Canyon Ranch Restore Intensive Moisture Review
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Canyon Ranch Restore Intensive Moisture Review

Canyon Ranch Restore Intensive Moisture Overview

Canyon Ranch is a chain of spas based out of Tuscon, Arizona.  They serve customers mainly in-house, but they also sell a line of skincare products that customers can access online and through a number of department stores as well.  Their line isn’t particularly extensive.  Instead, they’ve built a core group of products around a few key ingredients and have chosen, at least for now, to stick with that.

Canyon Ranch Restore Intensive Moisture is the one we’re looking at today.  It promises to supply the rich hydration needed to restore rough, dry skin, and to encourage the skin’s own natural production of elastin and collagen.  It uses a range of anti-aging components to provide all that you need for your skin to become smooth, even-tone, fresh, and renewed.  We haven’t found a large number of reviews, but the ones we have seen are very positive.  We were definitely intrigued enough to take a closer look.

Canyon Ranch Restore Intensive Moisture ReviewCanyon Ranch Restore Intensive Moisture Ingredients and How They Work

The 3 main ingredients used in the Canyon Ranch Restore Intensive Moisture formula are:

  • ProNAD which is a form of Niacin that helps regenerate the skin’s repair process.  It improves skin cell turnover rates deep in the lower levels of the skin.  It also strengthens the skin’s protective outer barrier to help keep moisture in where it’s needed.
  • Cerplex which is a combination of ceramides that help build the lipid layer to lock in moisture and hydration.  This helps skin look plump and smooth, reducing the look of lines and wrinkles.
  • Antiox-3 which is a combination of Blueberry, Bearberry, and GojiBerry for triple antioxidant protection.  These also lighten hyperpigmentation so your skin maintains a smooth, even tone.

While these ingredients are proprietary, I can tell you that some of the base ingredients are:  Peptides, Sodium Hyaluronate, Proteins, Caffeine, Aloe, Glycerin, and Honey Extract.

You can use Canyon Ranch Restore Intensive Moisture night and/or day by applying after cleansing and treating with any product you may be using.

Canyon Ranch Restore Intensive Moisture Pros and Cons

Advantages of Canyon Ranch Restore Intensive Moisture

  • It approaches moisture and anti-aging from several different angles.
  • It contains several antioxidant ingredients.

Disadvantages of Canyon Ranch Restore Intensive Moisture

  • It’s expensive.
  • The jar packaging means that some of the active ingredients will become ineffective due to their exposure to light and air.

Where to Buy

You can purchase Canyon Ranch Restore Intensive Moisture online and at some department stores in addition to it being available through the Canyon Ranch Spas.  The 1.7 ounce jar sells for $95.


If it weren’t for the jar packaging, I would whole heartedly recommend Canyon Ranch Restore Intensive Moisture for anyone with normal to dry skin looking to try a new go to moisturizer.  It’s chock full of helpful components, but unfortunately, none of them will last very long in this packaging.

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User Questions and Answers

Q: I noticed using for the first time,after buying on my cruise RESTORE intensive moisture has a musty smell is this ok? -Jacqueline Crosbie

A: Jacqueline, I'm not familiar with the smell of Canyon Ranch Restore cream. I think if it was old, it may look crusty as well. As long as it looks fresh, and was sealed air-tight in the container until you opened it, it may just be the natural smell of it. Did you smell before you bought on the cruise? Did they have samples?

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