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Dermectin Review

dermectin reviewMarketed as an ideal solution for those with “mature” skin, it helps to know that the makers of Dermectin also make things such as sun and stretch mark repair products too. This actually bodes well when it comes to skin and wrinkle repair, and also helps with stretch marks. What is with the mention of “mature” skin? It means that the product is going to be able to deal with  more severe signs of aging, such as deeper wrinkles and lines. It will do so, according to the maker, through the use of a strong peptide formulation. Peptides are good for triggering the skin to begin making more collagen and elastin which can effectively fill in the wrinkles and smooth out the skin.

Ingredients in Dermectin

The list of active ingredients in Dermectin includes: collagen, Polysaccharides and Glycosaminoglycans. Clearly, the use of collagen as the main ingredient is going to have instant effects, and will stimulate the skin to create more, but we were confused by the absence of peptides in the active ingredients list. We do greatly approve of the fact that the formula is tested and found to be hypoallergenic.

Where to Buy

Dermectin is widely available in regular retail outlets and online. We did not find any sort of money back guarantee, but some stores will have very good refund policies in place.

Pro’s and Con’s

There are quite a few pros and cons for the Dermectin skin cream. Among the negatives are:

  • They list peptides as a major part of the formula, but there is only a 2% concentration;
  • They do not explain the function of the 100-plus ingredients on the label; and
  • The product is quite expensive.

Among the positive factors are:

  • The product uses primary ingredients that are known to be effective;
  • The product is safe for all skin types;
  • It is widely available in many stores and online shops; and
  • It can address the most common signs of aging when used over the long term.

Best Price

We found the product in several places, and the average cost was $49. As already mentioned, there are no guarantees, but a store with a refund policy is a good alternative to this situation.


If you are a middle aged person with the signs of wrinkles and lines on your face and neck, we do recommend this product. Though there are some questions about the actual formulation, the maker of the product has a long history of producing compounds that can eliminate scars and repair skin. We believe that this will apply to the Dermectin wrinkle treatment as well.

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One Comment

  • Marilynn Todd

    I bought a tube of this at a Ross store for $6.00. I am 61 years old and was getting some wrinkles. Then I had a 110 pound weight loss that left me with more wrinkles and sagging skin. Gravity was doing a real number on my face. When I looked down it became frightening, my face looked like a wrinkled up old elephant’s butt.I started to consciously always keep my head up. I cannot afford the pricey creams available for skin like mine so when I saw the Dermectin at Ross I thought $6.00 was worth a try.
    Within one week I could see an improvement and after that it just got better and better. I was amazed (and that doesn’t happen very often)at how much better I look now. The Dermectin removed years from my face and has just pleased me so much that I’m willing to pay whatever I have to to get more of it. There are not many products that live up to their claims, but this stuff sure does. Thank you for it.

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