Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Laser Tight Review

Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Laser Tight Review

Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Laser Tight Overview

Sagging skin is one of the more frustrating gifts that time gives to our looks.  While several products claim to combat the problem, few live up to the promise.  Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Laser Tight says it can firm, lift, and tighten skin, prevent future sagging, smooth out lines and wrinkles, hydrate and plump skin, and bring back your once youthful appearance.

Dr. Brandt’s entire Time Arrest line of products uses his new Age Reversing Platinum Technology to work against the loss of firmness and elasticity that comes to skin of a certain age.  The idea is that it works like GPS for your skin, with platinum nanoparticles carrying the active ingredients deep into the layers of skin where they’re needed.

Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Laser Tight ReviewDr. Brandt Time Arrest Laser Tight Ingredients and How They Work

Now that we’ve learned about the innovative delivery system, what are the actual ingredients performing the job of lifting and tightening loose, sagging skin?

  • Hyaluronic Acid is a potent hydrator that attracts and binds to moisture, having the effect of plumping out wrinkles and smoothing skin.
  • Platinum Heptapeptide stimulates production of Collagen I and II for firmer, more elastic skin.  It also improves the surface texture of your skin
  • Sweet Pea extract firms and tightens skin.

You should apply Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Laser Tight to clean skin morning and/or night.  Dr. Brandt recommends that you follow up with SP 30 sunscreen in the morning.

Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Laser Tight Pros and Cons

There’s always an upside and a downside.  It’s important to look at both when deciding about making a new purchase.

Advantages of Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Laser Tight

  • It contains peptides.
  • The pump packaging will keep the ingredients intact.
  • Most Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Laser Tight reviews indicate that women love the subtle, fresh scent.

Disadvantages of Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Laser Tight

  • It’s pretty expensive.
  • It may contain some skin irritating ingredients.
  • Some Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Laser Tight reviews reveal disappointed customers that expected a lot better results than they got.

Where to Buy

You can get Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Laser Tight online or in beauty stores like Sephora.  The 1.3 oz pump goes for $85 at most of the sources we found.  Amazon sells it for about $10 cheaper.


After looking through all the information we could find about Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Laser Tight, we’re not convinced that it’s worth the money it costs.  There are other, less expensive skin tightening formulas that probably work just as well.  For the money, it would be nice to see some antioxidants in the formula as well.

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Q: Can it be used on my stomach ? -Susan

A: Susan, I would use a stretch mark therapy to tighten your belly even if your issue is not stretch marks, this will firm, tighten and improve the skin tone. I'm not sure about Dr. Brandt's cream. The one I recommend is Skinception Stretch Mark Therapy. Rachel~WomensBlogTalk.com

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