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Careprost Review

careprost reviewWhen it comes to making your eyelashes longer, darker and fuller, there are a few things that you can do.  Some people may choose to just double up on their mascara use, but this usually leaves you with lashes that look a lot like spider legs.  Instead, you need to go to the root of the lashes to help them grow better.  There are some products out there on the market that will help you to increase your lash length and fullness.  Careprost is a prescription medication that is usually prescribed by your doctor.  Lets take a look at it and see how it measures up.

Product Overview

Careprost is generally used on a prescription basis only and is manufactured by Sun Pharma.  The main active ingredient is a prostaglandin derivative that was first used to help decrease intraocular pressure.  This is usually used to help people who have glaucoma and other eye issues such as ocular hypertension.  Studies have shown that when you use this product on your upper lash line that you can actually create longer and fuller lashes in about 6 to 8 weeks.  The reason that it works is because it activates the growth phase of the lashes, however some people have noticed some bad side effects with this product and others that are formulated like it.

Consumer Review

One consumer that tried this product stated:

“I started using Careprost because I was told that it was the generic form of Latisse.  I knew that it would take a few weeks to start seeing a difference, so I continued using the product.  At first, I did notice some minor irritations around my eyes, but I tried to stick it out and see if it would help my lashes grow.  The irritation passed after the first week, but then I started noticing a bit of darkening in the iris of my eyes.  I also noticed that there were some darker lines where I applied the product.  I immediately discontinued use.  While it has been proven effective, I was not comfortable with the effects that I started to notice.”  – Lisa, New York

Where To Buy

Since Careprost is specifically designed to be a prescription medication, you will have to talk with your physician to see about getting this medication.  There are some online sites that will allow you to get it without a prescription, but it has been my experience that getting it with a prescription will not only save you money, but it will also allow you to be monitored while using it.  You will be looking at around $35 per 3mL bottle.  This could be different depending on the type of insurance coverage that you have.  Many insurance companies will not cover it if it is considered to be cosmetic.


With a variety of products on the market that really work and do not require a prescription, it is difficult to recommend this particular eyelash enhancer.  Careprost has been known to cause some unwanted side effects in some people, and fortunately there are products out there that will not cause these effects.  That being said, I would try another product.  If you have the time to go to your physician and get a prescription, you may find Careprost to be effective.  The problem that you may encounter is the discoloration of your eyes after prolonged use, and the fact that it may be irritating to your eyes.  I would definitely pass on this product.

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Careprost - BLINQ I-LASH

Careprost Review
5 out of 5 stars

Dec 26, 2017 by 
Jenny Burns

I used to use Careprost but many times I got counterfeit Careprost, I switched to Blinq I-Lash, it's genuine product and has better results, I recommend it.

5.0 5.0 1 1 I used to use Careprost but many times I got counterfeit Careprost, I switched to Blinq I-Lash, it's genuine product and has better results, I recommend it. Careprost Review

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  • JinaJ

    Thanks for sharing that knowledge with us 👍! I loved Latisse, but it is very pricey. So I decided to purchase the generic version of Latisse which is the Careprost. So happy 😊 I finally found ‘getlash24’ got it). There is no difference to me. Latisse and Careprost are the same thing. I could never go back to my normal lashes now. I have had phenomenal results with it. It is well worth the money for me. After trying it, I will never be without it! My lashes are twice as long and thick and I am already being asked if they’re natural, to which I can happily respond ”Yes”!

  • JaneHarold

    Thanks for great post. I had the same problem with my eyelashes. I started using Careprost (Lumigan, Bimatoprost) 😀 earlier this year (2-3 times a week). It is a generic form of the same liquid Latisse. Careprost gives great results for eyelash growth back. It works well to stop eyelashes from falling out even when you are removing your make up or while washing your face. The results are visible in just a few weeks. I found it worked great, my new lashes are longer and thicker and look really pretty. To see the real results, it is recommended that you regularly use Careprost for at least 1 to 2 months. I’ve got great results with it. Good luck!

  • Madi Brown

    Eyelash extensions are another alternative. I’ve tried them and I really like it because you wake up feeling like your face is already made up.

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