DiorSnow White Reveal Fresh Creme Review
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DiorSnow White Reveal Fresh Creme Review

Christian Dior offers the DiorSnow line of products for lightening those pesky dark spots like freckles, age spots, old acne marks, and hormonal patches.  The line is pretty comprehensive and includes spot treatments, serums, gels, and masks.  The product we’re looking at today is the DiorSnow White Reveal Fresh Creme which is an all-over face cream made to lighten and brighten skin while providing 24 hydration and plumping skin for a smooth, fresh complexion.

The first place we look to get an idea of how a product is supposed to work is the company website.  Unfortunately in this case, Dior doesn’t give a whole lot of product information.  That’s okay though.  We have our resources, and we’ll use them to get to the bottom of his product’s effectiveness.

DiorSnow White Reveal Fresh Creme ReviewDiorSnow White Reveal Fresh Creme Ingredients and How They Work

The primary (and only) lightening ingredient in DiorSnow White Reveal Fresh Creme is Vitamin C in the form of Ascorbyl Glucoside, and it’s present in a fairly significant amount.  As for hydration, there’s glycerin which is present in skin naturally so it hydrates well without irritation.  Slip agents, like Dimethicone, make DiorSnow White Reveal Fresh Creme feel silky and help give your skin a smooth look.  Vitamin E provides antioxidant protection.  And Sodium Hyaluronate provides that plumping and smoothing out of fine lines and wrinkles.

We weren’t able to find very many customer reviews of DiorSnow White Reveal Fresh Creme Review, and the truth is, the ones we did find were pretty evenly mixed between favorable and not so favorable.

DiorSnow White Reveal Fresh Creme Pros and Cons

Sometimes making a list side by side of the good and bad aspects of a product is a good way to determine whether or not it would be a good idea for you to use it.

Advantages of DiorSnow White Reveal Fresh Creme

  • It contains an effective form of Vitamin C to lighten and brighten skin.
  • Some of the DiorSnow White Reveal Fresh Creme reviews we saw commented on how smooth and plump it made their skin.

Disadvantages of DiorSnow White Reveal Fresh Creme

  • It’s expensive.
  • The jar packaging means the most important ingredient – the Vitamin C – will not remain stable and effective for long.  It breaks down in the presence of light and air.

Where to Buy

You can purchase it at high end department stores as well as online the 1.7 ounce jar sells for $95.  It’s not uncommon for DiorSnow White Reveal Fresh Creme to be the “gift with purchase” when you buy other Dior cosmetics or skincare products, so that may be one way to go.


Because of the jar packaging, I wouldn’t recommend spending $95 on DiorSnow White Reveal Fresh Creme.  If you get it as a sample and find you like it, by all means, buy it once you have the comfort of knowing it works.

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