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Keto OS Samples For Sale – New Pruvit Flavors!

Welcome to my Pruvit Keto OS Samples Page

Hi! If you’re looking to taste some popular flavors of Pruvit’s ketones before you buy a whole box, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve been at this since 2015! Keep scrolling until you see my sample packs and you can check out securely via PayPal.

I’m Rachel Vrabel and you can find me on Instagram @womensblogtalk.

I’ve been with Pruvit since 2015 as in independent Pruvit promoter and I’m also a Certified Keto Reboot Coach. I get my product FRESH each month directly from Pruvit.

Pruvit promoter
On my way to the post office with ketones ~ I mail daily!


Keto//NAT Sample Packs

My Keto NAT sample packs are pretty straight forward. I will send you 10 Keto//NAT packs in a variety of their most popular flavors in a mix of both charged and decaf. Flavors may include: Raspberry Lemonade, Tru Passion, Lime Time, Heart Tart, Splash, Maui Punch, Berry Blue, Swiss Chocolate. 

Use the PayPal drop down menu below and add to cart for quick check out.

Shipping is FREE right now to anywhere in the U.S. and I ship next day! (same day if it’s before noon). 

Pruvit samples



Benefits of Drinking Ketones

  • fat loss
  • energy
  • focus
  • suppressed appetite
  • better mood
  • better sleep
  • clearer skin
  • muscle preservation

Be sure and check out my full length Pruvit review here to read about my personal experience drinking ketones, see my results, and to understand how they work.

I’ve had some awesome results drinking ketones daily – they improve my life by giving me energy, more focus, improving my mood, suppressing my appetite, cravings, and preserving muscle while helping to burn fat!

Pruvit before and after
Before and Better! 

Why Buy Keto OS Samples from Me?

It’s important to work with an experienced Pruver so you get fresh product and the proper guidance to succeed! 

I offer helpful tools and SUPPORT to get started so you’ll have your BEST KETO EXPERIENCE!

I’m a Rank 6 Champion and Epik award winner, and I really love what I do!

Pruvit Epik event


If you’d you like to become my customer and purchase full boxes, visit my Pruvit Shop Here!

I think the BEST deal going right now is Pruvit’s new Fan Favorites Box! It’s a full box of 20 in a variety of all their most popular flavors in a mix of both charged and decaf.

You may decide you love one particular flavor best and you can always buy a full box of that flavor in the future!

Pruvit Fan Favorites


What is Ketosis?

Ketosis is a natural metabolic state where your blood ketone levels are elevated. 

What is Ketosis?….watch a quick video here

It can be difficult to get into nutritional ketosis from following a ketogenic (low carb/high fat diet) and for most people this diet is too strict.

By drinking exogenous ketones, you don’t have to follow a strict ketogenic diet to experience benefits. Or, if you’re transitioning to a keto diet, ketones make it easier – you will avoid those “keto flu” type symptoms. 

For fat loss, it’s best to follow a low carb or Keto diet which is much easier to do when drinking ketones, and also do some intermittent fasting.

I’ve been drinking ketones since 2015 daily and feel AMAZING! Nothing has worked like ketones to give me these results and KEEP THEM!

My skin looks great, I’ve lost fat and kept it off, and I absolutely love the energy and how productive I’ve become. It also lifts my mood tremendously! So many reasons to drink it ASIDE from fat loss.

If you haven’t read my Pruvit Keto OS testimony please be sure and check that out!

Keto OS results
Before & Better! Results may vary.


Visit My Pruvit Website

This is my personal review. This content is not the opinion of Pruvit Ventures, Inc. Pruvit Ventures, Inc, is not responsible for any of the information, view, or opinions expressed on this page. Please visit their official site for details. You can find links on this page. I am an independent Pruvit Promoter.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Prüvit products are not intended to diagnose prevent treat or cure any disease. If you are under medical supervision for any allergy, disease, taking prescription medications or you are breastfeeding contact your medical provider before adding any new supplements to your daily regimen.

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Nat ketones

Keto OS Samples For Sale – New Pruvit Flavors!
5 out of 5 stars

Jan 07, 2024 by 
Jannie Burkeen

I received them fast. Everything was perfect. I liked them. Love to purchase more.

[email protected]

Keto OS Samples For Sale – New Pruvit Flavors!
5 out of 5 stars

Oct 02, 2023 by 
They were Great. Thank you.

Very informative on the product.Arrived promptly. Would buy from her again.

Fast delivery, great service

Keto OS Samples For Sale – New Pruvit Flavors!
5 out of 5 stars

Mar 24, 2023 by 
Janine G

Rachel was very helpful when choosing samples, I wasn’t sure what to get. Her email with directions was very professional and helpful. She’s always available via email or through IG. I really like the taste of most flavors!

Absolutely love Pruvit & Rachel!!

Keto OS Samples For Sale – New Pruvit Flavors!
5 out of 5 stars

Jul 14, 2020 by 
Paris Brown

First let me say that Rachel has made all the difference. SHE is the reason I think I love th e products, because she’s so knowledgeable, so sweet, and loves the product enough that her sales aren’t just about money. Pruvit has worked wonders in my Keto journey and I love all the flavors. Definitely a must!

Love it!!!

Keto OS Samples For Sale – New Pruvit Flavors!
5 out of 5 stars

Feb 08, 2020 by 
Melinda Taylor

Great customer service!!! Quick email response! Very helpful with tips for using the products!!! Can’t wait to see my results after 30 days!! Thank you!!!!!


Keto OS Samples For Sale – New Pruvit Flavors!
5 out of 5 stars

Jan 30, 2020 by 

I was very skeptical when I first decided to order the product, but Rachel basically held my hand every step of the way...She kept on top of the shipping, informed me where my pkg was...Any question she responded immediately. She made me feel like it was all about...Her services were very unusual to me but REFRESHING...I will definitely deal with her again and recommend her to anyone who asks...Very impressive first time experience..

Guam even!!

Keto OS Samples For Sale – New Pruvit Flavors!
5 out of 5 stars

Jan 18, 2020 by 

As a military spouse, that lives in a US territory, I am so appreciative of this site and their willingness to serve. Quickest possible service, response and shipping. 100% recommendation of utilizing and have done repeatedly.

Love my experience!

Keto OS Samples For Sale – New Pruvit Flavors!
5 out of 5 stars

Jan 14, 2020 by 
Julie B Deason

Rachel was so imformative and ready to help. I had many questions and she answered them all. I loved my experience with ordering from her.

Excellent Experience!

Keto OS Samples For Sale – New Pruvit Flavors!
5 out of 5 stars

Jan 07, 2020 by 

doing business with Rachel has been a pleasure. She is very responsive to emails and sends orders out quickly! When starting this journey she is very accommodating about putting together packages of different flavors and products so you can try different things and learn what you like before placing a larger order. Rachel also has been great about sending written material about different products and relaying creative ways she has used them. I know many people sell the Pruvit line of products, but I really liked Rachel's professional, thoughtful, kind and supportive style. I felt like her full attention was on me! Here's to a healthy 2020! Thanks, Rachel!

Great service

Keto OS Samples For Sale – New Pruvit Flavors!
5 out of 5 stars

Jul 04, 2019 by 

I wanted to try the new flavors before committing to something I didn’t know if I would like. Rachel sent me the 10 day variety and I got exactly what was expected. She is on top of questions and gets right back to you. She is very caring and it’s clear she enjoys helping people. I would recommend getting started with Rachel! Also shipping was fast! I ordered in the morning and she shipped the same day.

4.9 5.0 34 34 I received them fast. Everything was perfect. I liked them. Love to purchase more. Keto OS Samples For Sale – New Pruvit Flavors!

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User Questions and Answers

Q: will one box of drinks be enough on a monthly basis? -madeline

A: Hi Madeline, a box of 30 would be enough for once per day, but most people either get two boxes (a couple different flavors) or a box of ketones plus the fat supplement - the Keto Kreme which you can mix with coffee or tea. I think you emailed me so hopefully this helps! Thanks, Rachel

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Q: I want to know if I can take it now tht im 50. I want to loose 25 pounds adn have tried evrything. is it safe to drink, -mylene

A: Hi Mylene, yes ketones are very safe. Our body naturally goes into ketosis and our liver makes ketones. Being in ketosis is our native state.  Pruvit's Keto OS is safe for pregnant and nursing mothers, even kids (the decaf). It's a fantastic supplement and so many other health benefits aside from fat loss/weight loss. You're going to feel energized and have a spring in your step! Give it a try. You can email me directly at [email protected] if you have any more questions or would like to chat. Otherwise, visit my Pruvit website and order some - you won't regret it! I've been drinking them daily for over a year (I'm 45). Best supplement I've ever been on and the only one I've ever committed to. Good luck! Rachel

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Q: I ordered the reboot last Friday and I just want to make sure this is legit site because only receipt I have gotten is from paypal but it doesn't give me expected ship date or any other information about what I purchased, can you check on this for me -Rhonda

A: Hi Rhonda! yes I got your order, I actually have it all packaged up and ready to go, my reboots arrive tomorrow and I'm shipping on the 11th! I'll send you a private email, thanks for reaching out. ~Rachel

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Q: I’m seeing good results from one Keto Max per day, but I see two is the optimal dose. If I’m losing weight do I still need two? My appetite is not nearly what it used to be but I feel much better while it’s in my system so I’m wondering if I can drink another half pack in the afternoon and see increased benefit? Thank you. -Kristine

A: Hi Kristine, thanks for your question! Some people do very well on one a day, while others can surely benefit from two a day so they remain in ketosis longer. But if you're happy with the results you're seeing from one a day, it's fine to just drink one. You probably would see a faster rate of fat loss and just feel better all around with increased energy and mood from two, but it's really up to you. Maybe play around with two a day and see how you feel! Thanks, Rachel

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Q: If you are in ketosis according to the strips, does it matter how “far into ketosis”? Is it more effective to be in greater scale of ketosis or no ? As in more work to make your strip darker -mean more into ketosis -mean you will lose weight faster ? -Crystal

A: Hi Crystal, a blood test is far more accurate than the urine strips, but I think it does matter. The higher level of ketones you have in your blood the more efficient you'll be at burning fat. If you're barely tracing on a urine strip, you could increase your fats, lower your carbs and try to get those ketone levels up so you'll burn more. With the urine strips, a lot depends on how hydrated you are as well. If you're in ketosis but you're dehydrated, your ketone concentration will be higher so it'll be darker. I would go more by how your results are going and adjust. Are you drinking ketones now? you can email me privately if you'd like to chat more [email protected] Thanks! Rachel

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Q: Will one packet a day give me good results as far as the products benefits? -Cindy

A: Hi Cindy, thanks for your question. Some people do well on one a day, others really need two a day to stay in ketosis longer. But I would definitely start with one a day and see how you do before going up.. I do very well on one per day. I did drink it twice a day when I started, until I was at a happy weight then went down to one.  Pruvit considers one dose per day therapeutic and two per day optimal. It just really depends on your goals and the issue you're trying to treat. Some people take ketones for pain since it's an anti-inflammatory so those people do better with a steady dose. Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you'd like to purchase a 5 or 10 day experience to sample the flavors. Thanks! Rachel

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Q: How Is shipping calculated...depending on $ amount? And is a 10 day trial enough to see any results? -Marie

A: Hi Marie, my prices include shipping in the U.S.. If you're in Canada or Australia it's a little extra and I would put in your address and quote you a price. I much prefer a 10 day experience because you'll definitely feel it and see results. Please email me directly at [email protected] if you'd like me to ship you some. I ship within 24 hours of the request. Thanks! Rachel

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Q: Hi does the 5 day keto kreme experience have the ac11 in it as well? -Jessica

A: Hi Jessica, yes the Keto Kreme contains AC-11, I'll attach a flier on the Keto Kreme here so you can take a look. So many benefits to the Kreme! Thanks, Rachel

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Q: Hi Rachel, I have the Reboot but after reading your suggestions it looks like I should get used to the product before doing the detox. Can you please let me know what is the best way to go about this? Thank you! -jill

A: Hi Jill, I would grab a 10 day experience from my Keto samples blog so you can start about 5 days before the reboot with one packet a day, and then you'll have some for post reboot, but you'll really want more to keep going. At least this will give you an idea on how all the flavors taste so you can choose which one you like best and get a full box. :) If you order tonight, I can mail tomorrow priority mail. Even if you get a few days in prior to the reboot it would be better than nothing - that is if you're planning on doing the reboot along with the group on Jan. 7th. Thanks! Rachel

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Q: Do you still have the July reboot? -Darlene

A: Darlene, yes I have extras! It's sold out on the website, but you can buy one from me on my samples blog. Just add the Reboot to the PayPal cart and check out. I am starting to ship them July 11th, and they're sent priority mail so you'll have it in time for the group start July 15th. Thanks! Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: I am really picking how can I know if I will like t h e taste of these because they have alot of money. -Michelle

A: Hi Michelle, did you ever get around to trying some ketones? That's what's good about trying the 10 day sample pack - you may not like all the flavors but that's why you have to try them. Then you'll likely find a couple you love and then you can just buy a box of those flavors. Let me know if you're still interested. I'm sorry about not responding sooner, I've had some issues with my website messages coming through. xo Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: Rachel: I am curious about the Promoter opportunity. I am an "all in" kind of person so I was wondering - other than the $37 investment - how much is the 200 pack promoter packs (that you talk about using as "Starter or Sample" packs? I am trying to calculate what my front-end investment would be and I cannot find any pricing on Promoter Packs. -Lori

A: Hi Lori, check out the promoter packs here. Sometimes they go on sale (usually towards the end of the month), so it could be worth waiting on. I always like to tell people that they do go on sale occasionally. :) Please let me know if I can help, and you can always email me directly at [email protected]. Thanks! ~Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: Can I order your sample packs without being a customer of yours? And am I allowed to order your sample packs if I’ve already ordered a 10 day challenge from somewhere else? -Jamie

A: Hi Jamie, yes feel free to order some samples :) xo Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: Where do i get this for $30? If I join Pruvit, are they cheaper for box or more? -Yolanda

A: Hi Yolanda! I will email you privately about a 5 day experience. Thanks! Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: Hi I ordered the 10 day challenge from a friend of a friend but was a bit confused if it matters if I drank the changed or the decaff. Is there a difference other than caffeine? Will I have the same positive results from either? Looking to have more energy and about 50 lbs weight loss. I'm interested in ordering the rainbow from you but have a few flavors that I really liked and some I did not. Can I pick what I want? Thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon Susan -Susan

A: Hi Susan, so sorry this response is late, your message was hiding! Usually people drink charged in the morning and decaf in the afternoon. It really depends on your tolerance to caffeine but if I drink a charged too late in the day, I'll be up staring at the ceiling :) So that's why decaf is usually preferred for the second drink. But I have some customers who just drink the decaf, you still get energy from the ketones just not the caffeine perk up. If you still want to order a rainbow, just message me and tell me which flavors to leave out. xo Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: Do you have the capability of a create my own flavors for a sample pack? If so please email me back. Thank you! -Erica

A: Hi Erica, yes absolutely. I do custom trials. I will email you now. Thanks! Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: Hello! I was going to order the 2pk sno cone but the drop down box has the hibiscus option listed twice and no sno cone option listed. Is it still available? -Amanda

A: Hi Amanda, OMG thank you so much for bringing this to my attention, that was just a goof on my part and I didn't update the description. I do still have Sno Cone, and I fixed the drop down. Thanks again!! xo Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: Hi, I’m wondering if I can use these products while breastfeeding? Thanks! Sharee -Sharee

A: Hi Sharee, yes the decaf option is recommended while breastfeeding or pregnant. :)

Thanks! Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: I can't get on your blog page to look at available products -Laura

A: Hi Laura, sorry you're having trouble...I'm not sure why, I have other people ordering and everything looks good on my end. Can you try on desktop or in another browser and let me know? you can email me at [email protected] Thanks! Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: Does this count as a meal replacement? -Beverly

A: Beverly, no ketones are not a meal replacement since they are very low calories. They are a fuel source that you may use however, to intermittent fast, so in essence you can drink and skip a meal and fast.

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: Do you have samples dont want to purchase a kind I dont like -Amber

A: Hi Amber, yes this page is all about samples, I have the 5 or 10 day experience packs.. :)

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: Do any contain green tea? -Cindy

A: Hi Cindy, the Keto Kalm Teas contain L-Theanine which is the relaxing (but not sedating) amino acid found in green teas and other varieties of teas. I do have both the chocolate and caramel apple flavors available for sampling, but I'll have to make an option on my drop downs.... let me do that and I'll get back to you. They are also now for sale on the Pruvit website now in both flavors as stand alone items and not just with the reboot kit (yay!). The teas are a powder (not a tea bag) and the chocolate one is more like a hot chocolate rather than a "tea." Thanks! Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: Do you have any strawberry left? Also do you have info about how to lose weight with it -Pam

A: Hi Pam, I'm out of strawberry right now. I just got the new Blueberry Acai in however. I'll be adding it to the blog soon. For fat loss, drink ketones and your diet will change... it's best to eat low carb or keto for weight loss. Thanks! Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: I am ready to place a order for the reboot. I would like to receive it before I leave on a trip. How quickly will I receive it? I am in North Pole, AK. THank you. -Marcia

A: Hi Marcia, I'm so sorry but I sold the last extra Keto Reboot kit this morning and just saw your message. The next reboot kits will be going up for sale Aug 1- 5th on my Pruvit website so you can grab one then. In the meantime, if you'd like any other samples to get going on some results, I always ship within 24 hours. I'd have to put in your address to quote you on a time, but if that's a U.S. territory it'll probably be 3 day shipping. I'm sorry you missed out on my extras :( They do offer the Keto Kalm teas in both flavors as a stand alone product now on the website as well. Let me know how I can help! If you wanted to try the teas in one of the samples packages, I could do that for you. Thanks! Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: Hello, do you ship to Puerto Rico? -Yarilis

A: Yes, can you send me your address to [email protected] and I can quote you a price on what it would cost to mail a ten day experience? I think it's about the same since PR is a U.S. territory but I'd rather double check, thanks! Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: I ordered the 10 day keto Nat trial yesterday. I received a receipt from PayPal but no additional information. Hopefully you received my order, when will I receive shipment information? -Sharon

A: Hi Sharon! Yes ma'am I got your order (thank you!) and just printed the shipping label, so you should have received a shipping notice from PayPal. Also, you should have received an email from me with instructions, but since you've ordered from me before, you wouldn't have gotten those again. But I will resend just in case. Thank you! Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: Once you reach your desired weight loss, do you continue to drink this and if you don’t continue to drink it, will you gain the weight back? -Linda

A: Hi Linda, I continue to drink it because it keeps my appetite in check, and I have great energy. I find that when I don't drink, my hunger comes back so it's harder to keep my calories in check, so yes, if you eat in a calorie surplus after losing any weight, you can always gain the weight back. But just stopping the drink alone does not cause weight to come back. Thanks! Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: How do I start -Destiny

A: Hi Destiny, start by drinking one everyday, at any time you need the energy or help with appetite. Most people like to drink it on an empty stomach in the morning, and you can do some intermittent fasting. I love drinking mine around 2 everyday before I go workout! It gives me a huge boost and helps me to not eat too much at dinner and helps with cravings. Sometimes I'll drink one in the morning and another one in the early afternoon. I use the Pruvit MCT//143 in my coffee in the mornings so that gives me energy as well. Please reach out if you need more help or have questions. If you got samples from me, you should have received an email with instructions and resources. xo Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: Hi Rachel! I am looking into purchasing either a 10 pack sample set from you or the 10 day challenge, however I am new to this and not sure which is the best route to go. I tried the keto diet once before and it did not work for me. I try to be gluten and dairy free as much as possible but like to stick to a low carb diet all in all (with occasional cheat meals). Do you think the Ketotones will help me achieve Ketosis? Would you suggest doing one packet a day or two packets a day? Thanks! -Nichole

A: Hi Nichole, yes absolutely ketones will help! They force your body into ketosis since it raises your blood ketone levels within 30 minutes. You don't have to follow a strict keto diet for results. Just let the ketones do their magic and it'll help encourage fat loss, give you energy and help with cravings and appetite. All those things can lead to fat loss/weight loss. The 10 day challenge box is a better deal since it's a box of 20 for $99 for new customers. It's a mix of all the standard flavors in both charged and decaf so if you wanted to give 2/day a try you can use the decaf for your second serving. It's a bigger commitment than the samples but you'll also see better results. But you can always start with the samples if you feel more comfortable and want to try a few extra flavors. Just pick one and give it a try, you can't go wrong either way! :) xo Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: I want to try nat keto cream -Nancy

A: Hi Nancy, sorry I didn't see this sooner. I will have Keto Kreme samples available next week - along with the pumpkin spice kreme! check back on my blog. xo Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: I can't seem to find flavor descriptions anywhere on the Pruvit website... Is there anywhere that describes each flavor? Also what the different types are? Ie Os, Max, Nat? -Heather

A: Hi Heather,

Read my Pruvit review, I go over most of the flavors and what they taste like! :) Also here's my blog on Keto NAT which is the new fermented ketones. It's a Max upgrade so all the Max flavors will eventually come in the NAT version. OS is just the Orange Dream and the Chocolate Swirl - the two original flavors. Email me directly if you'd like to chat more or have questions, [email protected]. Thanks! Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: Is the reboot kit you sell on your samples page a complete kit? -Linda

A: Hi Linda, yes they're all fresh kits from March. :)

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: So I'm 52 and had have my thyroid out. I use to weight around 145 at 5 foot 7. Now up to 180. Have not gone thru menopause but feel its creeping in and that may be some on rhe weight gain. I exercise about 3 times week 30 to 40 mins. How many drinks do you take per day and will this help with losing a few pounds? Thankyou! -lemira

A: Hi Lemira, thanks for your message! Well I am 48 and 5'6" and ketones have helped to initially lose about 15 lbs and my weight stays stable around 135. I pretty much hit full menopause this year, AND to boot I have thyroid cysts on both sides, however my thyroid hormones are normal.... kinda scary though.

The first surgeon (an ENT) wanted to operate but my endocrinologist said they are benign so not to worry and just monitor, despite them being rather large! I'm sorry you had to go through the surgery of removal...

The ketones help me so much with appetite and cravings and gives me sustained energy to workout, and boosts my mood (which has most definitely been up and down over the past few years being premenopausal). I highly recommend giving them a try to see how they make you feel, it could be night and day difference in quality of life and outlook for you.

You can either start with a ten day sample pack if you'd like to try a variety of flavors (you would order those from this blog post), and then once you decide on one or two, you would then order full boxes of 20 from my Pruvit website.

We also have the 10 Day Drink Ketones Challenge box which is a full box of 20 and it's only $99 for first time customers, it is a mix of flavors and a mix of both the charged and decaf. Please let me know if you'd like to chat more or if you have any questions. Good luck! xo Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: Bonjour, est ce que vous vendez des mélanges nutritionnel vi shape qui provenait de visalus? Merci -Josée

A: I'm sorry, no. Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: I need only decaf and can only afford once a day. what are my options? -carolyn

A: Hi Carolyn, just buy a box of (20) Keto NAT decaf in a flavor you like, the Keto Pro is also a decaf product (those are shake mixes). You can shop my Pruvit site here. I always did great on one a day. xo Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: I have a dear friend who is taking Hcg injections for weight loss. Her question to me was can I drink these along with my Hcg injection? -Shelya

A: Shelya, ketones are a fuel source and they'll help a lot with appetite suppression. I know that HCG diet is extremely low in calories. Ketones may help her feel better, but if she's under Dr's care for this diet, she should check with them first. Thanks! Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: Hey Rachel, I am looking to lose about 20 -25 lbs...What would you recommend that I start with? -Autumn

A: Hi Autumn! I'd go for the 10 Day Drink Ketones Challenge Box, it's a box of 20 in a variety of mainstay flavors and a mix of both charged and decaf. It's discounted to $99 for new customers. Start by drinking one per day until you get used to it, then you can add the decaf second serving later in the day. We have a Facebook group that'll give you lots of help. I would send you that info by email once you've made your purchase and I make contact with you. You could start with a ten day of my samples if you want to start with something smaller (or if you want to try some of the other products like the Keto Pro shake).  My ten day experience is $70 so the challenge box is really a great deal and will give you double. xo Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: Hello, do you ship to the Netherlands? -Rita

A: Hi Rita, Pruvit currently ships to the UK, but not the Netherlands. So I generally would not ship samples there either since you wouldn't be able to keep going.... I could arrange some samples for you, but I'd have to check the shipping cost. If you want me to look into it, please email me and shoot me your address and I can give you a quote. Thanks! Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: Hi Rachel, I am in Australia and have tried swiss cocao Pruvit which I loved. Are you able to order that for me as I don't really want the samples. -Karen Davis

A: Hi Karen, Pruvit ships to Australia :) Here's the link to order Swiss Cacao. It's one of my favorites too, I actually really like mixing it with my chocolate whey protein. xo Rachel

Was this question helpful to you?

Q: I ordered some samples online and I didn’t get a email to confirm but the money was taken out. Just wanted to check if this will be processed? Thanks -Veronica

A: Hi Veronica, yes, got your order Saturday night and your ketones were mailed today :). I did send an email through PayPal when I shipped and printed the label today, and also a welcome email with full directions for your best Keto experience. You may want to check your spam folder if you're not seeing it in your inbox, both went to your yahoo email which is what's attached to your PayPal. Email me directly at [email protected] if you don't find your welcome email and I can respond with a copy. Thanks so much! ~Rachel

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Q: Do you have to change your nutrition to be keto for this to work? -Tracy

A: Hi Tracy, no you don't have to follow any specific diet. Ketones will help curb your appetite so it's much easier to eat in a caloric deficit, and that's the only key to weight loss... Hope you'll give it a try! Check out the 10 day challenge pack that's available. It's a great deal for a box of 20 in a variety of flavors plus 10 free Mitoplex electrolytes. Thanks!  Rachel

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Q: I been doing low carb for two weeks now and lost 10 pounds. But I’m not taking anything to help my weight loss. I see everyone is talking about this product and would like to know why should I take it and with which I should start? -Carmiña Sampson

A: Hi Carmina, congrats on your weight loss success! I feel the ketones would be the key to you staying compliant with low carb over the long term. It also will increase your mental focus and energy, and give you a spring in your step like nothing else. For me, the mood boost alone is well worth it! It will also decrease your appetite and curb cravings if that is an issue for you. If you'd like to give it a try with samples before jumping in with a full box, grab a 5 or 10 day experience from my Keto Samples blog so you can see for yourself how it helps you. Thanks for your message! xo Rachel

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Q: Rachel, do you have any Purple Reign, or keto kalm tea available? -Annette

A: Yes! I'm going to email you directly, I have some Purple Reign and three tea flavors. Rachel

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Q: Are all flavours available in Canada? Do any of the flavours have a banana or kiwi flavouring to them, as I have a severe allergy to these. -Tammy

A: Hi Tammy, yes everything is available in Canada :) Use my Pruvit Canada link to look around.  No banana or kiwi anything and no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. Thanks! Rachel

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Q: Do you have any specials or samples of the black label ketones? I have never tried this product and am skeptical about it. -April

A: Hi April, I have a couple of the Blue Ocean Black Label, but I don't have more than that in stock right now... contact me if you'd like to arrange a Keto trial that would include one. Thanks! Rachel

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Q: Hi, do you have any of the purple reign left? -Trista

A: Hi Trista,  I'm away from home right now but when I get back to Florida Friday I'll take inventory...I may have a couple random Purple Reigns back home I'm forgetting about so I'll let you know. You really have to be a grape lover to love Purple Reign, it tastes just like grape Kool-aid. It's not my fave...I LOVE the Key Limeade the best, hands down my favorite flavor, have you tried that one? I also really love Raspberry Lemonade.  I'll follow up with you if I find some! Thanks~Rachel

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Q: Would like to know more about ur rainbow one -Sherry

A: Hi Sherry, my ten day rainbow sample pack are all Keto NAT charged in all the mainstay flavors - which are some of the best! Berry Blue and Strawberry Peach are two of my favorites and I always include those. It's best just to order the 10 day so you can taste the most flavors and decide about continuing. xo Rachel

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Q: Will flavors like Strawberry Peach and Blueberry Acai be added to the regular flavor lineup in the near future? If not, any other flavor combos on the horizon? Thanks for your time! -Chad

A: Hi Chad! Both the Strawberry Peach and Blueberry Acai are now mainstay flavors meaning you can get them anytime or add to Smartship! There is actually a 22% off sale through midnight tonight - including those two new flavors. Great time to snag some!! You can use my link here if you'd like. Strawberry Peach is my all time favorite! I've been drinking it every day. Thanks! Rachel

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Q: Do you accept Master Card? -Cheri

A: Hi Cheri, you can check out with any credit card you want via the Paypal checkout link on my samples blog.

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Q: My wife and I are looking at doing the reboot. My wife is very picky, but is willing to push through it. She doesn't like chocolate though. Is there enough in 2 kits for me to change hers for mine? What would you suggest for your trial packs, I would like to start drinking them. We have finally gotten fed up with being 50 lbs or more over weight. Please make some suggestions and we will look it over. Thank you and we look forward to picking your brain about all of this -Justin

A: Hi Justin, I believe they have updated the Reboot kits to contain 2 Keto Kalm Chai and 1 Chocolate. Most people found the Caramel Apple way too sweet so they've phased that flavor out of the kit. I'm waiting on my new shipment so I haven't been able to check yet. Since it's both of you wanting to start, I would get 2 of the Max 10 day experiences, I think most people like the Max flavors best. I still have some fans of the Orange Dream OS which is the only flavor with the MCT in it, but most go for Max.

If you want to try the orange maybe do the Max 10 day and also the 10 day Rainbow. I personally recommend the charged unless you're sensitive to caffeine or can't have it - it's not a crazy amount and the caffeine really helps with energy and appetite suppression as well. It's a great step towards better health - ketones make a lower carb lifestyle much easier. You don't have to follow a strict keto diet, just eat healthy and lower carb, cut out sugar and bad carbs and the drinks make it easier. Let me know if you have more questions, you can email me directly at [email protected]. Thanks! Rachel

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Q: How many drinks should I drink a day? I work 12hr shifts so I was thinking about doing 1 Pro with 2 NAT a day or is that too much? -Chira

A: Hi Chira, technically you could do that, sure. I would maybe try a charged NAT at the start of your day, and then if you're doing intermittent fasting, you could break your fast with a Keto Pro and keep going (that'll really fill you up, and the MCT and ketones still give you energy even though it's decaf). Then eat a meal once you're hungry. Then if you still need a boost later, you could do a decaf. Or reverse that and drink the decaf NAT in the afternoon, then the Pro later for a snack. I love the Pro!! I usually do a charged NAT daily and the Pro either before my workout for a boost, or as a post recovery drink. I'd experiment and see how you feel best. But you could do 3 with no issues. Good luck! xo Rachel

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Q: How can I purchase? -Giselle

A: Hi Giselle, if you want the samples, just choose which package you want (they are on this blog), and then click the "Buy Now" PayPal button - that should open PayPal and you can check out that way with whatever credit card or debit card you want, even if you don't have a PayPal account. Please email me here if you have any trouble. Thank you! xo Rachel

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Q: Do you ship to the UK?! -Rita

A: Hi Rita, I can ship samples to the UK, please send me a private email to [email protected] with your address and phone number, I'll have to enter it to see what the shipping comes to. However, Pruvit does not ship from their website yet to the UK, so I'm afraid that if you loved it, you wouldn't be able to get more right now. The only way around that would be to set up a U.S. shipping service. Hopefully we'll be in that market soon though! Thank you, Rachel

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Q: How do you sign up for pruvit smartphone discount? Whats the monthly cost? -Celeste Schiermann

A: Hi Celeste, I'm so sorry I didn't see this until now!!  To sign up for Smartship, you would just choose Smartship vs One Time Only from the drop down menu when you go to order. Or, if you've already ordered and you're an existing customer, you would just login and go to your Home page and scroll down to Smartship (and "set up" or "add"). You can visit my Pruvit website if you'd like to join. It's best to do a one time order first (so you have some being shipped right away), and then go back in and set up the Smartship since that won't ship or bill for 30 days at the 22% off. Then they'll send it monthly unless you cancel. Thanks! Rachel

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Q: Do y'all have samples of the keto caffeine free drink mix -Linda Lou

A: Hi Linda, yes I have a 5 day sample pack called "Decaf Party" - you should see this right here on my Keto Samples blog. Just add it using the drop down on the Paypal Cart :) You can get 2 of these if you'd like a 10 day experience. Thanks! Rachel

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Q: Can I get a free sample? I’d like to dive in head first but it’s just too expensive without knowing how this will effect me. I need as much caffeine free as possible. I’m interested in the chai and sweet cream as well. Thank you. -Bobbi

A: Hi Bobbi, you can buy a small sample 5 day experience and I can include the Chai and Sweet Cream as two of those and make a special package for you, all DECAF. If you decide to check out, just be sure and add a note on the PayPal, or send me an email for your preferences to [email protected]. I do these small packages as a break even just to cover my costs so people can try before committing to a full box of one flavor that you're unsure whether you'll like. Thanks! Rachel

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Q: Hi Im in emergency need for a 60 day reboot kit. I tried to order the 1st of Oct. But i had ordered from another recruiter in Orlando. I cant even remember her name and because i didnt have her recriter # pruvit would not let me order. Im waiting on a hip replacement until i loise about 6 more lbs. I know the reboot will do it. I need the kit like no tomorrow but cant seem to get through pruvit to get it. Please let me know if you have a 60 day kit ir if you know anybody else that i can get one from. Please please i need your help. -Brenda

A: Hi Brenda, I'm sorry but I'm out of extra Keto Reboot kits. They won't be on sale again until Nov. 1st. You may be able to find one online but I see a lot of price gauging going on..... You could do your own fast just using the ketones, this is what we used to do before the Keto Reboot kit came out. You would just want to drink 3-4 packs per day and drink a lot of water. You can purchase a ten day experience from me if you'd like to give that a try. Or, I do have some single Better Broths and some leftover Signal-OS pills if you'd like me to "create" a Reboot kit for you. I will send you an email with a picture to see if you want it. Thanks! Rachel

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Q: I am interested in learning more about Pruvit before ordering. I follow a dirty keto diet and have hit a plateau on weight loss. Would I need one or two drinks a day. Does it matter which ones(Max, OS, Kreme)? Thanks for your time! -Jessica

A: Hi Jessica, thanks for your message. Did you read my full Pruvit review of the products? Give that a read when you get a chance. You may think about doing the Keto Reboot to kick yourself off your plateau and then continuing with daily ketones (those will be on sale Aug. 1 - 5th). That combo is FIRE! Or if you're not up for a 60 hour fast, then drinking the ketones 1-2 x a day is optimal.  Some people like to do the Keto Kreme in the morning and a Keto Max in the afternoon, or the Kreme then up to 2 Keto OS or Keto Max. The Kreme doesn't contain exogenous ketones, it's just a bulletproof coffee mix which will give you a boost in fats and energy (it has MCT, coconut oil and 4 different types of collagen, great for hair, skin and nails). Bottom line, at the very least, start drinking at least one Keto Max per day and see how it helps with energy, focus and fat loss. Good luck and let me know if you have more questions. You can email me directly at [email protected]. Thanks! Rachel

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Q: Hi Rachel Im looking to get a 10 pack of different flavors i really wnjoy some and others not so much do you have any of the celebration the black packs? And can I mix up the 10 pack? -Danielle

A: Hi Danielle, yes please send me an email with what you'd like. I think I already sent you all the Celebration I had left :) xo Rachel

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Q: Hello! I am just researching these products. I am interested in possibly trying the Rainbow experience, however there are 2-3 flavors I know I will just not like. Is it possible to trade them out? I am not sure if you build these bundles yourself or if they are pre-packaged? Thanks! -Deanna

A: Hi Deanna, thanks for your message. I can make a special package up for you, I make them myself. I'll send you an email ;) Thanks! Rachel

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Q: What type of creamer can you mix in the Keto Kreme and about how much do you pay per day for one drink? Thanks -Millie

A: Hi Millie, you wouldn't need to add any additional creamer into the Keto Kreme mix. It mixes with coffee perfectly. But if you wanted a little more creamer, just use half n half or whatever you like.  A box of Keto Kreme is $82 at full price, but most of my customers do the Smartship monthly where you save 22% on whatever you buy, so $64 at the Smartship price :)

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Q: I want to order your sample pkg@$40--can I use cr. card instead of paypal--not clear on how to place order-- -ELAINE

A: Hi Elaine, add the 5 day Max Bomb to the PayPal cart and it will open up PayPal in a new window. You can attach any credit card to PayPal but you'll need to create an account. I also have Venmo and Apple Pay if you have one of those already. Send me an email [email protected] and we can figure it out. But I have no other way of accepting a credit card other than those methods. Thanks! Rachel

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Q: Hi Rachel. I’m looking to purchase 1of the orange dream pro containers for $75 from you but wanted to know if there is caffeine in that product or energy boost of any kind? Thanks, Angela -Angela

A: Hi Angela, the Keto Pro is caffeine free. It contains ketones plus MCT, and protein. It does give you an energy boost still even without caffeine but not as much as the Keto NAT charged products. Just depends on you. Ketones themselves plus MCT give your brain an energy boost. I actually just sold the Orange Dream tub yesterday off my website. Sorry you missed that, I'm just seeing your message. There is a 33% off storewide sale going on for Black Friday still, you can check the sale here.  

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Q: Do you ever send out samples of a new flavour so we could try I don’t mean two or more just one? -Elaine

A: Hi Elaine, I usually offer 3 packs for $25 of the new flavors. Right now I'm traveling for Christmas so I'm limiting my packages to the 5 and the 10 day which is what I have with me. I usually have a much larger variety. If you're a customer of mine I sometimes send just one. Email me at [email protected] if you'd like to chat more and I can work something out with you :) Let me know which flavor you're looking to try. Thanks, Rachel

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Q: For my first time trying ketones Do I need to start with the Keto OS or can I start with the Keto Max. -Jane

A: Hi Jane, either one! Keto OS is just their original two flavors (Keto OS Orange Dream and Keto OS Chocolate Swirl). Honestly, most people go for the Max lately, because there are so many good flavors! :) But Orange Dream is a good one to have in the mix. Let me know if you'd like any samples. Thanks! Rachel

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Q: Hi I’m interested in a challenge pack please -Arifa

A: Arifa, hello! You can purchase the 10 Day Drink Ketones Challenge box here. It's an amazing deal for new customers ($99) for a full box of 20 in a variety of flavors and both charged and decaf so you'll have some to drink any time of the day. xo Rachel

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Q: I’m 69 and have trouble losing weight. I saw your Mom’s results, impressive. What do yo suggest that I try? -Cheryl

A: Hi Cheryl, I saw you ordered the 10 day Rainbow which is my most popular selection, you're sure to find several flavors you love! Then it's more cost effective to order a full box or two so you have an ample supply to keep going. Mailing today! xo Rachel

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Q: If I order a 10 day sample does that include the keto creme too or is that separate and how can I get samples of that too ? Thanks -Raquel

A: Hi Raquel! Thanks for your message. Go back and look at the packages I have now.... I added back the 5 day pack of Kreme. I had been traveling for Thanksgiving and had scaled down what I had available for about a week since I couldn't take it all with me :) But I have all my regular items back now. If you just want one Kreme in place of any flavor (like if you don't want a whole 5 pack), I can include a Kreme for you in either the 5 day or the 10 day of ketones - whatever you'd like! Just make your order and then email me with your preference. Thank you so much! ~Rachel

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Q: Am I able to get a 3 or 5 day trial of just the dark cherry? I saw the seasonal ones but I've tried poppin pear apple and fig roll up. I was unable to purchase the dark cherry when it first came out so I didnt know if that was possible?? Thank you!! -Alyssa

A: Hi Alyssa, sure I can do a 3 pack of the cherry, I'll send you an email now. Thanks! Rachel

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Q: Do you have any blue ocean and unleashed midnight? -Belinda Petersen

A: Hi Belinda, yes I have a four pack available (2 of each). I have your AC-11 samples ready to go, did you want to add that? Thanks Rachel

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Q: I have been reading up on Keto diet and looking for food ideas. Came across this concept of Ketones and I am wondering how hard is it to do both? Also, I don’t like after taste and I am not one that likes to drink teas, but I do like coffee, any recommendations? I enjoy lemonades and tropical punch. -Marilyn

A: Hi Marilyn, if you like coffee then you may love the Keto Kreme, it's a fat coffee mix with MCT, coconut oil and four types of collagen and it's sweetened with stevia. So if you don't like your coffee sweet, the plain MCT//143 is delicious, this is what I use in my coffee everyday. Great for intermittent fasting. Also you'd love the Keto NAT Maui Punch, it tastes just like Hawaiian Punch :) Maybe get started on a Max/NAT 10 day experience trial and you can add the Kreme on the custom drop down menu. If you'd like a special mix of flavors, just let me know what you'd prefer. Thanks! Rachel

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Q: I live here in San Diego. My friend told me about Ketones. I’m very interested. I’m thinking about trying the 6 day Nat samples. Although I need your guidance:) I’ve been reading your blog. You suggested one in the morning and one in the afternoon? If you could give me some more information I would greatly appreciate it. I’ve reviewed some other sites but I really enjoyed your blog. -Christine

A: Hi Christine, thanks so much for your message! Some people do well on one a day, others enjoy having two servings a day. One is therapeutic and two is optimal, but it really just depends on various other things like your diet, exercise, and how you feel on one vs two. It's something I recommend experimenting with to see if it varies your results and is worthwhile to drink two a day. During your trial, just stick to one a day to try the flavors. Most days I use the MCT in my coffee and usually just drink one Keto NAT per day. Other days, I skip the MCT and drink two servings of the Keto NAT. It just depends what I'm doing... :) If you can swing a 10 day experience I do recommend that. It'll give you a chance to sample more flavors and get a whole 10 days on ketones - you'll really get a feel for it! 6 days is great too if that's where you're comfortable starting. Let me know if you have more questions, otherwise order when you can - I mail every day! Sometimes same day. Thanks! Rachel

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Q: i am wanting to start drinking these. i want to ge the 5 day sample pack for $40 but i was wondering if you could put a chocolate pack in there too. i will pay extra i would just like to try the chocolate one -katelyn

A: Hi Katelyn, sure I can customize a package for you. I don't see your whole email entered so I'm not sure you're going to see this reply. Please email me directly [email protected] so we can chat. Thanks! Rachel

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Q: Hi! Do you have any boxes of Life’s a a peach?! -Bree

A: Hi Bree, I'm sorry I don't. I only have a few single packs of Life's a Peach left. This is my favorite summer flavor! I'm sure they'll bring it back. I do have some of the other new ones: Colada Bliss, Dark Cherry, Poppin' Pear Apple and Harvest Sunrise, if you're interested. Thanks! Rachel

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Q: To order from you for specials or trials do we have to be linked up with you from pruvit? I have someone else as a promoter. Thanks. -Kelicia

A: Hi Kelicia, you're more than welcome to order from me even if you're under another promoter.  I would normally follow up with you after purchasing samples, so you can just remind of this if you don't wish to receive my emails.  Happy New Year! xo Rachel

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Q: I have purchased a reboot since July! I have made every excuse here we sit 8 months later.. I have gained 15 pounds.. I am ready but I lost contact with my rep.. Should I just go for it and start it.. I have being eating really bad the last month. I am in fear what to do? -sweet

A: Hi Sweet! Check your email, I just sent over that Lean and Green protocol I was telling you about. Do your reboot, then go straight into the 60 hour Lean and Green! You will have great results and be well on your way back to baseline!! Reboot is all mental, challenge yourself and you're going to blaze right through it. For change to occur, we need to make ourselves a little uncomfortable - you GOT THIS! xo Rachel

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Q: For how long need drink this product for results -Evelyn Chavez

A: Most people feel the energy the first serving and it will suppress your appetite right away. Not long! :) Try it and you'll likely be hooked on the feeling then you'll see results quickly, but everyone is different. It depends on your diet as well... I hope you'll give it a try. xo Rachel

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Q: What is keto max? -Heather

A: Hi Heather, Keto Max is the 2nd version that Pruvit came out with for their ketones, now everything is the new formula: Keto NAT. :)

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Q: Hi, I was wondering if you delivered to Ireland? I would love to try these products. -Martina

A: Hi Martina, I'm happy to ship it would just be extra for the shipping, I'd need you to give me your address so I can give you a quote. I will email you! Thanks, Rachel

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Q: It is s a meal replacement or it's use as a christal light? -Johanna

A: Hi Johanna, it's not a meal replacement but it can be used as one for intermittent fasting since it's a fuel source. It is a light refreshing drink that contains exogenous ketones and puts you into ketosis in under an hour. Crystal light definitely can't do that, but yes similar in taste :) Thanks! Rachel

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Q: Y is it so expensive for just a couple days use -Michelle

A: Hi Michelle, a 5 day is experience to try all the flavors is $30 so it's more than a couple days. If you buy a box it's cheaper per serving, and it's 22% off right now, until midnight (Dec. 20). Exogenous ketones are a new product to the market that just came out a couple of years ago, I don't think it's expensive for all the health benefits it provides on one serving a day. :) Lots of people spend $5 a day at Starbucks... I think it's worth every penny. It's not cheap, but there are ways to get it free. Thank you, Rachel

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  • Beverly Turner

    I ordered your samples. I was wondering can you only order your samples once or can I keep ordering through you?

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Beverly, you’re welcome to order some additional samples. Once you pin down a couple favorites, then you can order full boxes from my Pruvit website. 🙂

    • Kimberly Warman

      Hi, was there any way to get a sample? To try it before I buy? I’m 43 years old and I can’t seem to lose weight. The utterly hopeless feeling stepping on the scale.

      • Rachel Vrabel
        Rachel Vrabel

        Hi Kimberly, I’m sorry this message was hiding from me. Yes I do sell 5 and 10 pack samples – I’m assuming you saw that page since this is where you left the comment? Let me know if I can get a package out to you. Thanks! xo Rachel

  • Riya

    I have heard so many mixed things about Keto. Your blog post actually looks so convincing and to the point and even you look absolutely stunning!

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Brittany, my 10 Day Rainbow pack is 10 sachets to sample the flavors. The “10 Day Drink Ketones Challenge Box” is a variety box of 20 sachets in a variety of flavors in a mix of charged and decaf. The $99 box is now $130…. it was on sale last week for $99 but it’s not included in today’s sale. Today all of the seasonal flavors and Keto Kreme is 29% off for Leap Year! 🙂 If you want to order a full box on the sale, visit my Pruvit website, you can’t beat it! ~Rachel

  • Danielle

    Amazing customer service! Not only quick response but quick shipping. I am please with the entire experience, this is the 2nd time I’ve ordered here and will be back.
    Thank you again!!

  • Shana McKnight

    I have purchased from you before with the plan to get my 22% off per month with your smart ship option. Please get back to me so we can start.

  • J Armando Garcia

    First of all, I hope you take male questions. Lol. Your page was the first that came up when I was looking up questions about the reboot. So I’ve purchased some product already on Pruvit online before a long time ago and now getting back into it and trying the reboot tonight, what are your thoughts on the other Keto products out there? A friend of mine is doing Perfect Keto cause he found it a bit less expensive. I don’t always find less expensive better. Lots of great information from both companies on the websites! A bit confusing and overwhelming. Any guidance and knowledge you can provide would be greatly appreciated Rachel

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hey J! I love hearing from guys, I have a lot of male customers too. I’ve driven myself crazy in this business for the past 3 years because I’m also a researcher…I want the best and I had to prove that to myself so I can honestly tell people this:

      Pruvit has the strongest BHB blends on the market, and the Max salts are the only salts on the market bioidentical to the ketone bodies your liver makes. Max salts are 40% stronger than the original Keto OS. Racemic salts (like the Orange Dream) contain both the D+L isomers – this was Dr. Dominic D’Agostino’s patent and it’s what everyone tries to copy.

      The Max salts are non-racemic bearing only the D isomer. The Orange Dream w/MCT is AWESOME, don’t get me wrong…and some thought leaders (including Dr. Dom) believe racemic salts can “linger” in your body longer, giving you a slower burn and an edge on appetite suppression. However the Max salts are more bioavailable, you get that quicker uptake and a faster spike.

      No one else can touch the Max salts because no one else sells non-racemic BHB salts. Now enter Keto NAT…the world’s first all natural, fermented ketones. They are even more bioavailable and stronger. Bottom line, Pruvit is the Cadillac of ketones (even though that’s a cheesy expression) and always will be due to intellectual property rights.

      The other thing you have to worry about with all the other brands for sale is you don’t know where they are sourcing their BHB (some comes from China), the quality in most is just not there. I guarantee you if you try the Perfect Keto, then try a Pruvit Max, you will FEEL the difference and if you test your blood with a Keto Mojo or other ketone testing kit, your ketone levels will be higher.

      Also, Pruvit makes THE best flavors, hands down! 😉 Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you’d like to chat more. I hope this all makes sense! Thanks! Rachel

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