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Breast Actives Review – Results, Side Effects, and More

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We were intrigued by the three-step process required for those using the Breast Actives program. We read about the pills, crème, and special exercises that would be required to get the results.

The program claims to deliver a full cup size in increased mass when used for a “prolonged” period of time. Naturally, we explored the ingredients and looked for consumer feedback to see if this program was worth the cost.

How Breast Actives Works and Ingredients

We first looked at the pills to see if they contained any of the hormone boosting herbs and pharmaceutical compounds necessary for the enhancement of breast tissue. We were pleased to see fenugreek, dong quai, blessed thistle, Kelp, and L-Tyrosine.

These are some of the most effective ingredients in the top breast enhancement formulas, and this meant that the Breast Actives pills were likely to work. The crème is 100% natural and uses a blend of Pueraria Mirifica Extract and Red Clover Extract at 10% solutions along with other skin softening compounds.

We could not find conclusive evidence that these would firm or enhance the breast tissue, but simply massaging the area is always going to increase the results.

User Reviews

User reviews of Breast Actives seemed fairly favorable across the wide variety of sites where they were posted.  Most commented on the surprising effective, and the fact that it only took a few months to start seeing the best results.

A sample review of Breast Actives we found:

“This was the ideal combination for me…I had never done chest and upper body strengthening and noticed the difference right away. I do think the pills and cream did most of the ‘work’!”

Daphne, VA

Where to Buy Breast Actives / Best Price

There are several venues where you can buy Breast Actives online, but we always suggest that you purchase directly from the manufacturer to take advantage of any discounts or money back guarantee they are offering.

Click here to visit the official Breast Actives website.


We recommend the Breast Actives program because it is bound to produce results for almost anyone who tries it. The ingredients are a “sure thing” in terms of enhancement of breast tissue, and the exercise regimen can only do some good for anyone who uses it.

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User Questions and Answers

Q: will this really work -Virginia

A: yes it does, but it can take several months to really see a difference.

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