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Winter Health Hacks: Fitness Motivation for a Beach-Ready Body Through the New Year

winter weight gainThe warm weather in summer gives you the opportunity to get outside and stay active, while the bright sunshine gives you the energy (and the Vitamin D) you need to stay motivated.

If you’re a jogger, a runner, or a swimmer, winter can put a bit of a damper on your typical exercise regimen.

If you succumb to desires to hide under the covers from the bitter cold lurking outside and eat comfort food, you’ll end up with a few extra inches to burn next spring.

Rather than make more work for yourself later, why not keep your beach-ready body year ‘round?

Set a Goal for the Spring or Summer

fitness goalsHave you been wanting to run a marathon or participate in an outdoor challenge? Find an event you want to attend in the spring or summer and sign up now.

If you’ve been wanting to shed your last 10 or 15 pounds but have been stuck in a rut, make it your goal to fit into that bikini you’ve been eyeing in the back of your closet by May.

Write it down and make a plan for reaching your goals. When you have something concrete to work toward, you’ll have more motivation to put the work in each day.

Invest in a Simple Home Gym at home gym

You don’t need a lot of money to set up a simple home gym, and when the tools are within reach, there are no excuses for not following through.

You can get a robust workout in using only a few affordable pieces of equipment, such as a set of dumbbells and kettle-bells, some adaptable resistance bands, a pull-up bar, a fitness app, and a yoga mat.

Voilà! Your living room doubles as a gym on a moment’s notice. No excuses.

Find a Fitness Buddy for Accountability

fitness buddiesWorking out is more fun with friends. Find a fitness buddy with a similar mindset or someone with similar goals.

Hold each other accountable. Get together for workouts. Share advice and express your frustrations with your progress.

The benefits of having a fit friend are immeasurable.

Steer Clear of Bulky Sweatersbulky sweater

It may seem silly, but embracing bulky sweaters and comfortable, saggy sweats can leave you less motivated to work out, as these clothes tend to hide bulges and imperfections.

Rather than experience the shock and dismay of finding out that your favorite swimsuit is two sizes too small next year, stick to clothes that show off a bit of your body shape (but still keep you warm) this winter.

Wanting to look good in everything you wear will help you to kick yourself into gear when you feel like slacking off this winter.

Try Something New

winter fitnessYou can let the gloomy winter skies get you down, or you can embrace it for what it is and experiment with new ways to stay active outdoors.

Skiing, snowboarding, and even snowball fights can all offer tons of fun while giving you a full-body workout at the same time.

Winter is also a good opportunity to sign up for that hard-core fitness boot camp everyone’s been talking about at your local gym or fitness center.

Maintaining your beach-ready body all winter is a challenge. Food temptations at holiday parties, the stress often associated with the holiday season, and the tendency for most people to eat more in colder temperatures all contribute to a widening waistline over the winter.

Don’t let the winter woes win; trick yourself into staying motivated to stay fit this winter, and you might be able to make a New Year’s resolution to do something other than lose weight this year!

Do you have motivational tips you’d like to share? Leave comments below!

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