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4VOO Review – Does 4VOO Really Work?

4voo reviewsHow 4VOO Works, Including Ingredients

We all understand that there are many differences between men and women and that this includes the differences in their skin, and in their skin care needs. The 4VOO product line was created especially for men, and their Ultra Intensive Age Defying Complex is the focus of this review. We began with a look at the list of ingredients, which as massive and contained only a few things that could help to combat the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and lines. We did see some peptides, a bit of collagen, elastin, and some antioxidants too, but these were buried in a list of other chemical compounds. Because a man’s skin is known to be a bit tougher than that of a woman’s we had hoped that the most effective ingredients would be at the top of the list – indicating more potency.

Where to Buy

The 4VOO product line is available directly from the manufacturer, in retail locations, and in many Internet based stores. We did not find any of them offering guarantees.

Pro’s and Con’s

In a list of pros and cons, it is going to be an even split. The negative issues include:

  • Ÿ  The ingredients include known wrinkle erasers, but in low amounts;
  • Ÿ  There is no guarantee;
  • Ÿ  The individual treatment is more effective if partnered with other compounds in the 4VOO line; and
  • Ÿ  This is an expensive product.

The positive factors include:

  • Ÿ  This is a company that focuses on men’s skin care needs and makes effective formulations for them;
  • Ÿ  Some professional testing available;
  • Ÿ  The ingredients are known to have good effects; and
  • Ÿ  The product is easily obtainable.

Best Price

In terms of pricing, we found that the best prices were through shops on the Internet. The manufacturer’s site is the best source simply because it is extending the same pricing as the independent vendors.


If you are a man interested in eliminating the lines and wrinkles that appear on your face, the 4VOO product line is probably one of your best resources. The Ultra Intensive Age Defying Complex that we reviewed here is often compared to Botox, but we don’t believe that this could be the case. We do think it is a formula that will enhance the appearance of the skin while also reducing the looks of lines and wrinkles, but we don’t think it will do so in a rapid way.

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