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Rodial Review – Is It The Best Breast Enhancement Gel?

Rodial Overview

Rodial Boob Job is the revolutionary breast enhancement gel that has been touted to increase the size of any lady’s breasts by as much as 8% in barely two months. Manufactured by skincare gurus Rodial Skincare, Rodial Boob Job has received rare celebrity endorsements from popular faces such as Victoria Beckham, Scarlet Johansson and Kelly Brook. But does this mean that you can just go ahead and order Rodial Boob Job without even going through this product review?

How Rodial Works Rodial Review

A lot has been said and written about the numerous benefits Rodial guarantees to your breasts, from enlargement to firming and lifting of the breasts. However, it will be very unwise to start using any breast enhancer simply because a celebrity endorsed it, without even finding out how it actually functions. Rodial Boob Job functions by isolating the fat cells that are naturally found within the body, moving around as they absorb energy.

The active ingredient in this breast enhancement gel is none other than natural phytosterol. This completely paraben-free ingredient is associated with zero hormonal activity and works at skin level and on the layer of fat just below the skin without being absorbed into the body. Other ingredients used in the Rodial Boob Job formula include: sarsasapogenin, a purely natural plant extract that has no hormones; myrrh resin that boosts the number of fat cells and intensifies packing of fat; and wheat-derived micro fibers that are proteins to tighten the skin.

Rodial Benefits

  • The insistence of Rodial on using purely natural ingredients means you do not have to dread adverse side effects.
  • The product has received endorsements from celebrities with admirable busts, an indication that it could actually be very effective.
  • It boasts quick action that enlarges your breasts by an impressive 8.4% in just two months.
  • Your breasts will appear larger without looking or feeling artificial.

Rodial Drawbacks

  • There is very little clinical evidence to support most of the claims made by the manufacturer.
  • At a price of $185, a good number of ladies will find this too ambitious.

Where to Buy Rodial

Rodial Boob Job breast enhancement gel is readily available for purchase at Rodial Skincare’s official website. However, you can get even better deals on the many third party outlets that sell Rodial products. You will have to check with leading breast enhancement outlets if you want to purchase your Rodial Boob Job from a brick-and-mortar outlet.


Rodial Boob Job is a very promising product that has received the backing of prominent figures such as Victoria Beckham and Kelly Brook. Even more importantly, the little scientific study that has been conducted has backed the claims made by the manufacturer regarding most ingredients. However, many prospective buyers have frowned at the price tag attached to a bottle of Rodial.

If you are interested in the youthful look that firm and enlarged breasts guarantee, then paying for Rodial Boob Job won’t be a bad idea. Since it is manufactured using purely natural ingredients, you do not have to fear for any adverse side effects on your breasts or body as a whole.

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