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Revitol Eye Cream Real Review and Results

Revitol Eye CreamNote: This is my personal review, Click here to visit the official site for Revitol Eye Cream

Hi everyone, it’s Rachel from womensblogtalk.com and today I’m excited to share my personal experience with using Revitol Eye Cream – a product that promises to reduce wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles underneath the eyes.

This review is long overdue but it has allowed me to use the Revitol Eye Cream for over two months now and I can honestly say, that after years of using Estee Lauder’s Time Zone eye cream (Christian Dior was another expensive favorite), that Revitol has become my new everyday standard, and costs far less.

In my experience with using Revitol, I have noticed a marked improvement in the fine lines and wrinkles underneath my eyes, and it also helps to quickly reduce puffiness in the mornings – which are my two main complaints with my eye area!

Revitol  Eye Cream Texture and Feel

Another reason why I love this product, is how it feels when you put it on. It has a nice light and creamy texture, which is absorbed quickly into the skin to give you that soft and supple feeling.

It is not greasy, nor does it give you that feeling that it’s sitting on top of your skin. It works immediately to sooth your delicate eye areas, smoothing out lines and wrinkles, reducing puffiness, and giving your skin a nice foundation and protection for the day.

Another reason why I love Revitol is that I can use it directly on my eyelids. When it comes to an eye cream, I can tell you that I’m very picky.

I have sensitive eyelids, so being able to use an eye cream both underneath my eyes, and also on my eyelids, is important to me, and also tells me a lot about the product with how my skin reacts.

I have no allergic reactions using this product, which can sometimes be an issue for my sensitive eyes. Some creams sting and can even create more redness and puffiness.

How Often I Use Revitol Eye Cream and Where To Buy

Revitol Eye CreamI have been using Revitol twice daily, once in the morning under my makeup, and once at night after I wash my face before bed. This product cost me about $39 for a good sized tub, which has lasted me about two months.

That’s less than half of what I would spend on smaller tubs of more expensive brands. Revitol Natural Skin Care was founded in 2002 and their mantra is “To deliver the highest quality health and beauty products with the best value to our customers” which for the price and quality, I feel they definitely deliver with their eye cream.

My Recommendation

Revitol specializes in skin care, with a whole line of products including anti-aging serums, stretch mark creams, acne creams, skin brighteners, rosacea creams, hair removal and cellulite creams – they make wonderful products with cutting-edge ingredients. I have decided to purchase Revitol’s Anti-aging serum next and see what kind of results I get.

For now, I can tell you that my favorite combination of skin care includes Revitol’s Eye Cream, and LifeCell for my moisturizing and anti-aging needs. I absolutely love this combination and have no reason to ever make another inconvenient trip to the mall when I run out of product!

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Q: Let me know that these facts and ingredients posted in this article about revitol eye care cream are real. -Crown Moron

A: Hi Crown, that blog post you sited is really lacking in information (I'm deleting because I don't want to send anyone to that website).  I'm pretty sure I covered it in a lot more detail on my review, but to be honest that's a cream I tried over 10 years ago and didn't repurchase it more than a couple times, it was nice but I've come a long way since then in my recommendations. The Revitol line is really old and there's better out there.  Try the Posh Defiant Eye Cream, it's really lovely and it's $35. The Defiant collection is Perfectly Posh's most potent anti-aging line of products. Let me know if I can help answer any questions, I've been using Posh for a while and I'm loving my results. My other favorite Posh combo is the 911 Moisturizer mixed with a few drops of their Cann I Be CBD oil, AMAZING results! Not only have my nose pores completely shrank (CBD is anti-inflammatory), but the 911 cream contains caffeine and has an immediate all over tightening and hydrating effect.  xo Rachel

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