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Dermasilk Eye Lift Review – Does It Work?

Dermasilk Eye Lift Overview

Are you eyes saggy?  Has the skin below your eyes become thin and weak?  If so now is the time to try an eye firming serum that can restore the skin beneath your eyes to the strength and beauty of years past.  Dermasilk Eye Lift promises to firm the skin under the eye and help rejuvenate and moisturize it.  The skin underneath the eye is some of the most sensitive skin on the body, so it is important that it be cared for with the proper kind of moisturizer.  Genetics and aging can cause the skin to change even more rapidly.  Dermasilk offers a 90 second eye lift cream that promises to improve the appearance of the skin under the eyes in less than 2 minutes.  One of the great things about the company website is that it lists a number of things you can do in addition to using Dermasilk to improve the skin under your eyes.

dermasilk eye lift reviewHow Dermasilk Eye Lift Works and Ingredients

The ingredients of the eye lift are the key to living up to the claims of the product.  One of the key ingredients in Dermasilk Eye Lift is chamomile extract which works well as an anti-inflammatory.  Many who suffer from dark circles also have to deal with under eye puffiness and chamomile is a great ingredient to combat that puffiness.  Canadian willow bark extract is another natural ingredient in the eye lift that helps to fade the dark circles quickly.  The 90 second eye lift works better when a good moisturizer is applied to the skin under the eye first.  It is also important to only use the amount specified by the manufacturer since using too much can cause skin irritation.

Dermasilk Eye Lift Pros and Cons

Any product that promises to cause a noticeable difference in the appearance of the skin under your eyes has to have pros and cons.  You are probably wondering if the product actually works that quickly.

The advantages of this product include:

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes
  • Priced under average at $40
  • Reduces under eye circles and puffiness
  • Contains natural ingredients

The disadvantages of this product include:

  • While the product works quickly you will not see results in 90 seconds
  • Possible irritation if too much product is used

With any product it is good to thoroughly check the ingredient list to make sure that there are no ingredients that may cause issues, especially if you have allergies.

Where To Buy Dermasilk Eye Lift

It is always great when a product is available from a wide variety of sources.  Dermasilk Eye Lift can be purchased from a number of places including your local Walgreen’s pharmacy for about $30.  Amazon offers the eye lift at an even more reasonable price at $25.  While you are at Walgreen’s you may want to pick up some sunblock since the Dermasilk website points out that is a great way to help protect the skin under your eye from damage.


Basically every product that put a time constraint on how fast the product will work does not live up to the claim when it comes to time.  Dermasilk Eye Lift does work, and it works quickly considering want it is suppose to accomplish, but it will not produce visible results in 90 seconds.  The product works much better when you use a good moisturizer on the skin under the eye before you use the eye lift.  Having said that if you need a product that will improve the appearance of dark circles under the eye without spending a ton of money you should give Dermasilk Eye Lift a try.

Have you tried Dermasilk Eye Lift?  Leave your review below!

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  • maria Robustelli

    I am not happy with derma silk 90 second eye lift. It does not work at all. And when I found out it was made in China I was really unhappy. Hopefully you will refund my money. Thank you.

    • Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Maria,
      Im sorry you are having problems with Dermasilk 90 second eye lift, but we don’t actually sell the product. You will have to contact the company directly with your complaint.


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