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Makari Caviar Cream Review – Should You Try It??

Makari Caviar Cream Overview

If you have dark skin and are troubled by dark spots, age spots, or uneven skin tone, you may be interested in Makari Caviar Cream.  It’s designed especially for use by people who have dark skinned complexions and want to lighten and brighten their skin while nourishing it, too.  Does this cream deliver positive results?

Makari Caviar Cream – Its Ingredients and How it WorksMakari Caviar Cream

When I went to the Makari website and pulled up Makari Caviar Face Lightening Cream, I was disappointed with the results.  There was really very little information provided.  The only way to discover the full ingredients list before you make your purchasing decision is to visit other websites like Amazon, where the list is available.

The cream does contain caviar extracts which are touted for their smoothing and moisturizing qualities.  You’ll also find barberry extract and licorice extract to assist in slowing the production of melanin plus lactic acid and glycolic acid, two ingredients that aid in breaking down dead skin cells so the healthy fresh skin becomes visible.

Makari Caviar Cream does not contain hydroqinone, mercury, or other potentially irritating ingredients.  This is an ultra-rich formula, however, and is meant to be used by people with dry skin.  If your skin is oily, you may find this product causes breakouts. It is also lightly scented so you may want to avoid using Makari Caviar Cream if you have fragrance sensitivities.

The directions state to use Makari Caviar Cream twice a day, morning and night.  It is only necessary to use a small drop on freshly washed skin.  Some users report results within the first two weeks, but it’s more common for results to take a bit longer, perhaps up to two months.

Makari is a popular manufacturer of beauty products especially for African American women, but even some women with white skin reported positive results from using this cream.

Where to Buy Makari Caviar Cream

This product is available from the Makari website.  The cost is $52.45 for  1 ounce.  You may also find this cream at other websites, including Amazon, where it is available for about $4 less a jar.

Makari Caviar Cream Pros

  • Naturally derived ingredients
  • No hydroquinone or mercury
  • No reported side effects
  • Some positive consumer reviews online

Makari Caviar Cream Cons

  • Uninformative website
  • No clinical evidence provided
  • Expensive compared to over the counter skin lighteners
  • Not recommend for use on oily skin
  • Must use separate sun screen

Our Conclusions

Makari Caviar Cream does get some good reviews from consumers.  We also like the fact that the ingredients are naturally based and do not contain hydroquninone or mercury. This product is more expensive than over the counter skin lighteners, however, and there really is no information about ingredients provided by the manufacturer.  Feel free to try it if you like, but we’d really like to see more information before we recommend this product too heartily.

Have You Tried Makari Caviar Cream?  Leave Your Review Below!



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User Questions and Answers

Q: Is Makari Multi Action body lotion harmful? -Lisa

A: Lisa, these products contain Hydroquinone and mercury, both toxic and could cause harmful side effects. I, myself break out in red itchy bumps when I used hydroquinone, never again. The one I use is Illuminatural 6i. Natural and contains no toxic ingredients. I've used it with great results.  You can read my Illuminatural review here or visit the Skinception Anti-aging store for more info. I use this product regularly to lighten hyper-pigmentation and used it before my wedding as well. Rachel

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