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neulash reviewsThick, full lashes are desired by many women.  For women that have had issues with lashes that are brittle and break easily, it is safe to say that finding a product that actually worked would be greatly appreciated.  There are a few things to consider when reviewing eyelash enhancing products.  You will need to make sure that they are safe, effective and affordable.  To find a product that fits into all of these categories would mean that women everywhere could have great lashes.  Lets put Neulash to this test and find out if it fits into each of these categories.

Product Overview

Neulash is a product that has been worn by both women and men alike.  (Yes, it is true, men like to have great lashes too!)  The good news about this product is that it has been tested by eye doctors to be effective and safe.  They have even given the go ahead for people who wear contacts to be able to use this product.  This gives it bonus points in my book.  The product contains proteins and vitamins that will help to moisturize the lashes and make them look their best.  It also has a variety of peptides that help to promote growth of lashes.  What this means to you is that this product is safe.  It has also been a part of a clinical trial, that proved it to be very effective as well, which is another bonus in my book.

Consumer Review

One consumer that tried this product stated:

“I saw some of the before and after pictures, and I thought to myself- that must be photo-shopped.  I decided that I wanted to give it a try, despite the fact that it was more money than I wanted to spend.  I used it for three weeks and could already tell a difference.  I continued to use it, and am now two months in.  I can only say that I am amazed by the results of this product, and the compliments that it gets me!  This is a must have product for everyone with less than perfect lashes!” – Alisha, New Jersey

Where To Buy

You can choose to purchase this product directly from the manufacturer’s site for around $85 with free shipping.  You can also buy it from Neiman Marcus and Blue Mercury.  Many people do this so that they can take advantage of the money back guarantee.  The company backs their product 100% and if you are not completely satisfied, they will take the product back!  This is why many people purchase from the site itself.  $85 is really about the lowest price that was found on it with a guarantee.  It was found for about $10 less on


When all things are considered (safety, performance and price) it seems that Neulash is a great product.  First of all, the clinical trials and money back guarantee help to ensure it’s effectiveness.  Also, the fact that it is approved by eye doctors and dermatologists helps to ease your mind that it is safe to use.  The fact that it is $85 may seem exorbitant to some, but when you look at prices of other products out there this is really a reasonable amount to pay for a product that does a great job at making the lashes longer and fuller.  I definitely say go for it- give it a try.

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