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Rejuvenex Life Extension Factor Review – Does It Work?

Rejuvenex Life Extension Factor Overview

Rejuvenex Life Extension Factor is part of the Rejuvenex line of anti-aging skin care products created by Professor Carmen Fusco.  She’s been a professor and scientific researcher studying the anti-aging effects of good nutrition for decades.  Her line of products includes topical creams and serums as well as multivitamins aimed at improving skin by improving health.

Rejuvenex Life Extension Factor is one of the signature products in the Rejuvenex line.  Designed to fight the signs of aging, it’ll help you achieve more noticeable skin firmness, greater elasticity, smoother tone, fewer lines and wrinkles, and more vibrant skin texture.  The nutrients and other ingredients also work to keep dry skin at bay and prevent future damage caused by aging and environmental factors.

Rejuvenex Life Extension Factor ReviewRejuvenex Life Extension Factor Ingredients and How They Work

Some of the 25 active ingredients in the Rejuvenex Life Extension Factor formula include:

  • Pomegranate which has been shown to reduce the signs of aging and act as an antioxidant
  • Matrixyl 3000 which increases the production of collagen for firmer, less sagging skin
  • Cermide-2 to provide excellent hydration
  • Grape Seed Extract to protect against the effects of photo-aging
  • Vitamin C to act as both an antioxidant and a collagen stimulator
  • Hyaluronic Acid to help skin retain moisture
  • Beta-Glucan to support skin’s firmness
  • Vitamins A and E to nourish and protect skin from the effects of natural aging
  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid to improve skin texture

Rejuvenex Life Extension Factor is meant to be beneficial for all skin types.  You should apply it to thoroughly cleansed skin twice per day, morning and night.  It comes in an airless pump and uses an advanced QuSome delivery system to ensure that it penetrates deeply into skin where it is needed.

Rejuvenex Life Extension Factor Pros and Cons

If you weigh the good and bad aspects of this or any product, you can settle on a smart decision as to whether or not to buy.

Rejuvenex Life Extension Factor Advantages

  • It contains many effective ingredients.
  • It was developed based on scientific research.
  • Many positive Rejuvenex Life Extension Factor reviews demonstrate that the product is effective for lots of customers.

Rejuvenex Life Extension Factor

  • It is somewhat expensive.
  • There is no money-back guarantee offered by the manufacturer.
  • There are no clinical tests showing the product to be effective.
  • While there are many good ingredients, no amounts are shown so it’s difficult to determine if they’re present at effective levels.

Where to Buy Rejuvenex Life Extension Factor

You can find Rejuvenex Life Extension Factor available for purchase online.  The official Rejuvenex and Life Extension website have it.  Amazon and other third party retailers carry it too.  A 1.7 oz pump seems to go for anywhere between $45 and $65.  You’ll want to look around before deciding where to buy.


Finding the right anti-aging skin care products that work best for your particular skin can take a bit of trial and error.  More than a few of us have baskets full of contenders gathering dust under the bathroom sink.  Rejuvenex Life Extension Factor seems like it could be effective, but you’d have to be willing to take the risk of parting with $50 or more without any guarantee.  Many women have been pleased with Rejuvenex Life Extension Factor.  Maybe you would be too.

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