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Immuderm Review – Does it Work?

Would you like it if your skin looked younger and acted younger?  According to Immunocorp, the manufacturers of Immuderm, that is what will happen when you use their product on a daily basis.  They claim that not only will your skin regain its dewy glow and fine lines and wrinkles will fade, it will also regain its resiliency and its youthful ability to defend itself from environmental assaults such as sun, smoke, and airborne pollutants.  They say it will ease the signs of stress and aging that appear on your face and your skin will become radiant.  Does Immuderm really have the power to deliver on its promises?

Immuderm – Its Ingredients and How it WorksImmuderm

The only official website to be found for Immuderm is a small site by the parent company where it promises to “give your skin the power to mend and defend”.  The website actually provides very little information.  It’s main purpose is to make pretty promises and to allow you to order the product for $89.95.  There is a page that lists all the ingredients, but there is no explanation at to why those ingredients would be  beneficial to your skin. There are a few ingredients that are natural elements, such as tea tree and sunflower oil, that are good moisturizers, but nothing shines through as a proven anti aging product. There was also no money back guarantee or free trials offered at the website.

More information was found at retailers’ websites and in other reviews.  According to those sites, the old Immuderm website explained more about the beta glucan that is one of the primary ingredients in the cream.  Beta glucan is an extract from baker’s yeast, but no one seemed to know why it would help improve skin.

All the reviewers were put off by the lack of information, clinical proof, or even customer testimonials to back up the claims made for Immuderm. However, at one retailer’s site, I did find  some impressive customer reviews.

Where to Buy Immuderm

Immuderm is available from the Immunocorps website for $89.95 for 6 ounces.  It is offered at other websites as well, however, so if you choose to try Immuderm, do some comparison shopping first.  I found the cream available at for $52.95 for 6 ounces.

Immuderm Pros

  • Available at several online retailers
  • Can be used daily
  • Some happy customer reviews
  • Full ingredients list provided

Immuderm Cons

  • Uninformative website
  • Expensive
  • No guarantee
  • No clinical trials or explanation of ingredients

Our Conclusions

We like the fact that there were some independent consumer reviews from users that were satisfied with the results they experienced after using Immuderm.  The lack of information provided by the website and the apparent lack of any guarantees, however, are a complete turn off to me.  I felt it gives the impression the Immuderm manufacturer just doesn’t care enough about its customers to put more effort into their website.  As a result, I just don’t care to recommend this product.

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  • KLPayne

    The comment I made about the Immunocorp products are the first written comments I have ever made about these products. It was the Immuderm product my sister requested for Christmas. I mistakenly wrote Immutol. Yesterday (Dec. 27), she requested the Immutol. Also, if you order directly from Immunocorp and in multiples, they ship for free and typically you receive in 3 days. They ship from California. I live in Tennessee.

  • KLPayne

    I have been a user of both the Immuderm and Immutol products provided by Immunocorp for almost two years. I will continue using both products until the day I die. I have several medical conditions including Poluneuropathy, arthritis in every joint and in the spine, psoriatic arthritis (which includes a horrible skin condition covering more than half my face and part of my scalp and arthritis in my hands), and an uncontrollable bladder. I began using both natural products in 2013. Beta glucans are sugars that are found in the cell walls of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, algae, lichens, and plants, such as oats and barley. They are sometimes used as medicine. The last two statements are taken directly from The particular Beta glucan (Norwegian Beta-1,3/1,6-Glucan (NBG) used by Immunocorp is a polysaccharide (a type of sugar) that is found in the cell wall of baker’s yeast. In short, it feeds the human immune system. In the case of Immuderm, it feeds the immune system in our skin. Immutol is an oral product that feeds our body’s immune system. I am 56. Prior to musing Immuderm, I had horrible raised, inflamed, red lesions with white scales on my face and in my scalp. The skin on my hands was very dry and the skin on the side of my hands would split. No product (both prescription or over the counter) ever recommended by 2 Dermatologists improved any area of my skin. My current Dermatologist is extremely good and he had very little success in improving my skin conditions. I began using Immuderm after seeing the benefits Immutol had on my body. They were dramatic. After I began using Immuderm twice a day, my skin became almost immediately noticeably better. Within weeks, my skin and nails were no longer dry or splitting, the age spots on my hands disappeared altogether, and the lesions on my face and scalp began disappearing. After a few months, as long as I continued using the Immuderm daily, all signs of my facial problems are gone. In Dec. of 2013, I stopped using Immuderm so that the skin condition that is part of the psoriatic arthritis disease could officially be diagnosed. After 3 days, my skin had every symptom that it had prior to my ever starting Immuderm. After that appointment with the Dermatologist at Vanderbilt, I immediately began using Immuderm again with the same dramatic results. In fact, several people have mistaken my age and believed me to be as much as 20 years younger. A few weeks ago, while checking into a medical appointment, a woman said I looked like I was in my 30s. Last week, two women thought I was in my early 40s. (Both statements are true.) Several family friends and members have used Immutol with similar benefits. My sister requested Immutol as part of my Christmas present to her this year. I received other health improvements with the Immutol product. Yes, the products can be expensive. I have only purchased these products directly from Immunocorp and I use heavier dosages. But when purchasing in multiples directly from the official Immunocorp distributor who is located in California, Immunocorp gives significant discounts (as much as 50%) and with enough multiples they give free products. The 6 oz. tube of Immudermn is quite large and one lasts me at least a month. I use it on my feet, legs, knees, face, neck, chest, and hands. The moisturizer is quite thick and spreads evenly and thinly. I always caution everyone to not throw the tube away whenever they think the tube is empty. It you let it stand upright, you can get several more usages out of it. I know I sound like an advertisement. Every statement I have made is my experience with the Immunocorp products and absolutely true. These products are hands down the best natural products I have ever tried for my medical conditions.

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