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Elastiderm Review

elastiderm reviewThe cosmetic firm Obagi is the maker of the Elastiderm line of wrinkle creams. They offer a day cream, night cream, and cream for the neck area, but each relies on the same collagen formulation to get optimal results. This is the Patented Therapeutics TM technology to create what the company calls the “SNAP” result. This is simply getting skin back to the point where it will instantly return to its original position when pinched.

How Elastiderm Creams Work

The Obagi chemists want skin to snap back to normal after it has been pinched for three seconds, and the products that they make aim to give the skin this kind of elasticity. This means that the compounds will rely on elastin and collagen as their main engines. Some clinical studies done on the Elastiderm products indicate that they do generate measurable results quickly with clinical studies showing that 23% of the participants saw an increase in elasticity within two weeks, and 46% in nine weeks. Additionally, Elastiderm was able to create a 55% decrease in wrinkles in four weeks as well.

Where to Buy

This is a product that is available only through a physician or dermatologist, and it comes with no money back guarantee.

Pro’s and Con’s

There are an even number of advantages and disadvantages to the use of Elastiderm. The positive factors include:

  • The products are safe for all skin types;
  • They have a tremendous amount of clinical testing;
  • They are used under the guidance of a professional;
  • The product can address several signs of aging on many parts of the face, neck, and chest; and
  • They show measurable results quickly.

The negative factors include:

  • The products are only available through your a medical professional;
  • They offer three products for day, night, chest/neck all separately.
  • This is an expensive line of products;
  • They do not have sunscreen; and
  • They can be difficult to obtain.

Best Price

There is no pricing data available due to the fact that this is something available only through a medical professional’s office.


We recommend the Elastiderm formulas if you are serious about your anti aging regimen. This is something that requires a visit to a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon, but it does come with the evidence of many serious trials and studies. It might be costly, but if you hope to non-surgically fight off wrinkles and lines, this is a very likely solution.

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