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Femtia Reviews, Ingredients, and More

femtia reviewsFor many years men have been the ones indicated as having a decrease in sexual desire, but it is a universal issue for both genders alike. The oral supplement known as Femtia claims to help women overcome issues of decreased libido and to actually enhance satisfaction while addressing some of the signs of aging. This is a lot for a non-prescription product to claim to be able to do, and so we set out to discover the truth.

How Femtia Works and Ingredients

We hit a major roadblock when we discovered that Femtia’s manufacturer has no official website offering further details or information. Thus, we were unable to find any indication of what the product contains, whether it is safe to mix with other medications or supplements, and what it will actually do to someone who takes it. The packaging and marketing language say that one tablet twice a day will increase sexual satisfaction, vaginal lubrication, and level of sexual interest, but that is all impossible to assess.

User Reviews

What is so interesting about Femtia is the simple fact that we were able to easily find a lot of positive feedback about it at several reputable websites. We read that it improved the love live, that it helped people during menopause, and that it worked as explained on the bottle.

A sample review of Femtia we found:

“Having gotten older and drifted into a new routine after retirement, I felt my sex drive and sex life had diminished. I was skeptical about any supplements, but after a few days on this product I began to feel like my ‘young’ self again.”

Emma, PA

Where to Buy

There are some online vendors making this product available in single bottles and in discounted “three packs”. The average price is $56 for the three bottle deals. There is no guarantee and most vendors only accept returns of unopened bottles.  Femtia is not sold in any health supplement stores such as GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, or CVS.


We cannot recommend Femtia because there is not much for anyone to “go on”. No listing of ingredients, no official website, no clinical trials, and not even a “nutrition facts” label at the different online vendor’s sites either. Until the manufacturer creates a good venue that provides details about the contents, it is just foolhardy for anyone to take this supplement. If you do not know what you are taking and you already use daily medications it is dangerous and foolish to use a supplement of any kind.

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