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Breast Sculptor Review

breast sculptor reviewMost of us know that good health leads to good results with any sort of fitness or physical programs. This is true whether we are hoping to increase muscle mass or improve the looks of our figure. This is the same premise that the makers of Breast Sculptor used when developing the product. It is designed to promote and enhance female breast health and to naturally enhance the existing breast tissue from the “inside out”. Naturally, all of these promises intrigued us and we had to check it out.

How Breast Sculptor Works and Ingredients

Breast Sculptor uses a proprietary blend of eleven herbs and pharmaceutical ingredients to accomplish its effects. The herbs include fenugreek, wild yam, don quai, damiana, blessed thistle, saw palmetto, motherwort, and kelp among others. These all have an impact on natural hormone levels and activity and can also be relied on for breast tissue health and enhancement. Some of the ingredients also boost circulation in the breast tissue as well, which only supports the effects of the other ingredients.

User Reviews

We could only find positive reviews for this product. Whether we were reading a professional review that assessed the list of ingredients or a consumer review that raved about a steady increase in cup size, we found good words of success and safety. We also found absolutely no comments about side effects or ill health resulting from the use of the mostly herbal formulation.

A sample review of Breast Sculptor we found:

“As a woman who never actually needed to wear a bra you could say I was skeptical when I started using Breast Sculptor. Though I have gone only from a 34A to a 34B it has made a world of difference to me!”

Kelly, MA

Where to Buy

Available at many health food and fitness supplement stores, you can also find Breast Sculptor at a lot of online venues too. Two bottles are retailing for around $30 and that is a roughly 80-day supply. The manufacturer also makes them available and provides a money back guarantee.


We recommend Breast Sculptor due to its positive reviews, affordable price, and proven track record for successfully increasing a woman’s bust size within a 90 day period. We approve of its safe ingredients and like that it is a gentle formulation that will not create overly dramatic results that are only temporary at the very best.  That being said, it is not the best natural breast enhancement product we have come across.

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User Questions and Answers

Q: Why cant i find this product to buy any more? Is there something wrong with it? -Amanda

A: Amanda, Breast Sculptor has been discontinued, I can't find it anywhere for sale and just see many messages that it's been discontinued. My top choice for breast enhancement is Total Curve. Rachel

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    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Fereju, I’m sorry but I wouldn’t recommend taking ANY herbal breast supplements until you are done growing and over the age of 18. You are likely not fully developed at 16. Thank you for your comment.

  • Erica

    Ive bougt two bottles of this and i have notied within the last 4 months at two capsules a day. My breast tissue has thickened and i went from a small C to a fuller C/ smaller D

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