Ponds Age Defying Complex Review
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Pond’s Age Defying Complex Review – Discontinued?

Pond’s Age Defying Complex Overview

It’s hard not to think of Grandma’s cold cream when you think about the Pond’s brand.  But the company has come a long way in the last 150 years.  They’ve got products to serve every skin care need you can think of.  One of the lines they’ve experimented with was called the Age Defying line.  It has since been discontinued, but since it’s still available through some third party retailers, we’ve decided to review Pond’s Age Defying Complex for you.

Pond's Age Defying Complex ReviewPond’s Age Defying Complex Ingredients and How They Work

Because the line has been discontinued, official information on the Pond’s website regarding ingredients and how Pond’s Age Defying Complex works is not available.  We were, however, able to come up with some of this information from other sources.

The primary function of Pond’s Age Defying Complex is to reverse the signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, and dullness.  To that end, the formula uses:

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids to exfoliate and reveal newer skin
  • Retinoid Complex to facilitate increase the rate of skin cell turnover
  • Vitamins E and A to nourish and heal skin while providing moisture

We were able to find a few Pond’s Age Defying Complex reviews from actual customers, and they were mostly quite pleased with the product.  Some find it to be a little irritating for sensitive skin, and their solution was generally to apply it with less frequency.  Other than that, most users report having had nothing but good experiences.

Pond’s Age Defying Complex Pros and Cons

Since there’s good and bad in everything, we’ve listed some pros and cons to help you make a wise decision.

Advantages of Pond’s Age Defying Complex

  • It’s received positive reviews.
  • It contains effective anti-aging ingredients.
  • It’s made by Pond’s.
  • It’s affordable.

Disadvantage of Pond’s Age Defying Complex

  • There is no official information on the website.
  • Pond’s Age Defying Complex has been discontinued.

Where to Buy

Since Pond’s Age Defying Complex is discontinued, its availability is decreasing and will eventually be non-existent.  For now, there are some online sources, like Amazon and eBay.  A 2 oz jar is going for $5 at Amazon at the time of this writing.


Pond’s is a big enough company to invest significant time and money into research and development.  Their research led them to create Pond’s Age Defying Complex.  And then it led them to discontinue it.  Whenever a product is discontinued, we can’t help but wonder why.  Pond’s Age Defying Complex seemed like a good, well-liked product, and it can be had for quite a low price if you can find it.  We think that especially given the low price, it might be a product worth trying.

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Grannys skin care

Pond’s Age Defying Complex Review – Discontinued?
5 out of 5 stars

Apr 12, 2020 by 

Granny use Noxema at night, Ponds in the morning, wore a hat, and scrubbed her face. I'm a 74 yr old man. Most people think I'm mid 50's. Have always wore a cowboy or golfers hat. Used Noxema and ponds. I also use an aging skin UV protectant. God gave you one face, care for it.

my mom,now deceased 40yrs + ago used Pond's forever. She had no wrinkles when she passed

Pond’s Age Defying Complex Review – Discontinued?
5 out of 5 stars

Aug 28, 2017 by 
Betty 85yrs old

I found a jar of mom's Ponds cream and used it. since then I have used the Age Defying cream. can't find it anymore, now I know why! I want it back!

5.0 5.0 2 2 Granny use Noxema at night, Ponds in the morning, wore a hat, and scrubbed her face. I'm a 74 yr old man. Most people think I'm mid 50's. Have always wore a cowboy or golfers hat. Pond’s Age Defying Complex Review – Discontinued?

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User Questions and Answers

Q: I have ponds age defying lotion bottles from over 10 years old.. Is this still okay to use. Does your lotion expire or become risky to use. I ask because i have several bottles n its a shame to waste. Ok or not okay. -Carrie

A: Hi Carrie, those are way past expiration and would no longer be good. I'd say if it's unopened, then it may only be good for about a year if stored in a cool location. There are retinoids and other acids in that product that would no way still be stable after all that time, sorry. Throw them away.

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Q: Why are they discontinuing ponds Age defying? -Sylvia

A: Sometimes they just phase out, not sure about this one exactly.

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  • Cheryl McDonald Moore

    I’ve made reviews before this was discontinued. This stuff was great on my pores !! Cleaned my pores out after using 3 days. The sludge melted off my face over night. Please make again !!
    Thank you, Cheryl.

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