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Firmestra Reviews, Results, Side Effects and More

firmestra reviewsWhen a non surgical breast enhancement company uses the argument that you don’t need surgery if you have their product available, naturally we want to see if they can live up to such claims. After all, how can a pill increase breast size the same as breast enhancement surgery? The Firmestra supplement claimed to provide the same figure enhancing results as a surgery, but without the pain and risks. Instead, a consumer would take the pills and wait to see results. Does it work? That’s what we set out to discover.

How Firmestra Works and Ingredients

Already familiar with the natural compounds most well known for enhancing breast size, we were not surprised to see most of them listed on the product’s packaging. From blessed thistle, damiana, dong quai, fenugreek, and fennal, to kelp, L-Tyrosine, wild yam, mother’s wort and saw palmetto the main list of active ingredients seemed highly effective. What we really approved of is the manufacturer’s explanation of how the product works. They explain that the Firmestra formulation is going to use the body’s “internal mechanisms” to trigger the expansion of breast tissue and does not pump you full of steroids in order to get results.

User Reviews

Our research indicated that the company offers a full one-year guarantee and that the product will begin to take effect roughly four weeks after beginning use. We found that this generous satisfaction guarantee and the fast results should have generated good reviews. We were not disappointed and found that the product consistently rated well with those who used it. We did see the odd comment about the length of time before results showed up, but this is to be expected with a natural rather than pharmaceutical compound.

A sample review of Firmestra we found:

“Works great, but a little on the slow side. The guarantee made me decide to invest, and I am glad I did.”

Sandy, OR

Where to Buy

At $70 a bottle (regardless of where you find it) this product really did need the protection of the guarantee to win over customers. When you use the manufacturer’s site you get the benefit of additional offers that include free bottles and discounted prices.


We recommend Firmestra for its reliable results, potent formulation, and large number of positive consumer reviews. It is a bit costly on a monthly basis, but it is well worth the expense according to those already using it.

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