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Blue Ocean Unleashed Ketones – What’s all the Hype About?

Pruvit’s Blue Ocean Unleashed has a lot of hype surrounding it, and for good reason. Blue Ocean tastes AMAZING and contains the strongest BHB blend on the market!

And without further ado, I’ll just go ahead and get this song stuck in your head right here:  “if you like pina coladas….”

This new flavor is a new AMPED UP version of Keto-OS containing Pruvit’s patented AC-11 DNA (c-Med100) repair and is supercharged with a stronger blend of ketones and caffeine. 

Pruvit’s Amped Blue Ocean, now called Blue Ocean Unleashed, used to be an “event only” prototype flavor and tastes like a Pina Colada.

I thought that was a bit weird until I tried it – it’s DELICIOUS!!

Keto//OS Blue Ocean Unleashed is Here!

Pruvit Blue Ocean NAT Unleashed

How to Buy Blue Ocean Unleashed

To get this amazing new Blue Ocean NAT Unleashed formula, you must be a Pruvit Smartship customer.

Set up a Smartship for any Keto NAT flavor and you can then edit your Smartship cart to add the Blue Ocean and receive it at 22% discount each month, or just buy a box of it.

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Pruvit’s Blue Ocean Unleashed

Here are some quick facts on Pruvit’s new Keto-OS Blue Ocean Unleashed:

  • Blue Ocean is a stronger BHB blend than Keto NAT (17+ vs 12+ grams BHB)
  • Patented AC-11 DNA repair, under the trade name c-Med100
  • Contains additional B vitamins plus niacin
  • Tastes like a refreshing Pina Colada
  • Makes you feel supercharged!

So how are people feeling amped up on Blue Ocean?

Well I’ve done some digging and talked to a few peeps who attended the recent Pruvit Keto Kademy and More Event in Vegas, and I’ve gotten some intel, plus I finally had a chance to try it myself!

Blue Ocean Unleashed – What’s it Like to be Amped up?

This is the fun part, how are people feeling on these supercharged ketones?!

I got a kick out of some of the responses I got from people who have tried Blue Ocean, and hearing some of these made me want it bad…like yesterday!

OMG this drink makes me feel like I’m in the Turks and Caicos feeling the breeze and the beautiful smell of the ocean & it gives me the power of the HULK, LOVVEEEEE ITTTT <3 <3 <3


“If you like Pina Coladas” you will LOVE this new flavor! Delicious and loaded with AC-11, which literally repairs your DNA (reverses aging)!

It is literally the best thing you will put in your mouth and gives you the most amazing energy boost!

I don’t know about you, but I definitely have some days where I could use some super hero power!

My Experience Drinking Blue Ocean – Finally Tried it!

Pruvit Blue Ocean
Blue Ocean is YUM

Well, now I understand all the hype around this new pina colada flavor! I tried my first serving and I was definitely AMPED! It tastes super YUM!

I could have fasted all day, it zapped my appetite completely and I was so incredibly focused – talk about no brain fog!

Now, I keep it stocked and I LOVE the Blue Ocean Unleashed. For those days I  have a lot to do work wise, household chores, or a hard workout, I always go for the Blue!

Blue Ocean Unleashed vs. Blue Ocean Amped Ketones

The difference between the original Blue Ocean Amped and the new Blue Ocean NAT Unleashed is even stronger ketones! And the new NAT formula is Pruvit’s new all natural, fermented ketones.

Pruvit recently changed the name to Blue Ocean NAT Unleashed, and it has the same great Pina colada flavor with a whopping 17 grams n8 Bioavailability Blend.

Make no mistake about it, Blue Ocean Unleashed is THE strongest exogenous ketones blend on the market. So if Keto OS or Keto NAT don’t give you enough energy, then you should be delighted with this blend.

Blue Ocean Unleashed has about the same amount of caffeine as a 16 oz coffee, but paired with stronger ketones, it makes it feel even stronger and it absorbs quickly. It’s GREAT for a pre workout and I love the way I feel when I drink it!

My Advice if You Want to Try Keto-OS

My suggestion is that if you want to try Pruvit Keto OS, don’t just seek out Blue Ocean, but taste the rainbow!

Buy some samples from me if you want to try first, it’s a great way to get started. 

Why? Well, it actually always surprises me which flavors people turn out loving, and committing to this drink is all about finding the flavor you love!

But good luck with that, because Pruvit hasn’t made a bad flavor yet! They are the category king when it comes to ketones, flavors and efficacy.

See the Pruvit Sales, Specials and Sample Packs I offer here!

And be sure and check out my full testimonial on Pruvit Keto OS here.

I provide a ton of info on how ketosis works, all the different flavors, and what to expect when drinking ketones.

Benefits of Blue Ocean Unleashed ketones:

keto os review and results
Before & Better

What Does the Term Blue Ocean Mean Anyway?

Blue Ocean UnleashedBefore I wrap this up, what does the term “Blue Ocean” actually mean?

The Blue Ocean strategy refers to the creation of a company of a new, uncharted and uncontested market space that makes competitors immaterial, or irrelevant.

Pruvit has coined the phrase because they brought exogenous ketones to the market place in October 2015.

They are the leaders and they have the best tasting ketones around! They’ve hit a home run with their Blue Ocean Unleashed flavor and it embodies the power of Pruvit’s ketones!

“Be a shark in a world of goldfish and get your Blue Ocean before it’s gone.”

Visit My Pruvit Website

My Pruvit Testimonial – Before and Better

Pruvit Keto OS Samples for Sale

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Q: I am 68 years old with a bad case of blepharitis/Occular Rosacea. I do things like warm compresses and massage the lids of my eyes as well as using baby shampoo on the lids and lashes. I also use artificial tears and one eye doctor put me on ALPHAGAM eye drops. I have also increased my intake of Omega 3s. Would Ketones help me with this condition? -Jimmy

A: Hi Jimmy, sorry I'm tardy in replying to you, thanks for your message. I went from a stage 3 blepharitis down to a level 1 in a matter of a month drinking ketones. Now, eight months later I just had a check up and I don't even think I'm a 1. My Dr. was impressed, I even gave him a sample! I ate a ketogenic diet but only my first month on ketones, you don't have to follow a strict diet, just drink one drink every day. Ketones are an anti-inflammatory, my eyes are clear, my skin is clear, and I feel better all around. My daily routine does still consist of good eye care, but nothing over the top, not like when I was first flared up really bad. My routine consists mainly of one drop in each eye of Lotemax which is a steroid each morning, and my moisture drops one in each eye at night before I go to bed. I don't go crazy with the compresses anymore, just take care in removing all my makeup and give them a wash in the morning as well and use my warm washcloth for less than a minute. Omega 3's help but I haven't been consistent with taking an Omega supplement. I do try to get plenty of healthy fats in my diet from nuts, salmon, and coconut oil and I'm sure that helps, but I think the ketones have made a real difference. I would say emphatically yes, I feel ketones can help with a lot of issues stemming from inflammation, and rosacea of the eye and blepharitis is one of those. Best of luck and I hope you'll give them a try. They should be having a Black Friday sale, so you can keep an eye on the Pruvit site here if you want to check it out. Let me know if you have any more questions. I drink one Max per day, mostly Maui Punch or Raspberry Lemonade but they've had some new flavors come out lately that are really good. The Splash is the new watermelon grapefruit but it's not been fully released yet. If you'd like to try samples before you commit to a flavor, email me at [email protected]. Thanks and good luck! ~Rachel p.s. this is a super annoying condition but having white, clear eyes has been an amazing feeling! Sorry for the long message, but I do love my ketones! :)

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Q: Is this just a woman supplement or ok for men to? -Mark

A: Mark, it's great for men as well, most definitely! If you want to try some flavors first, check out the trial packages I offer on my Keto Samples blog. It's a great way to get started so you can try a variety of flavors before committing to a full box of one flavor. But most are REALLY yummy! Thanks, Rachel

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Q: Do u have to be on a diet and exercise -Mary

A: Hi Mary, Ketones will naturally change your diet as it squashes sugar and carb cravings, but no you don't have to do any specific diet or exercise to experience benefits from ketones. If weight loss is your goal, then a lower carb diet and exercise will definitely get you there quicker. But ketones have many health benefits, it's not just about fat loss. That's just a side effect of being in ketosis. Rachel

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Q: Hi, I’m not understanding the difference in each of the packets. I understand the different flavors but do any of them do different things? Trying to figure out what ones I want to get based on why they do. Thanks! -Tamara

A: Hi Tamara, sorry for the late response, my blog message center has not been working as it should! The Blue Ocean has more caffeine and is a stronger ketone blend, the regular Keto NAT is a good place to start and just drink one daily and see how you feel. If your diet is already strict keto, you may like the support products even better (Keto Kreme, MCT//143 - I use those daily!). I'll drink the NAT if I've cheated and had too many carbs to help get my body flooded with ketones again and suppress my appetite. You may like starting with the Keto NAT Challenge box best - it's 20 servings in a mix of all the best flavors and half charged (with caffeine) and half decaf (great for using later in the day or evening), or you can buy a full box of one flavor - I LOVE the Strawberry Peach and never tire of it. The Keto Kreme is an amazing and versatile product (it's decaf and right now the only flavor available is the Latte Nut), I use it to make shakes, keto pancakes, or just mix in coffee. It gives you those healthy MCT fats and tastes so creamy and delicious. It's their "fat coffee" blend but like I said, it has so many uses. I also love the MCT//143 and use in my coffee everyday. I hope this gives you some good ideas of where to start. I also sell samples of the Keto NAT if you just want to start with a 5 or 10 pack. You can check out my Keto Samples Blog here and I use PayPal for check out with free shipping. Please reach out if I can help! xo Rachel

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Rachel Vrabel

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    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      April, yes they definitely work, the Blue Ocean is about 30% stronger than regular Keto NAT, you’ll definitely feel that extra energy. I feel like it works all day, and I definitely recommend you exercise on the days you may drink this one. xo Rachel

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Aida, the Nutty Ketoman Kreme has only been released a couple times via flash sale, it’s not on the permanent menu yet. It is good though! Hopefully they’ll release it again soon. If you like to receive my email notifications of sales, please let me know. Send me a private email to: [email protected] Thank you! ~Rachel

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