Chantecaille Biodynamic Lifting Cream Review
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Chantecaille Biodynamic Lifting Cream Review

Chantecaille Biodynamic Lifting Cream Overview

Have you heard the expression, “If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it?”  Well it definitely applies in the case of Chantecaille Biodynamic Lifting Cream.  This is some pricey wrinkle cream.  And since we’ve gotten that point out of the way right off the bat, we’ll spend the rest of our time focusing on what it can do for you.  Then we’ll bring it all back together in the end, and let you know whether or not it’s worth it, in our opinion.

The promise of Chantecaille Biodynamic Lifting Cream is that it creates a hydrating “lift effect” and smooths out fine lines.  It does this by infusing biodynamic energy right to the cells, encouraging healthy growth and renewal.  It goes on to build collagen and protect the moisture barrier, making your current lines less noticeable and preventing new ones.

Chantecaille Biodynamic Lifting Cream ReviewChantecaille Biodynamic Lifting Cream Ingredients and How They Work

They boast that the Chantecaille Biodynamic Lifting Cream formula is 83% botanical.  On the list of ingredients, you’ll find:

  • Hexapeptide which reduces the strength of certain neurotransmitters and helps your facial muscles to relax, preventing the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Imperata Culindrica which helps retain moisture in the skin.
  • Biodynamic Plankton which helps encourage new cell growth, reduces inflammation, and protects against free radical damage.
  • Borage Oil which is rich in fatty acids.
  • Minerals like Zinc, Manganese, Calcium, Iron, and Copper which improve the health of cells by improving cellular respiration and metabolism.
  • Tocotrienol Vitamin E which is said to be 60 times more effective than regular Vitamin E at providing protection against free radicals.

If your skin is normal to dry, you should apply Chantecaille Biodynamic Lifting Cream twice a day in the morning and night.  If your skin is oily or prone to acne , the recommendation is  to use it nightly.  You can use it as face, eye, and neck cream all in one.

Chantecaille Biodynamic Lifting Cream Pros and Cons

Advantages of Chantecaille Biodynamic Lifting Cream

  • It contains a range of anti-aging ingredients.
  • Most of the Chantecaille Biodynamic Lifting Cream reviews we’ve seen have been extremely favorable.
  • Samples seem to be frequently available.

Disadvantages of Chantecaille Biodynamic Lifting Cream

  • The price is simply outrageous.
  • The jar packaging is unsanitary and won’t maintain the integrity of some of the ingredients.

Where to Buy

Chantecaille Biodynamic Lifting Cream is available at Neiman Marcus and online.  Are you ready for the price?  It’s $298 for a 1.7 ounce jar.  Ouch.


If money is no object, I suggest you run out and buy Chantecaille Biodynamic Lifting Cream.  The reviews are just glowing, and they indicate that your skin will be too.  But for most of us, $300 is just out of reach for a single jar of cream.  If you’re curious, stop by a counter at Neiman Marcus and see if you can scare up a sample.  The only trouble is, if you love it as much as some reviewers say you will, you’ll have the dilemma of deciding whether or not to spend the money.

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