GoodSkin Labs Equinol Dark Spot Concentrate Review
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GoodSkin Labs Equinol Dark Spot Concentrate Review

GoodSkin Labs Equinol Dark Spot Concentrate Overview

Dark spots and uneven complexions can be caused by several different factors.  There’s age, exposure to sun and its damage, pregnancy, hormones, genetics, and acne to name a few.  Whatever the reason, I think it’s safe to say we would all rather not have the spots, and instead present ourselves to the world with smooth, clear, even-toned skin.  GoodSkin Labs Equinol Dark Spot Concentrate claims to be the product that can get you there.

GoodSkin Labs is a subsidiary of the Estee Lauder company, in much the same way that Clinique is.  GoodSkin Labs products, however, are made to be sold exclusively at Kohl’s stores.  (Yet you can buy it  on the internet as well).  The line has about ten products, mainly for mitigating the signs of aging skin.  The one we’re looking at today is GoodSkin Labs Equinol Dark Spot Concentrate.

Clinical testing has shown that when using GoodSkin Labs Equinol Dark Spot Concentrate:

  • There is an immediate 73% improvement in clarity.
  • After 12 weeks there is a 55% reduction in the visible size and color intensity of dark spots.

If you’ve ever used skincare products to try to lighten and brighten your skin, you know that this process takes time.  The idea is that you prevent the spots from regenerating as the natural (and chemically enhanced) process of exfoliation and new skin generation occurs.  So while 12 weeks may seem like a long time, it is unfortunately realistic when dealing with dark spots.

GoodSkin Labs Equinol Dark Spot Concentrate ReviewGoodSkin Labs Equinol Dark Spot Concentrate Ingredients and How They Work

GoodSkin Labs Equinol Dark Spot Concentrate does not contain Hydroquinone.  This can be good or bad depending on how you look at it.  One the one hand, hydroquinone is the gold standard when it comes to effective skin lightening. It has been proven to work.  On the other hand, it may be have a connection to certain cancers, and a skin disease called ochronosis, which causes a thickening and darkening of the skin.

What GoodSkin Labs Equinol Dark Spot Concentrate does contain is a mix of botanical extracts that are thought to work as skin lighteners and antioxidants.  It also contains Vitamin C which has been shown in recent studies to inhibit the production of melanin, which is what causes dark pigmentation.  Salicylic Acid is added to chemically exfoliate your skin.  This helps speed up the lightening process.

GoodSkin Labs Equinol Dark Spot Concentrate Pros and Cons

Advantages of GoodSkin Labs Equinol Dark Spot Concentrate

  • It’s made by a reputable skincare company.
  • Clinical studies have shown it to be effective.
  • It is hydroquinone-free.
  • Most of the GoodSkin Labs Equinol Dark Spot Concentrate reviews we saw are from pleased customers, happy with their results.
  • The opaque tube packaging will maintain the integrity of the ingredients.

Disadvantages of GoodSkin Labs Equinol Dark Spot Concentrate

  • Availability is somewhat limited.
  • It’s somewhat more expensive than drugstore brands.

Where to Buy

GoodSkin Labs Equinol Dark Spot Concentrate is available primarily at Kohl’s department stores.  GoodSkin Labs website does not sell its products.  We did, however, find it available through one store online.  He .7 ounce tube sells for just under $40.


As far as skin lighteners and dark spot correctors go, GoodSkin Labs Equinol Dark Spot Concentrate is probably one of the good ones, especially is you’re looking for something without hydroquinone.  On top of addressing dark spots, all the antioxidants and proteins will leave your skin vibrant and healthy.

Want a more natural approach? Check out this article on using Lemon Juice for Dark Spots!

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    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      If the directions say to not use on the eye area, I wouldn’t recommend it. It probably has ingredients that isn’t meant for the very thin skin under your eye. Dark spot corrections are not the same as dark circle under eye treatments. For dark circles I recommend Elite Serum RX. It’s very gentle under the eyes and is very effective as reducing dark circles. Dark spots on your face need a totally different ingredient meant to disrupt the production of melatonin. Check out my personal review.

      • lavinder

        thanks for your info 🙂 but the SA reassureed me that i can use it for the Good Skin Lab Dark Spot Corrector. I’m not sure now 🙁

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