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Sensuvive Review – Should You Try It?

Sensuvive Overview

For years, men have turned to medications like Viagra and Cialis to help win their battles with erectile dysfunction.  Women who suffer from female sexual dysfunction (FSD), however, have no such prescription remedies available. So what should females who have low libido, difficulty achieving orgasms, or experience uncomfortable sex due to vaginal dryness supposed to do?  There are herbal feminine enhancement formulas that may be the answer.  One of those products is Sensuvive.  Could it  revitalize your love life?

How Sensuvive Works and Its Ingredients

SensuviveSensuvive is manufactured by MicroNutra Health, a company that also produces other sexual enhancement formulas for both men and women .  The manufacturer says that the herbal formula in Sensuvive effectively stimulates a woman’s sexual appetite, makes sex more satisfying, increases the frequency and intensity of orgasms, and even works to decrease feminine problems such as PMS and uncomfortable menopause symptoms.

Ingredients in this formula include aphrodisiacs such as Damiana Leaf,  Sage Leaf to promote hormonal balance and energy, and Bayberry Bark to improve smooth muscle function.  Sensuvive also contains ginger, which helps the production of vaginal lubrication, cayenne pepper to promote circulation and the creation of endorphins, and licorice root for improved oxygenation in the genitalia and to generate sexual stamina.  These and other natural ingredients like black cohosh and soybean isoflavones are formulated to create Sensuvive’s proprietary blend that is aimed at revitalizing not only your sex life but at promoting overall sexual health and wellbeing as well.

The Pros and Cons of Sensuvive

There are nearly always good things and not so good things about a product.  The same is true for Sensuvive.  The positive aspects of this female enhancement supplement include:

  • No prescription necessary
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • No reported side effects
  • Treats female sexual dysfunction and relieves PMS and uncomfortable menopause symptoms
  • Secure website
  • Less expensive than many female enhancement supplements

Some of the things not as pleasing about this product are:

  • No clinical proof available
  • Takes several weeks to achieve results
  • No doctors’ recommendations

Where to Buy Sensuvive

Sensuvive is available at the official website for $34.97 for 60 capsules, which equals a one-month supply for an average weight woman.  The site does inform us that some women may prefer to increase the dosage.  Sensuvive is not available in retail stores or at other online locations.

Our Conclusions

All women deserve a healthy sex life; it’s good for their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of their relationships, so an effective female enhancement supplement is a good choice for women who feel their desire slipping away. Sensuvive does contain ingredients that should have a positive effect on hormonal balance and boost a sagging libido without any known side effects, though you should discuss its use with your physician if you take any prescription medications.  The lack of clinical trials is a bit disconcerting, but Sensuvive is guaranteed.  If you are looking for a solution to female sexual dysfunction, this product could provide the help you need.

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Q: How I can buy sensuvive tablets please -Merna

A: Hi Merna, I think Sensuvive may be an old product, I can't find it for sale currently even on Amazon. Take a look at my Top 3 recommended female enhancement products when you have a moment. Thank you! Rachel

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