitive improvement in density, length, thickness” within 30 – 40 days. Only two patients reported minimal eye discomfort which disappeared within a few days.

The website says to apply GrandeLASH MD as you would liquid eyeliner, running a single stroke along the edge of the lashes. If you are under 30 years of age, it is suggested that you use the treatment at night just before you go to bed.

If you are over 30, apply again in the morning. You may wear makeup with this product, but allow a minute for the treatment to dry before applying cosmetics. Younger users usually see results sooner than consumers who are older.

You’ll find before and after pictures at the GrandeLASH MD website, complete with audio.

Where to Buy GrandeLASH MD

You can order a 3-month supply of GrandeLASH MD from the official website. The website is secure and the company does provide complete contact information. The price of this lash enhancer is $59.95 and there is a 90-day money back guarantee.

GrandeLASH MD Pros

  • All natural ingredients
  • Secure website
  • Clinical evidence provided
  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • Paraben free

GrandeLASH MD Cons

  • Company is not well-known
  • Should not be used by pregnant women or people undergoing chemotherapy

Our Conclusions

GrandeLASH MD is an eyelash enhancing treatment that does seem promising. We like the fact that it is made from all natural ingredients and that the company stands behind their product with a lengthy guarantee.

We would like to more facts about the clinical trials and about the manufacturer itself, but feel that there is enough known about GrandeLASH MD that you should be able to try it without worry.

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User Questions and Answers

Q: I've only been using for two days, but for 2 days my eyes have been bloodshot red. I don't have any discomfort whatsoever. I have been asked twice if I have pink eye. Should I discontinue? I am not sure if it's related, but it symptom started the day I started using. -Blanca

A: Blanca, I would stop using it right away, it sounds like you're having an allergic reaction for sure. You could try stopping for a week and see if it clears up, then try the GrandLash one more time, and if you have the same reaction, you'll know it's something in the ingredients. Eyes are very sensitive. Good luck, Rachel

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Q: I have heard that there is a danger of possible eye color change with lash extention products. Would that apply to yours? -Maggie

A: Hi Maggie, Grand Lash MD is not a product that I promote, although I did give it a decent review. I'm not sure if this product contains the same ingredient that the FDA warns about being in Latisse Eyelash Enhancer, but I tend to doubt it because Latisse is prescription only. Apparently something in there can cause inflammation and cause light eyes to develop some brown pigment within the iris of the eye. I do know that Idol Lash, my top recommended eyelash enhancer does not contain that harmful ingredient - they use all natural ingredients.

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Q: Can you use GrandeLash MD on eyebrows to stimulate growth? -Kari

A: Kari, yes you can. The one I recommend is Idol Lash, you can use on brows and eyelashes, I've used it before and it works. One bottle is $39.95 and if you buy two you get one free.  I like the natural ingredients in Idol lash. ~Rachel

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Q: My mom uses Grande Lash and it's working! Her lashes are so long now and it made me want to use it too... but I'm still 13 and I'm not sure if it is safe for me to use it... do you think I can use it? - Stacie -Stacie

A: Stacie, I don't see why not as long as you have your Mom's permission...

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Q: My eyelashes are in good shape. A friend sent me this as a gift. What happens if I stop using the product?will my good eyelashes fall out Or have any problems? If I have dry eyes will this have any effect? -Trudy

A: Trudy, I would try it for a night or two and see how your eyes tolerate it, if you don't have any allergic reaction such as redness or inflammation, you could continue it and see if it helps with volume and length. I have not heard of side effects such as eyelashes falling out, and I have not used GrandLash personally. The one I have used is Idol Lash. I did not have any negative side effects when I stopped using it. Good luck! Rachel

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Rachel Vrabel

Rachel is Chief Editor of Women’s Blog Talk and writes reviews across the spectrum of anti-aging, health and beauty. She has an English degree from USF and worked in finance for 15 years before establishing this website in 2011. She loves having a place she can share her inspiration for health and beauty and continue to help others! She lives in South Florida with her husband and her hobbies include beach volleyball, HIIT training and combing the beach for sea glass and shells.


  • Nancy

    Hi, just coming off R&F Lash Boost because I have developed dry eye which , after researching online, is a definite side effect. Apparently it has an ingredient isopropyl cloprostenate which appears to be problematic. I just purchased grande lash and noticed it also contains the same ingredient so thinking of just returning it. Do you have any suggestions for a safe lash serum that works? Also, what is your opinion of lash extensions? Thanks you so much!

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Nancy, I haven’t used any lash enhancers that haven’t made my eyes freak out as I have super sensitive eyes and I’ve had blepharitis in the past. I would try the Image Skincare Brow & Lash Enhancement Serum however, I love that brand and they don’t contain those harsh ingredients, they use peptides. I have an unopened package of it, just haven’t tried yet! xo Rachel

  • Hannah Kushner

    I started using Grande Lash 2 nights ago and this morning I woke up with significant eyelash loss, at least 10 all over my face and pillow which has never happened before using this. Is this normal??? Should I discontinue use or is this part of the new growth cycle? It is very alarming…

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Yikes, I would discontinue right away, I have never heard of that happening. GrandeLASH MD is not one that I’ve tried personally and I don’t think my review was an overwhelmingly good one. you have to be careful with these enhancers…you could be having some type of allergic reaction and your follicles are revolting. So sorry!

  • Patti

    I just started using this product. First time and just a tiny bit trickled in my left eye. This morning my eye is a bit sore and blood shot…Has this happened to anyone else?

  • Margaret

    So why dies it have to have these dangerous ingredients, we all know that many companies have alreeady taken these out of their products?

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Sandee, I wouldn’t think that would be a problem. The only potential problem of using an eyelash enhancer is an allergic reaction on the eyelids if any of the ingredients bother you.

  • Jane

    I’m Asian with short straight lashes and never had such good looking long lashes before thanks to GrandeLASH! The first few days of using it, my eyes were red and itchy but I shrugged it off thinking maybe it’ll go away. And it did! Apparently, when you first use it, your eyes aren’t used to the product.
    Here’s what I gathered about the redness:
    “The redness occurs during the first few days of using the serum. This is normal for some people who are not used to the product. GrandeLASH-MD was Ophthalmologist tested with a clinical trial where 3% reported an itchy red eye or mild sensation. To overcome this they used the serum every day for the first week to allow the skin to become used to the product. All subjects reported longer, thicker lashes at the end of their trial.”

    I bought this product for my mum as well and she had the same problem as well. Rest assured, it’s totally safe and harmless. I am absolutely pleased with my results! I noticed a difference after just 1 week because that’s how short my lashes were. I’d wake up to longer more curled lashes! Love it! I would definitely recommend it!

  • Joy

    I just recently received my order of Grandelash MD and it does indeed contain methylparaben, ethylparaben and prostaglandin. The ingredients listed on the box appear to be different than the ones listed in the flyer enclosed in the box.

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