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Cilea Lash Review – How It Works and More

cilea lash reviewIf you are reading reviews of eyelash growth products it is likely that you are familiar with some of the proverbial “pluses” and “minuses” of using them. For instance, you have probably seen some of the commercials advertising lash products only to hear a list of serious side effects that are possible from these “prescription only” formulations. What do you do if you don’t want the risk or you don’t want to involve a physician in your eyelash problem? That was a set of questions we set out to answer, and we ran across the Cilea Lash product quite early in our quest.

How Cilea Lash Works and Ingredients

Cilea Lash is a “no prescription” formulation that is free of all of those troublesome “prostaglandins” that can lead to the worst of the side effects. Rather than filling up the formula with glaucoma drugs, the Cilea product promises to create an 82% increase in 4 weeks through the use strong conditioning agents and growth promoters. Among the most unique components of the formula is pumpkin seed extract. Though the many peptides and anti-oxidants included in the 25 item list will certainly work wonders on hair along the lashes and brow, the pumpkin is going to be a serious workhorse. This is because it is full of beta-carotene which converts to Vitamin A and supports hair growth and health.

User Reviews

What did the consumers say about it? While we saw one professional critique that called the formula “natural eyelash growth,” most of the comments raved about the effects. The one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee pretty much promises that you’ll see at least some results, but most of the consumer feedback indicated that this was a product that had delivered unexpected and optimal results.

A sample review of Cilea Lash we found:

“After years of slopping on mascara and wrestling with false eyelashes I began the rounds with eyelash growth treatments. I feel that Cilea surpassed any other product I have ever encountered!”

Dina, NY

Where to Buy

Though we found Cilea Lash available through many reliable online vendors, we would suggest going directly to the manufacturer. There are no sites offering discounted pricing, and the manufacturer extends the 60 day guarantee as well as the same $70 price as the rest of the retailers.


We recommend Cilea Lash due to the constant level of high consumer feedback and positive reviews and because it is reasonably priced when compared to equivalent formulations.

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