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elure Advanced Lightening Lotion Review – Best Skin Lightener?

elure Advanced Lightening Lotion Overview

Dark spots and patches have lots of causes.  Sun damage, hormones, age, and freckles can all be culprits.  And when we get older, our skin just tends to get more dull and drab looking.  That’s why we’ve been noticing more and more skin lightening products out there in the beauty-sphere.  elure Advanced Lightening Lotion belongs to the elure Advanced Lightening line of products from a company called Syneron that primarily makes skin lightening devices for laser and light therapy.

Their entry into topical skin lightening products has been met with much fanfare.  elure Advanced Lightening Lotion has received Best in Beauty awards in 2012 from Allure, InStyle, and Essence Magazine.  So what exactly is different about this award-winning product?

elure Advanced Lightening Lotion Reviewelure Advanced Lightening Lotion Ingredients and How They Work

Until now, skin lightening has been primarily dominated by Hydroquinone.  While effective, it has a few drawbacks.  There is some questions as to whether or not there is a link to cancer, and other skin diseases like ochronosis (an irreversible thickening and darkening of the skin).  It has also been found to be irritating to some with sensitive skin.

elure Advanced Lightening Lotion is hydroquinone-free.  Instead, it uses elure’s trademarked Melanonzyme, derived from mushrooms, which breaks up melanin that has already formed in the skin.  This is a different mechanism than what other skin lightening ingredients use.  They block melanin formation, which is why they take so long to work.  By breaking up already existing melanin, elure Advanced Lightening Lotion works in just a few weeks instead of a few months.

Clinical tests have shown that in 28 days, elure Advanced Lightening Lotion caused a significant reduction in Melanin in 82% of subjects and an overall improvement in fairness and tone in 91% of subjects.

elure Advanced Lightening Lotion can be used morning and night.  It comes in a pump simultaneously dispenses two fragrance-free serums that you apply together all over your face and neck.

elure Advanced Lightening Lotion Pros and Cons

Advantages of elure Advanced Lightening Lotion

  • It works gently and quickly.
  • It is hydroquinone-free.
  • elure Advanced Lightening Lotion has been clinically tested.
  • It has won several awards from beauty magazines.
  • It’s possible to get samples from dermatologists and aestheticians.

Disadvantages of elure Advanced Lightening Lotion

  • It is expensive.
  • elure Advanced Lightening Lotion reviews are mixed, with several customers finding results that don’t justify the price.

Where to Buy

elure Advanced Lightening Lotion is technically only supposed to be available through dermatologists and other skincare professionals.  But you can get it online too.  The elure website has a Clinic Fnder option to help if you want to go that route.  If not, there are some online retailer who sell the 1 oz pump dispenser for $150.


We definitely like that elure Advanced Lightening Lotion has been clinically tested and found to work, and the magazine awards are a real bonus, but we find it troubling that such a high percentage of customers have been disappointed.  This probably has to do with the perceived value based on price.  When you spend $150 on a lotion, it had better be amazing!  With that in mind, we think you’d be better off going with either something that’s less expensive or something that you can be more certain of.

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