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Eyevive Reviews – Does Eyevive Really Work?

eyevive reviewsMillions of people across the US are looking to find out what they can do to help combat the signs of aging.  Wrinkles, deep lines, bags under the eyes- the symptoms are hallmark, but the number of products that claim to eliminate them couldn’t be different.  Eyevive promises a dermatological breakthrough that will help reverse the effects of aging safely and effectively.  So, we decided to see what the fuss was all about and whether or not this product really worked.

How It Works and Ingredients

The first thing we noticed when looking in the ingredients for Eyevive was that the product uses a water base instead of alcohol and chemicals.  A big plus.  Digging deeper, we found some really great ingredients.  Hyaluronic acid, which is the best moisturizer for the skin, as well as a variety of peptides to help firm the skin and even antioxidants to help erase the damage done by the sun, pollution, and other free radical causing agents.  The ingredients in Eyevive are definitely proven, but does the product work as promised?

Where Can You Buy it and Reviews

The claims made on the company’s website, where you can buy Eyevive for $60 a bottle or in different beauty kits are certainly impressive, but we wanted to know what actual product users thought.

Most of the reviews we found were from people who were fairly educated on skin care.  They had tried a variety of different products, and most agree that the results from Eyevive were the most effective.  Many say that they recommend the product to all who will listen and that Eyevive makes “such a difference” in only a short period of time.   Certainly just the kind of results that most people are seeking.  Most customers are also quick to report that they are ”very happy” with Eyevive and that it is “worth every penny” of the price.


As to whether or not we recommend Eyevive for helping to combat the signs of aging, we have to say yes.  The product is backed by solid research and science, and we have long known the benefits of most of the ingredients found within the product.  Consumers overwhelmingly seem to agree that the product produces noticeable and significant benefit, which is what we are all seeking in an anti-aging product.  The bottom line- if you want an effective way to get rid of bags, circles, lines, and wrinkles, Eyevive seems like an excellent choice.

User Questions and Answers

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User Questions and Answers

Q: Where can I purchase the "original" Eyevive eye "cream". All I have been able to find is Eyevive serum,with different ingredients than the cream, new container, and totally ineffective! Please let me know where to in the US or out I may be able to purchase the original formula. MNy thanks for your assistance! -Kammy

A: Hi Kammy, I see old product on Amazon, it's probably been discontinued. Try the Beauty Counter Rejuvenating Eye cream, it's awesome! I've been using it for about 6 weeks and am seeing results. Rachel

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