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Lushbust Review – Does Lushbust Really Work?

lushbust reviewReading that the breast enlargement serum called Lushbust would lift, volumize and tone the breasts was intriguing, especially when we also heard that it uses ingredients that would reduce stretch marks too. We wanted to see if this topical treatment did indeed offer anything different than the leading serums, gels or creams, and to discover if it was safe and effective according to those who had used it.

How Lushbust Works and Ingredients

What we learned during our investigation was that Lushbust is one of the few compounds using the famous Thai herbal remedy called Pueraria Mirifica Extract. This is a plant packed with the isoflavones which mimic the way that phytoestrogens work. This means that the main ingredient is a highly refined mastogenic that causes the breast tissue to painlessly swell with additional fluid – thereby stretching and increasing in size. The other ingredients in this product ensure that the skin remains totally conditioned and able to accept the changes without any damage occurring. In fact, the additional ingredients would lead to skin repair and strengthening, or a boosting of the bust line as it increased in size.

User Reviews

The product received persistently high reviews from those who had used this herbal breast enhancement formula. The only thing we could consider as a “downside” was the simple fact that some of the consumers wanted faster results than the two months required. This is unrealistic, and so we overlooked such comments.

A sample review of Lushbust we found:

“Finally! A real beauty product that must be used by anyone looking for better breasts. Not only did this actually increase my bust size from an A to a B cup, but it also shrank the ugly little stretch marks I somehow managed to get.”

Janice, NJ

Where to Buy

Whether purchased online from a vendor or directly from the manufacturer a single tube of Lushbust costs $110. A single bottle will last roughly 30 days, and unfortunately there is no customer satisfaction guarantee available. This was one of the only negative issues we discovered when doing research about the product.


We would like to give Lushbust breast lift cream a full recommendation but we hold back because of the lack of a guarantee. This product costs more than $100 per month and we would really like to see the manufacturer backing that price up with a guarantee of some kind. With the positive reviews and innovative formulation we feel it is a good product, but we hope to see some consumer guarantees in the future.

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