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Provestra Review – Female Enhancement In A Pill?

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More and more products are becoming available to improve women’s sex lives.  Female sexual dysfunction still doesn’t get anywhere near the amount of attention given to male sexual problems, but we’re gaining on them.

And it’s about time.  With almost half of all women reporting that they have low or no libido, clearly we need something.

For women, sexual desire and responsiveness is a complicated issue.  It involves a complex mix of physical, emotional, practical, and hormonal concerns that all come together to make it difficult to want sex at all, much less look forward to it and enjoy it.

Provestra believes that “every woman deserves a passionate sex life, filled with intense desire, uninhibited pleasure, exquisite sensations, and easily achieved orgasms.”

And they believe they have created the formula to make that happen.  Provestra promises:

  • Deeply intense sexual sensations
  • Increased vaginal lubrication
  • Quicker total body arousal
  • Passionate intimate encounters
  • Frequent and satisfying orgasms within your reach

Provestra Ingredients

Provestra combines herbs, nutrients, and aphrodisiacs to help balance hormones, reduce stress levels, improve state of mind and mood, and restore the female reproductive system to full functioning responsiveness.

  • L-Arginine helps get blood flowing by increasing nitric oxide and dilating blood vessels.
  • Theobromine is a mild stimulant found in chocolate.  It dilates the bronchi in the lungs, increasing oxygen intake, which gives you a burst of energy.  It also relaxes your body so the total effect is an overall feel-good sensation.
  • Indole-3-Carbinol helps balance out excess estrogen, which can lead to a big drop in libido if left unchecked.
  • Damiana Leaf increases vaginal lubrication and stimulates muscle contractions, while it may also keep hot flashes under control.
  • Black Cohosh Root helps balance out female reproductive hormones, relieving menstrual cramps, heavy periods, and hot flashes.
  • Licorice Root helps detoxify the liver which is responsible for processing sex hormones.  It also counteracts depression and moderates mood swings.
  • Ginger Root heightens sexual sensitivity by stimulating the circulatory system and increasing blood flow.
  • Valerian Root calms and relaxes you, reducing overall stress and promoting a sense of peaceful well-being.
  • Kudzu contains plant estrogens that can help keep the hormonal balance necessary for a healthy reproductive system.

Provestra also contains a mix of vitamins and nutrients that promote overall health.  Vitamins A,E, and C are essential antioxidants that keep bodily tissue healthy and thriving.  B-Complex Vitamins improve energy and blood flow, both essential for a healthy sex response.

Iron, Zinc, Calcium, and Folic Acid are also included as necessary nutrients for female reproductive health.

How Provestra Works

Provestra is a daily supplement.  One pill per day is all you need to re-balance the hormone and energy levels that have been impeding your sexual interest and enjoyment.

Some women start to feel the effects in as little as 7 days.  But it’s recommended that you give Provestra a full 30 days to see if it will work for you.

What you should see is:

  • A noted increase in sexual appetite
  • More frequent fantasizing and a greater anticipation for sex
  • Faster arousal
  • More vaginal lubrication
  • Intensified genital responses.

What Women are Saying About Provestra

Provestra is a pretty popular supplement and it’s been around a while, so if the buzz weren’t good, you’d know it.  On the contrary, almost all the customer comments were positive.  Sentiments like the following are common:

“I have only been taking Provestra for a little over a week, yet I have definitely noticed a change.”

“I just want to say that I am VERY satisfied with my purchase.”

Pros and Cons of Provestra

It’s important to remember that nothing is all good or all bad.  Looking realistically at all aspects of a product is a great way to come to the best decision about whether or not to take the plunge.

Provestra Pros

  • It is all natural
  • There are no reported side effects.
  • Provestra is recommended by doctors.
  • There is a 60 day satisfaction guarantee.
  • It increases vaginal lubrication.
  • Most Provestra reviews by customers are positive.

Provestra Cons

  • It can be expensive.
  • It doesn’t work for everyone.
  • It should not be taken by pregnant women.

Where to Buy Provestra

If you want to try Provestra, it is available through several online sources.  Resellers have it for about $50 for a 30-day supply.

The best way to order, though, is through the Provestra website.  There, a 1 month supply costs $49.95 and comes with a 67 day money-back guarantee.  Discounts and free gifts come with bulk orders.

For instance, if you buy a 3 month supply (the Silver Package), you’ll pay $119.95 (that’s $40 per bottle), and get a free relaxing massage candle.  If you buy a 5 month supply or more, you also get a free bottle of Vigorelle libido enhancing cream.

The guarantee applies to all unopened bottles as well as 2 used bottles, so if it doesn’t work, you still get your entire investment returned to you.

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With all the products out there to combat male sexual problems, it’s nice to see one gaining some traction in the female sexual dysfunction department.

Provestra has it all.  Its all natural formula is packed with herbs and nutrients and recommended by doctors.  It’s getting good word of mouth, and it’s backed by a hassle-free 67 day guarantee.

If you want to reclaim the passionate sex life you used to have, if you are tired of feeling like sex is something you have to do instead of something you want to do, if you want to regain the closeness that comes from mutual sexual satisfaction, then sexual supplementation might be just what you need.

Nothing works for everyone, but Provestra has a solid track record of satisfied customers.  We recommend that you try it and see if they can add you to that growing list.

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User Questions and Answers

Q: Can a breast feeding mother take this drug -Stephanie

A: Hi Stephanie, while Provestra is all natural herbs, I really wouldn't recommend it during breast feeding unless you check with your Dr. since it will pass through to your breast milk. I would go with HerSolution topical gel. It's got a nice tingly feeling! :) Good luck! Rachel

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Q: Will you have better results by taking 2 pills a day? -Jordan

A: I would stick to the directions on the label :)

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