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Benefil Cream Review

benefil reviewsTouted as a breast “serum” that will create the appearance of larger and firmer breasts, we knew we had to investigate the product called Benefil. We had heard that it was designed to create cellular regeneration and to promote the development of healthy skin tissue, and we wanted to discover for ourselves if this was the case. We also wanted to know if this was a permanent “fix” or something that delivered only a temporary breast enhancement.

How Benefil Works and Ingredients

The manufacturer of Benefil explains on the company website that the best way to use the product is immediately after a bath or shower. The serum is applied in a circular and upward motion underneath and around each breast, and until it is fully absorbed. We continued reading to discover that the product really does offer only the “appearance” of larger and firmer breasts, but does not create permanent results. It works through the use of iso-flavones, caffeine, and a compound known as centellica asiatica. Together these ingredients are going to increase mass, give tightness, and add a look of “toned skin” to the entire breast area. There are also moisturizing agents in the formula to help skin feel as good as it looks.

User Reviews

Some professional reviews gave the Benefil product a “thumbs down” because it was not a permanent fix and instead offered only temporary improvement in the appearance. One reviewer even likened it to “plumping lipstick” that gives the lip a temporary boost which soon fades. Consumers on the other hand seemed very happy with the results, probably because they understood the temporary nature of the compound and the changes it created.

A sample review of Benefil we found:

“I actually couldn’t wear my normal bra after I used this. I thought it was because my skin was sticky from the shower, and then realized it was because of the Benefil! I will keep using this stuff whenever I go out on the town.”

Gretchen, NY

Where to Buy Benefil

We liked that the manufacturer’s website offered all kinds of special deals AND a 60 day money back guarantee. This gave us a boost in confidence in this product because it promises results in less than thirty days. A single bottle is $45, but you can get five for $135 through the manufacturer.


We definitely recommend Benefil because it has a good track record with consumers, safe ingredients, and a reasonable price.

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