Dermagist Phenomenon Dermal Filler Review
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Dermagist Phenomenon Dermal Filler Review

Dermagist Phenomenon Dermal Filler Overview

Dermagist has positioned itself as a leader among online skin care companies.  They’ve been selling anti-aging and anti-acne products for years and have developed a loyal following.  One of the more recent additions to their product line is Dermagist Phenomenon Dermal Filler, a topical alternative to  Botox and other injectable fillers.   They say it will not only deliver immediate wrinkle reducing results, but it will go on to improve the quality of your skin and decrease the appearance of future lines and winkles as well.

Dermagist Phenomenon Dermal Filler ReviewDermagist Phenomenon Dermal Filler Ingredients and How They Work

When it comes to Dermagist Phenomenon Dermal Filler, it’s all about the Metahylate, Dermagist’s propriety dermal filler ingredient.  The Dermagist website explains how it works in 4 ways to give you injectable-like results without the pain or expense.

1. It instantly fills wrinkles, deep creases, and fine lines with a unique variation of fermented hyaluronic acid that not only attracts moisture, but binds it to skin cells, filling wrinkles right before your eyes.
2. It uses special light refracting and magnifying prisms to cause shadows of wrinkles to vanish. This makes wrinkles, bags, and other imperfections become invisible to the naked eye.
3. It instantly lifts and smooths the skin with a tightening component that lasts the entire day and then some.
4. It provides the cellular regeneration and deep moisturizing that customers have come to expect from Dermagist products.  Encouraging new cell growth is what keeps skin looking better and better after long term use.

Dermagist encourages you to test the product by taking pictures of your skin under bright light before and 15 minutes after using Dermagist Phenomenon Dermal Filler.  Then use it for 30 days and take another picture.  They claim your results will be “phenomenal” and you will see dramatic improvement in your skin.

Dermagist Phenomenon Dermal Filler Pros and Cons

Advantages of Dermagist Phenomenon Dermal Filler

  • It fights the signs of aging in both the immediate and long terms.
  • It claims to be comparable to botox, but without the pain or cost.
  • Dermagist products come with a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • There are testimonials, before-and-after photos, and clinical trials cited on the website.

Disadvantages of Dermagist Phenomenon Dermal Filler

  • There are no independent reviews by users not affiliated with the Dermagist website.
  • There is no information on the ingredients that make up the proprietary Matahylate Complex formula.
  • There have been numerous complaints lodged against Dermagist (formerly Dermajuv) for issues regarding product quality and customer service.

Where to Buy

If you would like to try Dermagist Phenomenon Dermal Filler, you can do so by visiting the Dermagist website.  A 1 oz jar can be had for $119.99, while 2 jars go for $149.98.  If you try it and decide you like it, ordering 2 jars at a time would be the way to go, as you would save $45 per bottle.  There is a 30 day money back guarantee, but if you decide to make use of it, you will be charged not only shipping and handling in both directions, but a $7 per bottle restocking fee as well.


If you want the kind of results you can get from injectables like Botox, without spending the money or enduring the pain, you might try a topical wrinkle filler like Dermagist Phenomenon Dermal Filler.  The price is pretty comparable to other choices in this category of anti-wrinkle products, and if you buy 2 bottles at a time, it’s comparatively pretty cheap.  The only reason we hesitate to recommend Dermagist Phenomenon Dermal Filler is because of the many complaints filed against the company.  It would seem that if their main concern were with providing quality products, they wouldn’t have the customer service issues they seem to have.

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