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Image Skincare Review – Vital C Line

Rachel Vrabel Last Updated: October 15, 2017 3

Image Vital C Line

Image Skincare Vital C Line

If you’re not familiar with the Image Skincare line, it might be because you can only purchase their products from a spa, high end salon, or Dr’s office such as a Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon.

I got lucky on this one since my sister, Katie, of MakeupwithKatie, happens to be a licensed esthetician and licensed cosmetologist. She is able to recommend and purchase these products directly from Image Skincare, and in my case, pass on the sister discount!

Image is an innovative brand based out of West Palm Beach, Florida providing professional skincare products and solutions with high quality, and typically a higher concentration of active ingredients than brands you can buy in department stores. All of their lines are also paraben-free!

Why I Chose the Image Vital C Line

My sister primarily recommended the Vital C line for me as my skin is sensitive, dry, and I also have a lot of pink in my skin. Although I don’t have rosacea, I do have rosacea of the eyes, and apparently when you have this condition, you can develop facial rosacea (oh joy!).

I also spend a lot of time in the sun playing beach volleyball so I’m always in a cycle of both sun prevention (tons of SPF!), exfoliating away all the gunk and sunscreen, re-hydrating my skin, and trying to repair any sun damage I may have incurred (dark spots).

I also wanted something soothing since I had just tried micro-dermabrasion for the first time. This is a deep exfoliation where they use a diamond-crystal tip attached to a vacuum to exfoliate and remove the dead top layer of facial skin. So that also left me a little pink.

Now I did try more than just the Vital C line, so I will sprinkle in comments about what other Image products I liked using in combination with the Vital C line.

I also tried the Iluma line for lightening/brightening, and the Ageless line with AHA’s (glycolic/lactic acid) for older, photo-damaged skin. During this six week trial, I mainly used either the Max Cleanser (very gentle for post treatment), or the Ageless Total Facial Cleanser with glycolic (as my skin healed I used this more and more and it exfoliates really nicely).

For me it was like a fun science project figuring out just which products made the magic combination for my skin! This venture could be frustrating however if you’re paying spa prices to try out products, so I hope my reviews can help you decide.

About the Image Skin Care Vital C Line

Just as its name might infer, the Image Skin Care Vital C Skin Care line boasts a yummy citrus scent and is packed full of antioxidants.

It’s made for all skin types, dry/dehydrated, sensitive/rosacea, sun damaged/sun burned, oily/acne, Eczema, and post treatment skin.

The Vital C line contains a rich blend of natural botanicals, is high in antioxidants for ultimate skin nutrition and protection, and creates a soothing and healthy way to improve skin.

I was lucky enough to try 5 of the Vital C line products, so here we go!

Vital C Hydrating Anti-Aging Serum

Vital C Hydrating Anti-Aging Serum

Vital C Hydrating Anti-Aging Serum

A serum is where you’re going to find the most concentrated ingredients, so you don’t want to skip this step!

The Vital C Hydrating Serum feels more like a silky lotion, which surprised me at first as most serums are more liquid-y.

It’s a concentrated serum that contains a 15% blend of oil soluble Vitamin C enabling the highest bio-availability to immediately sooth the visible effects of environmentally damaged skin. 

Its formula also contains Vitamins A and E, hyaluronic acid and green tea + meadowsweet which are both anti-inflammatories.

I used this directly after having microdermabrasion (as an example of post treatment skin) and it was wonderfully soothing to my red, irritated skin, and it gave me the moisture I needed.

After any skin treatment, the RX is to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

The Vital C Hydrating Angi-Aging Serum feels amazing. I love that it comes in a pump so the ingredients remain stable and I love the scent – it smells like fresh squeezed orange juice.

Any redness I would have in my skin would calm down pretty quickly after using this serum. It hydrated my skin so well that it made me feel like I didn’t even need a separate moisturizer. But it does absorb so I still followed with a cream for added moisture.

Vital C Hydrating A C E Serum

Vital C Hydrating ACE Serum

Vital C Hydrating ACE Serum

The Vital C Hydrating ACE Serum is more of a traditional serum – a liquid you dispense with a dropper. I love that it comes in a dark bottle to keep the sunlight from degrading the ingredients.

The ACE serum boasts an advanced polypeptide/antioxidant formula and a 20% blend of Vitamins, A, C and E to promote hydration and reduce the signs of aging. It also contains anti-inflammatory green tea + meadowsweet.

I am absolutely in love with this serum, my only complaint is that I blew through it so quickly! During my trial, I alternated using the Hydrating Serum at night and the ACE Serum during the day, so that I could try both.

The ACE Serum is more liquidy, so it seems to absorb more quickly and it definitely feels “lighter.” It is immediately hydrating, soothing and feels amazing on the skin. You can feel the anti-inflammatory properties working right away and it also has a lighter scent.

The ACE Serum doesn’t leave your skin feeling quite as “moisturized” as the Anti-Aging Serum, so if you tend to have more oily skin, you may prefer the ACE serum for this reason. If your skin is more dry, you may like the Hydrating Serum better.

Both serums are wonderful but if I was forced to choose one, I would probably pick the ACE serum because it left my skin not only feeling soothed and hydrated – but also a little tighter. But I can assure you, there is no wrong choice between these two!

Vital C Hydrating Repair Crème

Vital C Hydrating Repair Cream

Vital C Hydrating Repair Cream

The Vital C Hydrating Repair Cream is an ultra-hydrating anti-oxidant moisturizer that repairs the skin. It contains Vitamins A, C, and E to nourish and protect the skin for daily anti-aging benefits while promoting cell renewal.

The consistency of the Vital C Cream is just what you’d expect – it has a rich emollient formula that will quench the thirst of dry, dehydrated skin.

Like the other Vital C products, the Hydrating Repair Cream has a light, fresh, citrus-y scent, very similar to the Anti-Aging Serum.

Even though the Image Vital C line is made for sensitive skin, it does contain mandarin orange peel oil which is what gives this line its unique fragrance. This may bother you if you have extremely sensitive skin, but I personally had no issue with it.

After cleansing my face, I would apply one of the two Vital C serums, wait a few minutes, then apply the cream. It’s a fantastic combination if you need hydration, repair, or wish to reduce redness.

No matter what condition my skin is in, whether it’s feeling sensitive with redness or super dry and needs moisture, or I just want a great foundation to apply makeup, this cream always feels soothing and amazing and my skin always looks better after applying.

The Vital C line, used in combination, never left me feeling greasy. It absorbs very well and leaves your skin feeling smooth, fresh-faced and perky!

This is a rich cream however, so if you have very oily skin, or more aged skin, you may want to try the Image Ageless line, which includes glycolic acid and retinol, or the Clear Cell line with salicylic acid for acne prone skin.

I also want to add that I’ve also been using the Iluma Intense Brightening Cream. Since I do have some dark spots I’m constantly battling, I wanted to also give my skin some lightening ingredients.

The Iluma is not as hydrating, so if dryness or rosacea is your issue, stick to the Vital C line. If your main complaint is age spots or hyper-pigmentation, you may want to use the entire Iluma line over the Vital C.

I like both since I have both issues (mainly due to my outdoor sport), but they do both serve a purpose. If you’re still feeling confused about which line to try, you should visit a spa who sells Image and ask for a consultation.

Vital C Hydrating Eye Recovery Gel

Vital C Hydrating Eye Recovery Gel

Vital C Hydrating Eye Recovery Gel

This little gem is a super-hydrating, anti-aging eye gel with a nourishing blend of antioxidants and peptides that reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, and perks up tired eyes.

As the name describes, this is a gel vs. a cream for the entire eye area, and is extremely soothing and gentle. This one does not have a citrus-y scent. It’s more of a light, sweet scent that’s barely there, which I like in an eye treatment.

I have extremely sensitive eyes, in fact as I mentioned before, I actually have rosacea/blepharitis of the eye so I have to be really careful what I put around my eye area. I had no issues using the Vital C Eye Gel both underneath my eyes and on the top of my eyelids.

It does feel a bit tacky at first (most gels do), but it does eventually absorb nicely and that sticky feeling diminishes. I usually go back and add a second tiny pat underneath my eyes after finishing my makeup just to give myself a little added moisture to those pesky fine lines – it seems to help.

To be honest, I prefer the Image Skincare Iluma Intense Brightening Eye Cream over the Vital C Hydrating Recovery Gel. It just has a more creamy consistency that feels better to me and I think it does a better job brightening the eye area.

I feel so spoiled, because I do use both depending on how my skin is feeling. After volleyball when I’m feeling especially dry, I tend to use the Vital C Hydrating eye gel, but for day or nighttime use under makeup, I use the Iluma.

Can a girl have too many products on hand? I think not! 🙂

Vital C Hydrating Enzyme Masque

Vital C Hydrating Enzyme MaskAhhh! The Vital C Hydrating Enzyme Masque is definitely one of my favorite Vital C products!

Right after my microdermabrasion, I needed moisture, pampering, and to sooth my redness. The Vital C Hydrating Enzyme Masque was just what I needed. Indications for use are for dry, dehydrated, or post treatment skin.

You apply this mask liberally onto cleansed skin and leave for 5-30 minutes. I always leave it on for the full 30 minutes – why not? I’m going to get my money’s worth and it only absorbs more the longer you leave it on.

This is a hydrating mask that gently exfoliates the build up of dull, dry skin with nourishing Vitamins A, C, and E promoting more healthy, radiant skin.

The feel of this mask is luxurious and it has the same, yummy, fresh orange scent as the other Vital C products. It has the consistency of a lotion and it remains soft on your face (doesn’t harden like some masks). Complete hydration and gentle exfoliation.

Sometimes I like to take a bath and just soak while I have this mask on. My skin always feels moisturized, plump and just radiant looking after use.

Where and How to Buy Image Skincare

Let me warn you right off the bat – beware of any/all Image Skin Care from Amazon or E-bay because it is NOT authentic, and the official Image Skin Care website warns of this.

Much like the fake Louie Vuitton purses sold on the streets of NY, there is a ton of fake skin care as well. It looks identical, but don’t be fooled! The ingredients are not even close. If you’re not buying it from a spa or a Dr.’s office – it’s FAKE.

Image Skincare is sold exclusively in spas, salons and medical offices in over 40 countries all over the world. To find a distributor near you, you can visit the official Image website and use their locator map.

How Much is the Image Skincare Vital C Line?

I used the locator map and found a spa near me, and these are the prices they quoted for the Vital C line products that I used. Some spa’s may vary in their pricing but it’s in the ball park:

Vital C Hydrating Anti-Aging Serum (1.7 oz) – $57

Vital C Hydrating ACE Serum (0.5 oz) – $33

Vital C Hydrating Repair Cream (2.0 oz) – $61

Vital C Hydrating Eye Recovery Gel (0.5 oz) – $41

Vital C Hydrating Enzyme Mask (2.0 oz) – $34

Image Skincare Vital C Line – Conclusion and Recommendation

If it’s not obvious already, I really do love the Image Skincare Vital C line of products! I would definitely recommend trying this line if you can get your hands on some. It doesn’t surprise me that Vital C is the most popular Image line.

The Vital C products calm the redness in my skin and give me the proper hydration to replenish, nourish, protect and repair.

Having used basically their entire line up for over 6 weeks now, I have seen an improvement in my skin. It’s not as dry and irritated overall, and my cheeks have a more even skin tone with fewer fine lines.

Image Skincare before and after photo

Image Skincare before and after photo

The picture here shows my skin, red, inflamed and dry, the day of microdermabrasion (left). The after picture (on the right) was taken about two weeks after starting the Image Skincare Vital C line (sprinkled in with the other products I mentioned).

It’s different lighting I know….but you can still see the improvement.

I haven’t really seen a marked improvement in the fine lines around my eyes, but there’s been an improvement in hydration so at least the lines aren’t as prominent.

Fine lines around the eyes are tough to treat – the key is just to keep them as hydrated as you can, and always drink lots of water!

I hope you enjoyed learning about Image Skincare and the Vital C line. As soon as I finish my other reviews on the Ageless and Iluma line, I will link those reviews here.

Here are some additional Image Skincare reviews if you’re interested!

Image Skincare Ormedic Balancing Lip Enhancement Complex

Image Skincare Body Spa Cellulift Firming Creme

Image Skincare The Max Stem Cell Facial Cleanser

Have you used the Image Vital C Line? Leave your comments or questions below!

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Q: I just started using the image products (not the vital C line) the ageless total repair cream and ageless total facial cleanser. These are both burning my face and eyes, should I start using these gradually or not use on my eyes at all? thanks -Sherri

A: Hi Sherri, I\'m very familiar with the Ageless line both cleansers and cream. First of all, you should not be using the cleanser on your eyes at all since it contains glycolic acid and other acids. As far as the Image line cleansers you can use on your eyes, The Max is great and also Vital C creme cleanser. Or, if you don\'t want to buy something too expensive, just use Cetaphil cleanser on your eyes and the Ageless cleanser everywhere else on your face. The Ageless cleanser also contains menthol which can be highly irritating. I found that I didn\'t like using both together, it was just too much and I had irritations as well. The cream wasn\'t as irritating but the cleanser was. And when you use the cream, you should also be avoiding your eye area. The Ageless cream is not meant for your eyes. They do make an Ageless eye cream but it was slightly irritating for me as it also contains glycolic. I just don\'t do well with too much glycolic. If I use the Ageless cream, I have to use either my Max or Vital C cleanser. I pretty much stopped using the Ageless cleanser because it was too irritating. Try using a gentle cleanser with just the cream and see how you do. ~Rachel

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Q: Brilliant review, thank you! I am a big advocate for the Vital C range, actually I highly rate all of the Image Skincare products, they are high quality and seem to suit my skin type. I usually stock up on my Image Skincare supply on from -Barbara

A: Barbara, thank you. I hope those products are real from that site - those bottles look fake to me, looks different and I buy directly from the manufacturer (through my sister). Be careful, Image warns people on their website not to buy from Amazon, ebay or any other outlet because there is so much fraud with their line. Maybe try buying a bottle from your local spa and see if you can tell the difference. The real stuff is amazing! I wish I could sell it and offer it to my followers!

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: Where can I buy image vital c hydrating repair cream -Angie

A: Hey Angie, go to the Image Skin care website and use their locator map to find a salon or a spa near you. Vital C is the most popular line so they should have it on hand or can order whatever you want. Don\'t buy from Amazon or ebay, there are a ton of fake Image products floating around. It\'s an awesome line and worth the trip. Bet you have one near you! ~Rachel

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Q: Does vital c hydrating eye recovery gel help to heal scars -Beverley

A: Hi Beverly, it may help in the very long run, but a better choice to treat scars would be DermaffaceFX7 and this is a link to my personal review. This is a cream that is made by Skinception which is one of my favorite skin care lines (they also manufacture Kollagen Intensiv and the AHA toner I love so much). I actually gave some of this cream to my father in law after he had a stint put in and they had to cut his neck. He started using as his scar was still healing and you can\'t even see it anymore at all. I highly recommend DermaffaceFX7 to reduce scars, and it feels more like a serum than a cream, it\'s a lovely product.  You can visit Dermafface\'s official website here. If you order one bottle it\'s $59.95 plus you get a free Microderm Exfoliator which I love! (here\'s my review of Microderm). It\'s actually nice that they give you a free exfoliator because that will help the cell turnover and it will allow the Dermafface to absorb better and bring you faster results. ~Rachel

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Q: I found the image ageless trial kit at Walmart, is that fake? -Shawna

A: That\'s crazy. Was it Walmart online? All this stuff is not actually offered by Walmart, but independents which could be fake yes. If you look at the Image Skincare website, it says the only trusted source should come from salons and spas who carry the line which are purchased directly from the retailer. I can\'t say for sure if they\'re fake. Rachel

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  1. Jennifer June 5, 2016 at 6:40 pm - Leave A Comment

    Love Vital C line! Great review Rachel, you are spot on with this one.

  2. Phillip thomas January 26, 2016 at 1:05 am - Leave A Comment

    I canceled this order since I was NOT the one that placed it , but it was done in my name . I was assured that they had received their products and my “account” would not be charged . Today there was a charge for $87.63 placed on my account ( a month later ) that I never agreed to . I live alone and no one I know could have placed this order , Beware of Bogus products being shipped to you that you did not order , Somehow someone got my Cc card and used it , but at least they sent it to the address that was connected to the card so I would know to return and cancel it . I don’t know if someone actually placed the order using my information OR this company is just sending out bogus orders after they somehow get your personal information . I expect this comment to be erased and removed and if it is then I will know that Bella labs / La Cream skin care is a company that for sure can not be trusted . CHECK YOUR BANK STATEMENTS , and make sure YOUR NOT A VICTIM OF WHAT APPEARS TO BE A SCAM .

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel January 26, 2016 at 1:24 am - Leave A Comment

      Phillip, thanks for your comment. I’m a little confused though – you left this comment on my review of Image Skincare’s Vital C Line. I believe you probably meant to leave it on my “Beware of Free Trials of Anti-Aging Products – an Investigative Report.” But you’re absolutely right, Bellalabs and LaCreme is one of the biggest wrinkle cream scams going, I’m sorry you got caught up in that and it’s even more awful that you didn’t even place the order. You could try calling and demanding a refund and they may issue a partial refund if you return the unused product, or disputing the charges with your bank and explain that someone stole your card or you were a victim of fraud. My sister’s card got used recently, someone obviously copied her digits somewhere because she still had the card in her possession. And I’m sorry about the time stamp, I may need to check my settings! 🙂

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