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Evegen Reviews, Side Effects, Ingredients, and More

evegen reviewDid you know that a short puberty or a lack of estrogen production when you are younger can actually lead to smaller breast size? This is true even if “bustiness” runs in your family!

This is what the breast enhancement product known as Evegen claims to help people overcome in as little as thirty days, and so we decided to do a full exploration of the claims.

We were quite intrigued by the fact that the manufacturer claimed different rates of improvement according to women’s age groups, and this too we wanted to explore.

How Evegen Works and Ingredients

Evegen uses a special mixture of natural steroidal phyto-nutrients that create permanent changes and once a woman reaches the desired size she can stop using the product altogether (says the manufacturer).

What exactly are these steroidal phyto-nutrients? They come from familiar breast enhancement plants and herbs like fenugreek, wild yam, don quai, damiana, blessed thistle, saw palmetto, motherwort, and kelp among others.

These are not steroids but instead plants that impact natural hormone levels. The formula has no synthetic versions of theses compounds and no fillers either; instead the maker (Certified Natural Laboratories) ensures top quality ingredients in each capsule.

User Reviews

Naturally, the proof would come from consumer feedback. We were not surprised to read favorable reviews from professionals and buyers alike. Most agreed that the ingredients were the best available and that the results were quite shocking in terms of speed and quality.

Most of the consumers said changes started at 30 days and most said they obtained good results in general.

A sample review of Evegen we found:

“I was a late bloomer and had no breasts to really speak of. At 40 I had had enough of the teasing of my friends and sisters and gave this a try. Now they won’t stop asking me where to get it and I am hesitating to share my secret!”

Jeanette, SC

Where to Buy

Available at health food and fitness supplement stores, you can also find Evegen at a lot of online sites too. A single bottle is a 30-day supply and prices range from $11 to $25 depending on the place purchased. There are no money back guarantees available, and we couldn’t find a way to buy this directly.


We recommend Evegen because of the many positive consumer responses, the list of reliable and safe ingredients, and the affordability of such an effective formulation. We do warn that results may not happen in 30 days, but most consumers did see results.

The one thing we did not like was that it doesn’t come with a money back guarantee, whereas all of our top breast enhancement products come with a 90 day money back guarantee.

User Questions and Answers

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User Questions and Answers

Q: Where exactly outside of Ebay can you buy Evegen ... or more specifically WHO actuatly makes it as i hear there is alot of relabeled fakes that the contents are unknown ingredients -Robyn

A: Robyn, my Evegen review is so old, I doubt this product is even sold anymore. The one I continue to recommend is Total Curve (you can read my review there). xo Rachel

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