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Erosyn for Women Review – Is This a Scam?

Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) is a condition that affects 50 million women in the United States each year, yet many women don’t talk about it.  They are reluctant to discuss their growing disinterest in sex, their lack of satisfaction in the bedroom, or the discomfort they feel during sexual activity.  If you are part of this silent epidemic, you may be seeking a solution on your own.  There are numerous products available over the counter that claim to correct the condition.  One such product is Erosyn for Women. Let’s take a closer look at it.

How Erosyn for Women Works and Its Ingredients

Erosyn for WomenErosyn for Women is manufactured by Bell Lifestyle Products and is just one of several products they make.  Bell promises that Erosyn will help rejuvenate your libido, reawakening your desire for sex and intimacy, making the act more enjoyable and intense.  It also promises to help ease aches and pains, particularly from conditions like endometriosis and others that affect feminine reproductive health, because Erosyn contains analgesics and anti-inflammatory agents in its formula.

The directions say to take one tablet daily with water.  Some women will see results in a few weeks, others must take Erosyn for Women for 90 days before beginning to enjoy the benefits of this product.

Although there is an official website for Erosyn for Women, it does not provide much information. It does say that the ingredients in this product are all natural, yet it fails to say exactly what those ingredients are.  This lack of disclosure at the website is disturbing.  If you are unable to examine the ingredients, how do you know if there is something you are allergic to in the formula?  Why doesn’t this company feel like it’s important to disclose this information?  These are questions that we feel should be answered before you make your decision to purchase.  We assume the ingredients are listed on the product’s label, however, by the time you have the bottle in hand, it is too late to make an educated choice about these tablets.

Pros and Cons of Erosyn for Women

Before you begin to use any diet supplement, it’s wise to know what other people find positive and negative about the product.  Here’s what we feel is good news about Erosyn for Women:

  • Money back guarantee
  • No prescription necessary
  • Natural ingredients
  • May be purchased at numerous websites

The negative factors about Erosyn for Women include:

  • No ingredients listed at website
  • No clinical proof available
  • May take up to 90 days consumption before achieving benefits
  • Not all women need the pain relievers found in the formula

Where to Buy Erosyn for Women

Erosyn for Women is available at a number of online retailers, including the official Erosyn website.  The price varies slightly at the various sites, though the average cost is around $39 for a one-month supply of 30 tablets.  That means you may spend more than $120 on this product before you know if it really works.

Our Conclusion

Erosyn may actually be effective, but there is no evidence to that affect other than some testimonials at their website.  Even the ingredients aren’t disclosed.  Without further information or solid evidence of its benefits, we feel that Erosyn for Women is one product that should be avoided.

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User Questions and Answers

Q: Just had baby 6 months ago and my hormones are all off balance! I have lost sensenations and need them back also trying to conceive is Erosyn safe? -Vicki

A: Hi Vicki, Erosyn does not have good reviews. Check out the top 3 female enhancement products that I recommend.

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  • Laura

    Was there ANY research done prior to marketing? I ask because the Ojibwe word for Grandmother is clearly labelled on the front with a white woman and no explanation. Frankly, I find that more than a little offensive.

  • Amanda

    I have tried this erosyn for woman, and while I did notice some improvment, I gives me some really bad headaches. and I find that a very unpleasend side effect…

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