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GeneSphere Review – Does it Work?

GeneSphere Overview

Nothing gives away your age like lines and wrinkles creasing your face.  There are myriad products available that claim to improve the appearance of your skin and help minimize those telltale signs of aging.  One of those products is GeneSphere (also called GeniSphere). Does this product work or is it just another manufacturer trying to dip its hands in your wallet? The GeneSphere website claims that their product “is like no other anti-wrinkle cream on the planet”.  Let’s take a closer look and we’ll be the judge of that.

GeneSpere – Its Ingredients and How it WorksGeneSphere

The name GeneSphere is often followed by the words “as seen on TV”.  That claim to fame is unimportant to us.  What we care about is whether or not the product works.  To discover that, we look at various sources of information, including the official website and other review sites.

The official website offers very little information about GeneSphere.  There is no list of ingredients or testimonials available.  There are no results from clinical trials and no before or after pictures.  What the website does say is that the reason this anti-aging formula works is because it contains a patented ingredient called Qusomes.  The website tells us that Qusomes have the ability to go beneath the skin and then drink in natural body fluids, inflating enough to lift up the wrinkles and make them disappear in just one hour. It claims this process works better than even the most expensive, well known anti-wrinkle creams and is more effective than Botox.

GeneSphere says that it not only lessens the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines, it also acts as a moisturizer and skin conditioner. Your skin will feel younger and smoother and if you continue to use GeneSphere, the effects are lasting.

The directions say to use GeneShpere just as you would a daily moisturizer.  Apply a small amount in the morning to areas you wish to treat.  The wrinkled appearance  should be significantly decrease within one hour.

Where to Buy GeneSphere

You may purchase GeneSphere at the official website for $34.95.  The website reports that normally GeneSphere sells for $99.95 a bottle, but the site has been offering it at the lower price for some time now.  It is also available at other online retailers, including Amazon, where it sells for $24.95 a bottle.

GeneSphere Pros

  • Fast acting
  • Reasonably priced

GeneSphere Cons

  • No ingredients list available
  • No clinical evidence presented
  • Little information about the GeneSphere company available
  • Mixed consumer reviews online

Our Conclusions

We all want our skin to look young and pretty.  That’s why there are so many anti-wrinkle products on the market.  Many of those manufacturers provide clinical proof, complete disclosure of the ingredients, and before and after pictures.  Unfortunately, GeneSphere is not such a manufacturer.  The price is fairly reasonable, but the lack of information provided concerns us.  If you decide to try GeneSphere, please let us know your opinion.

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Rachel Vrabel

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  • Ricky

    A 1 ounce of GeneSphere costs $29.99 in the Carol Wright catalog. In the may years I have noticed GeneSphere in a Carol right or an Amerimark Catalog, GeneSphere has been around the $29.99 price. It is a wonderful product and when used as directed it helps to lessen the looks of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. You can either use it as a spot treatment only appling it where you might have forehead lines or lines around the mouth because if you use it on your entire face it won’t last more than 20-30 days if only used once a day…I hope this helps…!!!

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Yvonne, I can only find it on Amazon and it’s about $20. Personally I wouldn’t buy it. I can’t find an official website for them anywhere so that probably means they are out of business and someone is trying to unload all the leftovers on Amazon. It may not be fresh. I don’t purchase any skin care from Ebay for the same reason. What’s your skin like? Or issue you’re tying to treat? Maybe I can recommend something for you or you can check out my Top 3 in the meantime. Thanks for your message! Rachel~WomensBlogTalk

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