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Natural Advantage from Jane Seymour – Does it Work?

Update on Jane Seymour’s Natural Advantage (June 2016)

Crepe Erase Review
Jane Seymour’s Crepe Erase

Jane Seymour discontinued her Natural Advantage Skincare Line, however she has a brand new line she’s endorsing called “Crepe Erase” which targets crepey skin on the neck, chest, arms, legs and face!

I ordered the $59.95 package which is a 5-piece set plus a free gift (eye serum).

Check out my Crepe Erase review after using it 2 weeks (includes my before and after pics)! The results are VERY noticeable!

Jane Seymour Natural Advantage

Celebrity Jane Seymour promotes a skin care line called Natural Advantage.  This skin care system is the result of a partnership between English beauty Seymour and dermatologist Dr. Patricia Farris.

The Natural Advantage system includes a cleanser, a day cream with SPF 15, and a night cream.  There are now new products being introduced as well.  Jane Seymour is a beautiful woman who has a complexion to be envious of, particularly since she is now in her 60s.

If we use her skin care system, does it guarantee our skin will be beautiful like hers?

Jane Seymour Natural Advantage – Its Ingredients and How it WorksNatural Advantage

There is an official website for Natural Advantage that is user friendly and glowingly promotes this skin care system.  Users are advised that this is a system and you’ll have better results when you practice a daily regime that includes all three products.

The cleanser is to be used day and night, and, naturally, the day cream is to be used in the morning and the night cream at night. The site says you’ll start seeing results in just a week.

The website does not give us a lot of information about the ingredients but focuses on one ingredient and the technology used.  The main active ingredient in Natural Advantage is Retinol, a pumped up version of Vitamin A.

Retinol has been  included in many skin care formulas and it has been clinically proven to improve skin health.  Retinol is a double-edged sword, however.  It is a tried and true ingredient that boosts collagen production and fights early signs of aging.

On the other hand, too much retinol can be irritating and dry the skin.  It’s important to follow the directions exactly when you use a skin care product that contains retinol.

The other focus at the website is on what they call the MicroSponge delivery system.  This allows the retinol to be time released.  The night cream has the most retinol in its formula so it will be absorbed into your skin as you sleep.

There is a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

Where to Buy Natural Advantage

The Natural Advantage system is available for purchase at the website and includes the three main components plus three bonus products:  an anti-aging peel, a neck treatment, and an eye cream.  The price for all this is only $29.95 and you get free shipping.  Sound too good to be true?

Well, be aware that every person who makes a purchase is enrolled in the Natural Advantage auto-ship, auto-rebill program. You cannot order individual products from the website.  You may order them over the phone, but prices are significantly higher.

Individual products are available at some sites, such as eBay, but again, the prices are higher and there is no guarantee of freshness.

Natural Advantage Pros

  • Contains retinol, a proven skin care ingredient that’s been around a while.
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Secure website

Natural Advantage Cons

  • Every order from website enrolled in auto-ship, auto-rebill program
  • Contains retinol which can be irritating to some skin if not used sparingly
  • No clinical evidence of product’s effectiveness provided

Conclusion & Recommendation

We admire Jane Seymour, but we’re not such big fans of her skin care system.  Retinol is the only active ingredient explained and too much exposure to retinol can cause skin irritations.

We are also not pleased that you have no choice but to be in the auto-ship program if you order from the website.  Our advice: choose a product that also includes  more current  active ingredients and don’t get caught up in the Natural Advantage auto-ship program where you will be shipped and billed for the product monthly whether you like it or not.

Jane Seymour Discontinued her Natural Advantage Line

*Update* Jane Seymour seems to have gone out of business. I can no longer find her website, and the only products for sale I can find are on ebay, and I never recommend buying skin care on Ebay since it’s probably really old product and no longer good.

Her new line is called Crepe Erase and you can check it out here: Try Crepe Erase to repair the look of crepey skin. Free gift!

Have You Tried Natural Advantage?  Leave Your Review Below!

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Just WHY

Natural Advantage from Jane Seymour – Does it Work?
5 out of 5 stars

Aug 09, 2022 by 
Cecilia Russell

I used Natural Advantage for years. Even doctors asked me to confirm my age. My stockpile is gone and now it is unavailable. It's nice to have a choice. I choose Natural Advantage. I would need Crepe Erase to be delivered in a 55gallon drum. Anything else is a costly tease.

Natural Advantage

Natural Advantage from Jane Seymour – Does it Work?
5 out of 5 stars

Dec 16, 2021 by 
Sandy Stroder

I loved it! It does work and I wish I'd never stopped using it!

It works!

Natural Advantage from Jane Seymour – Does it Work?
5 out of 5 stars

Dec 27, 2019 by 

I have been using the cleanser, day and night creams for over 15 years. My skin is definitely much younger and healthier than my 62 years! My only complaint is that the day cream SPF is only 15.
The auto ship policy is lenient. Orders can be put on hold and the number of times a year for shipping can be changed. I currently receive the products 4times a year. Customer service is always helpful and gracious when I call.

Natural Advantage from Jane Seymour – Does it Work?
5 out of 5 stars

Jul 25, 2019 by 

I love this skin care system and get nothing but compliments on my skin and appearance. I am very sad I cannot find any to purchase.

Natural Advantage Skin Care Products

Natural Advantage from Jane Seymour – Does it Work?
5 out of 5 stars

Mar 30, 2019 by 
Marti Padilla

I have used this product for +/- 14 years. I am sad that I can't reorder because there is no direct web site or telephone # for reorders. The products are great for skin care and if I can, I will continue to use them.

5.0 5.0 5 5 I used Natural Advantage for years. Even doctors asked me to confirm my age. My stockpile is gone and now it is unavailable. It's nice to have a choice. I choose Natural Advant Natural Advantage from Jane Seymour – Does it Work?

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User Questions and Answers

Q: I have been using Natural Advantage for over 10 years. Can you recommend a replacement cleansing face product -MALINDA

A: Hi Malinda, wow there are so many women who email who loved Jane Seymour's Natural Advantage, so it's a shame she's discontinued it. However, if you like the idea of a membership where you receive it automatically like Natural Advantage, you will love Cindy Crawford's Meaningful Beauty. A five piece starter kit is only $39.95 and that's a one month supply. If you decide you like it, they'll send you some every 90 days (larger sizes). If you don't like it, you can just call and cancel within 30 days and they won't send you anymore. I just gave a whole kit to my mom over the weekend and she LOVES it. The skin softening cleanser is the BEST!! I love it, it leaves your skin so soft. Rachel

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Q: trying to contact someone concerning my order but can't seam to speak to anyone.i would like to make a chance before my order is sent out. how can i get to speak to someone -Rosalie Pryce

A: Rosalie, which product did you order? You left this question on the blog post for Jane Seymour's Natural Advantage, but this line was discontinued over a year ago. If you can tell me which product you're asking about I will be able to help you more.

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Q: I really liked the product and had been using it for a while. Then a friend began to be a distributor for another brand so I tried it. Since Natural Advantage signs you up for automatic refills, I have MANY unopened products. It has been over 2 years for some of them and I know ther is an expiration on them once they have been opened. Are these unopened ones still ok to use? -Monica Holter

A: Monica, it really depends on the ingredients. Some won't remain stable for that long, but I would open them and smell it, and take a look at the texture to see if it still looks good. You're used to using it so you probably know how it looks. If it looks and smells ok then it's probably ok since it's been unopened and hasn't been exposed to the air. Have you tried the new line that Jane Seymour is promoting now? It's called Crepe Erase. I actually really like it for's also a membership.  Thanks for your question. ~Rachel

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Q: Is there anyway she would bring it back Natural Advantage was my last hope all these years.It worked immediately and I squeezing my last tubes omgosh.It has kept my youth since I started years ago .I am 62 almost 63 if I'd of had it all this past year as in past I believe my face would be better,since U was unable to reach them ,I cut back on my use it still helped but I'm out of day and night cream completely now.IT WAS THE BEST PRIDUCT I HAVE FOUND SINCE THE FACE CREAM MY MOTHER INTRODUCED ME TO STOO MAKING IN 1998.THEN YEARS OF EXPERMENTING WASTING MONEY ,GUVING STUFF AWSY TO YOUNGER FRIENDS TILL one night I say Jane Seymour and I called ,they sent my 3tubes that's all so simple in a few days my husband looked at me and said what are you doing,I didn't say,about a month went by and he came in and said you just NEVER CHANGE SO YOUNG LOOKING AND BEAUTIFUL.IREALLY LOVED NATURAL ADVANTAGE .CREPE IS NEDED BUT CANT USE ON FACE MAYBE TO EXPENSIVE FOR BODY.PLKEASE LET MS.Seymour see my EMAIL JUST SO SHE NOWS HOW MUCH SHE AND HER CREAM IMPACTED MY LIFE,MY SKINT.THANK YOU FOR SOME EXTRA TIME THAT I FELT GOOD ABOUT MYSELF BECAUSE IF YOU.Sincerely Laura Threatt. -Laura Threatt

A: Hi Laura, thanks for your message. I doubt she'll be bringing back Natural Advantage since she's got her new line Crepe Erase. I don't have a way to contact her or I would. I would recommend trying my top cream Kollagen Intensiv. It's amazing and I think if you tried it you may like it just as much if not better than Natural Advantage. Good luck! ~Rachel

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Q: If I order, how do I know I'm getting Jane Seymours real product, what site do I go to? -Shelley

A: Hi Shelley, Jane Seymour discontinued her Natural Advantage Skincare line - you can't buy it anymore and it hasn't been available for over a year. Jane Seymour has a new skincare line called Crepe Erase, and she' the spokeswoman. You can read my Crepe Erase personal review here, or visit the Crepe Erase official website. If you have any more questions, let me know I'm happy to help. The links I provide are the official links provided by the Guther Renky corporation, who are the distributors of Crepe Erase  and Meaningful Beauty as well).

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Q: I have been using this product for many many years ..and yes it does work ... I am still receiving it and still being auto pay.. I would like to cancel .. where/how do I do that ?? -Jann Blalock

A: Hi Jann, I have no idea how you're still receiving this product. Is it through QVC? That's my only guess - I thought it had been discontinued but it seems it's made a comeback. Check your bank statement for the monthly charge and there should be a phone number, that's who you would want to call to cancel a subscription. My guess it that it's through QVC. xo Rachel

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Q: Can I still buy Jane Seymour Natural Advantage? -Helen

A: Hi Helen, I just looked it up for another person and I saw it on Amazon, and I think they still may sell on QVC (but I'm not certain about that). It was discontinued for a long time, but seems they made a come back. I hope the products are real on Amazon. xo Rachel

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Q: How long does natural advantage st good if it hasn't been opened -Alice

A: Hi Alice, the Natural Advantage line has been phased out for over a couple years now, unless you bought some leftover on eBay or something in which case it may be even older. I'd open it and smell it, but I probably wouldn't use on my face if at all.  Rachel

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Q: I wish the company would offered new products especially for the eyes. At one time they had a great product but discontinued it. You can still order Natural Advantage by calling ( can’t find a website) 1-800-745-6160 -Linda Hansche

A: I see them on Amazon but no idea if they're the original.

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Q: What is the Shelf life of Natural Advantage a nighttime Renewal Complex? Due to the auto reorder policy I have extra unopened on hand. Do I toss or use? -Nncu

A: As long as it's not opened and exposed to air, I'm sure it would be fine for up to a year or so......

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: I would appreciate a phone number so I can call and change some of my order. Thank you... -Bev

A: Natural Advantage has been discontinued for over a year...which products do you have? Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: What number do i call to order natural advantage -Dolly

A: Dolly, there are a number of ways to buy these products I'm seeing, I thought it was discontinued long ago but I still see it for sale. Best thing to do is look at your bank statement and there should be a phone number next to the billing, that's who you need to call and cancel if you're on some kind of auto ship. Rachel

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Q: I would like to know what is the test about you take when applying to your company -Jennifer

A: Jennifer, I have no idea what you're referring to.  I don't have any tests and I'm not taking applications...can you explain? Rachel

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Q: when is it to old? 6yrs or before? -mary

A: Mary, I'm confused by your question. Most skin care expires within a year if it's unopened, a few months tops if it's opened (if it's in a tub), maybe six months if it's a pump. If you have had anything lying around for anywhere close to six years, throw it out. Rachel

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Q: I love the product but I have two unopened boxes...Trying to get shipment set up to receiving the next one til October.Hope you can help. -Kay Dawn

A: Hi Kay, I'm really not sure, because Jane Seymour discontinued her Natural Advantage line about a year and a half ago, so I'm not sure you can return it. Did you buy it from Amazon or Ebay? You'd   have to check with the individual vendor to see if they allowed returns. Jane Seymour started a new line called Crepe Erase and it's wonderful. Thanks! Rachel

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Q: Whats the shelf life of the skin products? I have products that are atleast 10 years old. Should I use those products. The night creme and daily moisture are over 10 years old. -Sylvia

A: Definitely old and expired, do not use. Most creams, once opened, would only last 3-6 months (max) depending on the ingredients. No way ingredients can remain stable for the length of time you've had it, even unopened.

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: I used to use this item couple years ago for personal reason I stopped using it and I start trying other items on my face but I never was satisfied like I was real satisfied with natural advantages. I would like to start again using this item I got a car with you guys but I don't got you guys number to call and order. Thank you so much. -Glenda Lee Figueroa

A: Hi Glenda, thanks for your message. Jane Seymour discontinued her Natural Advantage line a couple years ago. You can find old product on eBay but I wouldn't recommend buying it, it's old and who knows how they've stored it. Jane Seymour does have a new skin care line called Crepe Erase and you can check out my review there, or visit the website here. The body products are really lovely and hydrating, love this system for my legs, and the creepiness on my chest and neck. The facial treatment is also nice. This line doesn't have a cleanser which is really all it's missing. Any gentle cleanser would work well with this line. Let me know if you have any questions. Rachel

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Rachel Vrabel

Rachel is Chief Editor of Women’s Blog Talk and writes reviews across the spectrum of anti-aging, health and beauty. She has an English degree from USF and worked in finance for 15 years before establishing this website in 2011. She loves having a place she can share her inspiration for health and beauty and continue to help others! She lives in South Florida with her husband and her hobbies include beach volleyball, HIIT training and combing the beach for sea glass and shells.


  • Laura

    I just wanted to leave a comment that I too used this and loved it and I’m very disappointed that it’s gone there is nothing like the ultimate hydration eye cream… Seriously, nothing that I have ever found I have my last little jar of it and my eyes are never gonna be the same again… I guess I’ll try the crate Bay race but I wish this were not discontinued.

  • Linda Hansche

    I did not know Natural Advantage had been discontinued. I just received a new shipment via auto shipment. I am very confused and concerned about this. Where are my products coming from and how can they (someone) keep sending them to me? A new order came in the mail today.

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      I’d be curious to know… isn’t there a receipt included? Or where is your bank charge from? I only see Natural Advantage for sale on Amazon which I don’t think would be an auto-ship. If you find out please let me know so I can update this blog. Thank you, Rachel

  • Jamie

    I still get my monthly kits after 14+ years! Still love it and get compliments all the time of. It again. I am sure some of that is good genes and eating a lot of preservatives but you can contact customer service at 1-877-435-7383.

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Where are you getting your kits on autoship? I’m curious to know because I can only find the product on Amazon (which could be old and definitely no subscription option). Even on QVC it says discontinued and that’s where she used to sell it a lot. Thanks! Rachel

  • Sandy Ledger

    I am trying to get out of the auto ship Skin Advantage. Can’t find a number that I am able to talk to a person.

    Do you know anything about the NXN Nurture by Nature…going to try this one?

    Is it better not to use the same product for years? I always here it stops working after a while any truth to this?

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Sandy, thanks for your message. Call your bank for the number of the company who is billing you for the Skin Advantage, it’s not the same line as Jane Seymour’s Natural Advantage – that one has been discontinued for a year or more. I have not heard of NXN, make sure it’s not another free trial scam with autoship. It’s good to switch things up. I’ve been using the Nourishing line from Beauty Counter and it’s amazing, like food for your skin. They also have a ban list of 1,500 chemicals they will never use in their products. It’s very effective and I feel very pampered using it. You can visit my Beauty Counter store here to take a look at the Nourishing line. It’s fabulous skin care – no free trials or autoship. Rachel

        • Rachel Vrabel
          Rachel Vrabel

          Hi Sharon, I have no idea. Did you order it from TV? I can’t find a website that sells Natural Advantage other than Amazon….which leads me to believe that stuff must be very old. I would love to know where you’re getting it from. Thanks, Rachel

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