H2O+ Night Oasis Overnight Eye Complex Review
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H2O+ Night Oasis Overnight Eye Complex Review

H2O+ Night Oasis Overnight Eye Complex Overview

H20+ is a skin care company with a smallish but devoted following.  The name gives you an idea or what the focus of the company is.  They tout the belief that the sea holds all sorts of regenerative and healing powers that we can harness and use to keep us looking youthful.

H2O+ Night Oasis Overnight Eye Complex comes in a cute little cool blue jar.  I’d call it more of a “gel-cream” than a straight-up cream.  It’s oil-free, yet it’s very hydrated.  The official product marketing makes these claims:

This treatment works synergistically with skin’s own composition to speed repair and renewal functions.
Its moisture-rich marine botanicals deeply hydrate for smooth and radiant skin.
Minerals from the sea work to ensure that nutrients are quickly absorbed at the cellular level where they are needed.

H2O+ Night Oasis Overnight Eye Complex Review H2O+ Night Oasis Overnight Eye Complex Ingredients and How They Work

To that end, the ingredient list includes key components:

  • Sea-Sourced Peptides from marine algae to create a stronger connective matrix which will help smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Phospholipids which deliver other active ingredients to the layers of skin where they are needed, thereby improving skin’s texture.
  • Wakame which is brown kelp harvested from Japan that energizes skin and evens its tone.
  • Sea Lettuce from France which supports collagen and elastin
  • Fennel from the rocky English sea cliffs to provide antioxidant protection against free radical damage.

You should apply H2O+ Night Oasis Overnight Eye Complex to the skin just under your eyes nightly, after cleansing and using H2O+ Night Oasis Moisture Replenishing Treatment.

H2O+ Night Oasis Overnight Eye Complex Pros and Cons

Advantages of H2O+ Night Oasis Overnight Eye Complex

  • Though we only found a few, most H2O+ Night Oasis Overnight Eye Complex reviews we did see are favorable.
  • You can find it at a very affordable price if you look.
  • It’s oil-free and won’t cause milia.
  • It goes on with a silky texture.
  • It’s very hydrating

Disadvantages of H2O+ Night Oasis Overnight Eye Complex

  • It could use more antioxidant protection.
  • The jar packaging means that many of the ingredients will destabilize after its opened.
  • Some say it’s got a strange chemical smell.
  • Most of the anti-aging ingredients are present in only very small amounts.

Where to Buy

You can find H2O+ Night Oasis Overnight Eye Complex for sale through a bunch of different online sources for prices ranging from $17 to $45.  Given the big disparity, there may be some used or counterfeit product.  You should verify your seller’s credibility before you buy.


It’s quite hydrating, and that’s a good thing.  But given that this is an eye cream that does not even attempt to address dark circles and/or puffiness, I’d recommend you skip H2O+ Night Oasis Overnight Eye Complex in favor of something that does.

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