Batsuna Whitening Night Cream Review
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Batsuna Whitening Night Cream Review – Does It Work?

Batsuna Whitening Night Cream Overview

Skin whitening products seem to be popping up everywhere lately. Women of color all over the world have been using them to lighten dark spots and create an even skin tone for decades. But the popularity of these products is growing among women of all skin tones and types. Age, pregnancy, and pimples can all leave dark spots and patches on your skin. Batsuna Whitening Night Cream claims it can help get rid of them.

Batsuna Whitening Night Cream ReviewBatsuna Whitening Night Cream Ingredients and How They Work

When it comes to skin lightening, there are 2 schools of thought. There are chemical ingredients that can do the trick, but may be harmful to your skin or even your overall health. Then there are natural ingredients that work a little more safely and gradually. Batsuna Whitening Night Cream takes the natural approach:

  • Yoyumin is a natural Chinese plant extract that works with the other natural ingredients to provide deep fibrin activity. This encourages the breakdown of melanin, which is what causes dark spots and patches in skin.
  • Vitamin E helps regenerate skin cells to accelerate the lightening process.
  • Cress inhibits melanin formation.
  • Wild Chamomile is an anti-inflammatory for skin.
  • Aloe soothes and heals damaged skin.

Batsuna Whitening Night Cream should be used in conjunction with the Day Cream, which contains sunscreen to prevent the formation of new spots, freckles, and patches.

Batsuna Whitening Night Cream Pros and Cons

Taking into consideration both the benefits and drawbacks about a product is a good way to decide whether or not it’s something you should invest in.

Advantages of Batsuna Whitening Night Cream

  • The active ingredients are natural.
  • It is affordable.

Disadvantages of Batsuna Whitening Night Cream

  • We found no Batsuna Whitening Night Cream reviews from customers.
  • There are no clinical studies.
  • There’s not a lot of information to be found on the product, its manufacturer, or its ingredients.
  • The jar packaging may cause the ingredients to break down.

Where to Buy Batsuna Whitening Night Cream

Batsuna Whitening Night Cream is available online through Amazon, eBay, and other beauty product retailers. A 15 ml jar costs between $15 and $20.


With so many choices among skin whitening products, we think you should go with something a little more well known than Batsuna Whitening Night Cream. Other products have been tested and proven to work, even with natural ingredients. Our recommendation is that you use on of those instead.

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