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Dr. Goldfaden Revolution – Eyes Reviews – Does It Work?

Dr. Goldfaden Revolution – Eyes Overview

If you suffer from severe dark circles and puffiness under the eyes you need an intense treatment to help heal these symptoms.  Dr. Goldfaden Revolution-Eyes offers an extraordinary formulation with a very special ingredient that can really help improve the appearance of the skin around your eyes with regular use.  The discovery of the special ingredient in this product led to the creation of an entire line of skin care products that take advantage of the skin rejuvenating properties of red tea.  The Dr. Goldfaden website offers a number of other skin care products in addition to the eye revolution cream.  You may want to add more than one to your beauty regimen.

dr goldfaden reviewsHow Does Dr. Goldfaden Revolution-Eyes Work and Ingredients

As pointed out the main key to the success of the Dr. Goldfaden product line is red tea.  This tea has long been used by South African for its beneficial properties including the ability to help clear up the skin.  Red tea is a powerful antioxidant, and when it is used in its purest form it can work wonders on the skin and help with general heath as well.  Many people do not realize that the antioxidant power of red tea is 50 times that of green tea.  Other natural ingredients included in the product are rice bran and seaweed.  All of these ingredients come together to help fill in the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.  The eye cream also helps to block the sensitive skin under the eyes from free radical damage.

Dr. Goldfaden Revolution-Eyes Pros and Cons

Does Dr. Goldfaden Revolution eyes work as well as the product site claims.  Well to know if it is a good option for you it is important to take a look at both the pros and cons of this product.

The advantages of this product include:

  • Several natural ingredients including the powerful antioxidant, red tea
  • Real scientific research on the website to show the skin rejuvenating properties of red tea
  • The product works well for all skin types
  • The product is available through QVC

The disadvantages of this product include:

  • This product is expensive at $80

The benefits of a product that provides you with this much red tea antioxidant power is worth the price, but if you are on a budget the $80 price tag may prevent you from giving the product a try.

Where To Buy Dr. Goldfaden Revolution-Eyes

If you like to watch QVC you may have already seen Dr. Goldfaden Revolution-Eyes being advertised.  Of course QVC is not the only place to purchase this product.  It is also available on the Dr. Goldfaden company website along with several other products in the skin care line.  While you will be pressed to find discounts on the eye cream for most of the year you may catch a special sale on the company website during the holidays.


There are very few truly revolutionary products on the market, but Dr. Goldfaden is an exception to that rule.  If you have been suffering from dark circles around the eyes and under eye puffiness it is time to put that problem to rest for good.  If you can make the investment in Dr. Goldfaden Revolution-Eyes you will not regret your decision.  When Dr. Goldfaden discovered the beneficial properties of red tea which helped his mother-in-law to keep her skin looking youthful even at 90+ he knew that its properties had to be made available to everyone so that all could take advantage of the rejuvenating powers of red tea.  Now it is your turn to join the revolution.

Have you tried Dr. Goldfaden Revolution-Eyes?  Leave your review below!

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