Elure Advanced Skin Lightening Lotion Review
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Elure Advanced Skin Lightening Lotion Review

Trying to get rid of those pesky ugly dark sots and patches? Join the club. I’ve got to say, this is probably the most stubborn skin problem there is. Some products do some good, don’t get me wrong. But if you’re expecting a total disappearance of your imperfections, you will likely be disappointed.

With that said, we’re looking today at Elure Advanced Skin Lightening Lotion. It’s technically meant to be part of a 3-part system to lighten and brighten your skin (including a cleanser and a night cream), but it can also be used alone (and it’s not cheap) so we’ll be looking at it on its own. The claims are that this 2-part lotion re-balances your skin and uses a special enzyme to smooth, lighten, and brighten your skin. The fact that it has won an Allure Best of Beauty award leads us to believe that Elure Advanced Skin Lightening Lotion might just fulfill those promises after all. On the other hand, there are lots of not so satisfied customers leaving not so positive reviews, so we’ll have to consider all sides. Let’s start with a breakdown of what Elure Advanced Skin Lightening Lotion actually is.

Elure Advanced Skin Lightening Lotion ReviewElure Advanced Skin Lightening Lotion Ingredients and How They Work

The signature ingredient in Elure Advanced Skin Lightening Lotion is a patented enzyme called Melanozyme. This enzyme has been shown to lighten some things (like wood pulp for making paper), but there really isn’t any research pointing to the fact that it lightens dark spots on skin.

The Elure Advanced Skin Lightening Lotion dispenser has two chambers. One has Melanozyme and some skin hydrating ingredients like Glycerin, and the other has hydrogen peroxide to activate the Melanozyme. These two lightening components work together to lighten spots on your skin and brighten your overall complexion.

The way it works is that you first pump and apply the Melanozyme from the one side. Then you apply the Hydrogen Peroxide from the other side to activate the first. It is also strongly recommended that you follow up with sunscreen protection as is the case with all skin lightening products.

Elure Advanced Skin Lightening Lotion Pros and Cons

So now that we know how it’s supposed to work, we’ll look at both sides of the issue to figure out if it really does.

Advantages of Elure Advanced Skin Lightening Lotion

  • It’s been recognized as an Allure Best of Beauty winner.
  • It is hydroquinone-free. Hydroquinone is an effective skin lightener, but it’s not without controversy. It may be related to certain cancers and other diseases of the skin.

Disadvantages of Elure Advanced Skin Lightening Lotion

  • It’s expensive.
  • There are some disturbing Elure Advanced Skin Lightening Lotion reviews where customers say it lightened their entire complexion but left the dark spots dark.

Where to Buy

If you look online at the Elure website, it will direct you to local spas or clinics that sell Elure Advanced Skin Lightening Lotion and other Elure products. You can also find it online at Amazon. The retail price is $125 for the 1.5 ounce dispenser.


Despite the Allure prize, I don’t see the value in spending $125 for this product. If I spent that kind of money on a product thinking it would make my dark patches less noticeable and it did the exact opposite, let’s just say I wouldn’t be happy and leave it at that. And while you’re at it, leave Elure Advanced Skin Lightening Lotion on the shelf.

Products Similar to Elure Advanced Skin Lightening Lotion

One of my favorite skin brightening products is the Illuminatural 6I. Read the reviews! The results are amazing! It sells for $49.95, which is a little pricey but you only have one face, and we want to keep it looking healthy and beautiful!

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