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Vigel For Women Overview

We have all seen television ads for gels that are designed to enhance arousal, but most of them use a bunch of chemicals that most people don’t want to slather on their nether regions! Thus we were very interested in learning about Vigel, which is a topical solution for women that uses only natural ingredients to enhance sexual stimulation and to intensify orgasms. Without chemicals we wondered how the product could work, and so we set out to discover its secrets.

vigel for womenHow Vigel For Women Works and Ingredients

What we appreciated about Vigel is that there are no secrets. The manufacturer very clearly explains that they use only two active ingredients in the gel – peppermint oil and L-Arginine. If you are interested in weight lifting you might already know about the second ingredient. It is also called an NO booster and a vasodilator, but what L-Arginine really does is cause blood to flood into any region where it is applied or into many parts of the body when it is digested. Thus, the lady who uses Vigel is going to actually enhance sensitivity via the peppermint and then make things very interesting through the use of the all natural NO booster.

User Reviews of Vigel For Women

As we began to look for feedback we were delighted to see that the Vigel product had been clinically tested and found to function exactly as planned. It was used by women who were utterly lacking in sexual desire and was noted for radically altering sexual interest and intensity. Basically, the clinical studies say it works. The feedback agrees with the official record. We found only positive comments about the product, with the only negative words being about the potency.

A sample review of Vigel we found:

“It took a bit to get used to that feeling, but now that I have grown accustomed to the rush…I am a much more active woman.”

Violet, FL

Where to Buy

Vigel is widely available online at many reliable vendors. The average price is around $16 per bottle, though some sites make it available in “bulk” purchases. This is a good way to enjoy discounted supplies, but be sure you are purchasing the “real thing” as we found a few impostors online too.


We recommend Vigel for any woman looking to stimulate and enhance her love life. This is a totally natural and safe formula that is clinically proven to deliver all that it promises and at a very reasonable price.

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