DermaTox Skin Renewal Review

DermaTox Skin Renewal Review – Does It Fix Everything?

DermaTox Skin Renewal is an all-purpose skin wellness solution that nourishes the skin. It comes in a spray, ointment or gel. It is used for skin ailments such as sunburn, rashes, cuts, bites, liver spots and even moles. But are the miracle skin healing claims for Dermatox over the top?

How DermaTox Skin RenewalWorksDermaTox Skin Renewal Review

DermaTox Skin Renewal uses a blend of macro and micro minerals that are combined with beta hydroxy acids. This formula, when brought together, creates crystals that are then used to make DermaTox Skin Renewal. The spray is great for bites and sunburns where as the gel or ointment is good to use on the skin to help decrease fine lines and wrinkles.

DermaTox Skin RenewalBenefits

  • There are a ton of positive reviews about DermaTox Skin Renewal.
  • It is reasonably priced for a four ounce spray bottle.
  • DermaTox Skin Renewal comes in three different types of solutions, spray, gel or ointment.
  • You can purchase a 64 ounce refill bottle.

DermaTox Skin Renewal Drawbacks

  • There are no clinical studies performed on DermaTox Skin Renewal.
  • One of the companies who sells it ( got an FDA warning letter in 2016 due to posting medical claims. Their website claims and testimonials led consumers to believe that Dermatox products are curing medical ailments as if it were a prescription drug (such as sores from diabetes and cancerous lesions). DermaTox is NOT an RX drug. They seemed to have toned things down to be “more realistic” however.

DermaTox Skin Renewal Ingredients

ingredients in Dermatox

Where to Buy DermaTox Skin Renewal

DermaTox Skin Renewal can only be purchased online, Amazon also carries it.


There doesn’t seem to be one thing wrong with DermaTox Skin Renewal, although it isn’t a cure all for skin conditions needing medical attention.  It is reasonably priced and you can purchase it in three types of solutions, a spray, gel or ointment.

There were so many testimonials including pictures that it is very hard to believe that it won’t work, but you also have to be reasonable in your expectations for what Dermatox will treat. You can start off buying the four ounce bottle and if you really like it, you can buy the 64 ounce refill bottle.

While DermaTox Skin Renewal seems to be a product that everyone should have in their house, we think it’s better suited for minor skin irritations, cuts and rashes.

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User Questions and Answers

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User Questions and Answers

Q: can dermatox help with or stop thinning of hair -Shelley

A: Shelley, I don't think so, I think dermatox is for skin use. For thinning hair and regrowth I recommend ProFollica. The package and marketing is geared towards men, but the same formula can be used for women. In fact they used to have a separate "women's" sales page, but for some reason discontinued it. But it's the same product.

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Q: Is the supercrystalskincare and DermaTox the same thing -Delma Bryant

A: Delma, they appear to be different products altogether and I'm having a hard time finding any good websites for Super Crystal Skincare. ~Rachel

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Q: Does dermatox help with rocesea to the face -linda

A: Linda, I don't think I'd use Dermatox for need something very gentle that cuts redness. Have you ever tried Skinception's Rosacea Relief Serum? I don't have rosacea but I do have a lot of pink in my skin. I used it just to try it for my review and it was very soothing and had a really nice feel to it. Great anti aging ingredients as well. Rachel

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Q: Does dramatic work for eczema? -Robin

A: Robin, it could help eczema but it's not marketed for that. It's more of an all purpose spray for bug bites and rashes. It looks pink so it's probably more like calamine lotion. I don't think they're selling much of this product these days. I can only find a small 4 oz lotion sold on Amazon. I don't see the big jug anywhere. I read something somewhere that it was discontinued. I would look for something else for eczema. I don't have any specific recommendations for eczema, I'm sorry. Rachel
About the Product

  • Combines the highly effective antihistamine Diphenhydramine (2%), and topical anesthetic Pramoxine (1%), to provide relief of pain and itching associated with skin rashes and irritations caused by poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac.

  • Provides temporary relief for sunburn, cuts and scrapes, insect bites, and minor burns.

  • Insures year-round relief for all types of minor skin ailments.

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Q: Does DermaTox get rid of sebaceous cysts? -Diane

A: Diane, I can't tell you for sure, it seems to be more of a general purpose product for cuts, scratches and bruises to me. It seems it may be more suitable for post treatment if you had a sebaceous gland lanced. Sometimes cysts form from deformed glands, in which case a topical product wouldn't help much. I would seek a dermatologist. Good luck! Rachel

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Rachel Vrabel

Rachel is Chief Editor of Women’s Blog Talk and writes reviews across the spectrum of anti-aging, health and beauty. She has an English degree from USF and worked in finance for 15 years before establishing this website in 2011. She loves having a place she can share her inspiration for health and beauty and continue to help others! She lives in South Florida with her husband and her hobbies include beach volleyball, HIIT training and combing the beach for sea glass and shells.


  • Babcy

    Will Derma Tax help my little dog with his constant scratching and biting? Don’t won’t to take him to my vet as she will only give him shots that might last a week, if I am lucky.

  • Christine

    Has anybody used Dermatox for toe nail fungus and if so how do I use it, what are the directions for doing so?

  • Sherrie Stroh

    Per my dermatologist I have grovers disease which is a skin disease or rash that Itches like crazy and then turns into rash or like pimple and then bleeds because of the itching.
    Do you think Derma Tox would work for me.
    The dermatologist has not been able to come up with a suave that works for me.

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Sherrie, it seems worth a try although I can’t tell you for sure….but if you’ve tried everything else this does seem like a product that helps a number of skin conditions. Good luck! Rachel

  • Belen T. Olario

    I had a venous stasis dermatitis on the side of my right ankle due to chronic venous insufficiency and was treated by wrapping with Unna Boot ( a compression dressing made of layers of gauze has zinc oxide paste, calamine lotion & glycerine applied uniformly to the entire bandage) to promote healing. After about 10 application ( dressing change every week) it dried up & redness gone but the area has thickened brown colored scabs on it. Would applying Dermatox help to remove the scabs?

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Belen, I’m not a Dr. and this sounds like a condition where you should really get your Dr.’s advice. If you have scabs, you’re still healing so I would go with the medications that they’ve told you to use. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help, but I’m not an expert on Dermatox, I just gave a general review of the product. You want those scabs to heal completely since that will help reduce scarring. I don’t think Dermatox would hurt, but I can’t see your wounds so I’m not sure if you’re at the stage of healing where you should use it or continue to use like an antibiotic ointment or something else. Good luck with your healing though! Just run it by your Dr. before you use it should you decide on trying it. Rachel

  • linda thompson

    This stuff is absolutely the best skin formula I have ever had in my home. No matter what happens to my kids or Grand kids,they will say bring me that pink stuff I’ve been stung, burned, bruised etc.all my family has a bottle when they run out ,they are back for a refill. I use it on my pets ,I can not say enough about this formula , you will just have to try it.

  • Pi So Mojado

    Question please: Isn’t beta hydroxyl acid basically salicylic acid which is basically “aspirin”? …which is also used in solution as an exfoliant? …which would stimulate “skin renewal”?
    And aren’t many things “crystal” in nature – even sea salt with its “72 trace minerals”? …and vitamin c as ascorbic acid “crystals”?
    What do you think?

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Pi So, I’ve never heard of the BHA’s being aspirin but BHA’s and AHA’s do work to exfoliate the skin. Vitamin C is abcorbic acid, yes. If you want to try a good toner with AHA, I suggest Skinception AHA Toner. It works wonderfully to exfoliate the skin and the AHA (alpha hydroxy acid’s) in it are gentle and do not sting or burn. Using a toner such as this will slough off the dead skin cells allowing your anti-aging wrinkle cream to penetrate deeper and work more effectively. Let me know if you have questions.

  • Sheila Saffell

    I would try Dermatox. There are testimonies about it in their flyer. If it doesn’t work for that, it is Amazing to heal cuts and wounds quickly! My husband cut his arm open and we watched the gash tighten and close up daily as did the wound our cat received from a bb gun! We think it bounced out or she licked it out, but we sprayed it everyday and in a few days, it had shrunk and was scabbing over!

  • Pat Bennett

    Good Morning Beth, I have psoriasis on my elbows. What product do you recommend I use to clear them up that don’t cost a arm & leg?

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Williams

      Hi Pat,
      Unfortunately, i don’t have a psoriasis recommendation for you. To my knowledge, psoriasis is pretty tough to contain. I’d say you should discuss it with a dermatologist.


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