ReVive Sensitif Cellular Repair Cream Review
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ReVive Sensitif Cellular Repair Cream Review

ReVive Sensitif Cellular Repair Cream Overview

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just have all the high-end wrinkle creams that catch our eye?  Instead of just a bit from the department store tester every once in a while, a whole jar at home in our bathrooms to use every day.  Unfortunately for most of us, that’s just not how we live.  So as skincare junkies with bills to pay and budgets to keep, we save up and only splurge when we find something really really worth it.  ReVive is a luxury skincare brand, and we’re taking a look at one of their products today.

ReVive Sensitif Cellular Repair Cream is advertised as a powerful restorative cream that won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin.  Part of ReVive’s core program for anti-aging, it claims to immediately improve skin damaged from sun and/or aging.  It encourages skin cell turnover of the outer damaged layer of skin to reveal the healthy under-layers beneath.  It is even recommended for use post-operatively to help skin heal up to 40% faster.  Most of the ReVive Sensitif Cellular Repair Cream reviews we read from actual customers are pretty enthusiastically positive.  So let’s look a little closer at what goes into this pricey little jar.

ReVive Sensitif Cellular Repair Cream ReviewReVive Sensitif Cellular Repair Cream Ingredients and How They Work

Most products of the ReVive brand are predicated on the presence of EGF, or Epidermal Growth Factor.  This is what Dr. Brown (the creator of the ReVive brand) calls the “youth molecule”.  It is a specifically bio-engineered protein that increases skin cell turnover dramatically.  This technology is patented, includes some Nobel Prize winning principles, and is commonly used to help speed up the healing of skin after surgery.

ReVive Sensitif Cellular Repair Cream also contains some other ingredients to make your skin glowingly healthy:

  • Powerful antioxidants to further protect skin against the ravages of time and the environment.
  • Hydrators such as Hyaluronic Acid
  • Anti-Irritants like Bisabolol
  • SPF 15 Sunscreen to protect against further sun damage.

You should use ReVive Sensitif Cellular Repair Cream in the morning after cleansing, toning, and applying your serum.  It is recommended that you use a ReVive intense moisturizer at night.

ReVive Sensitif Cellular Repair Cream Pros and Cons

Advantages of ReVive Sensitif Cellular Repair Cream

  • It contains technologically advanced ingredients.
  • ReVive Sensitif Cellular Repair Cream reviews are overwhelmingly positive, the primary complaint being the price.
  • Samples may be available at department store beauty counters.

Disadvantages of ReVive Sensitif Cellular Repair Cream

  • It is very expensive.
  • Jar packaging may cause active ingredients (especially the antioxidants) to break down quickly.

Where to Buy

ReVive Sensitif Cellular Repair Cream is sold at high end department stores like Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and Barneys New York.  You can also buy it online through several retailers.  The 2 oz jar sells for about $200.  We saw it for significantly less at Amazon, but you should always be a bit careful with something that seems to good to be true.  There is no shortage of shady sellers out there offering inauthentic or otherwise damaged product.


Most women who use ReVive Sensitif Cellular Repair Cream seem deliriously happy with it.  So that leaves only the problem of price.  If you’re lucky enough to be able to shell out $200 on a single jar of face cream, ReVive Sensitif Cellular Repair Cream is a good choice.  If your budget is a little more restrictive, we suggest heading to a department store, striking up a conversation with the sales associate, and seeing if you can test it out with a sample first.

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