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Derma Juvenate Review – Does It Really Work?

Why is the Derma Juvenate Review one of the most popular reviews on Because we’ve had more negative comments and feedback on this product that any other anti-aging product we’ve come across. 

Sucked in by a free trial offer that’s difficult to cancel, buyers are furious with this company and the charges that appear on their credit card “without their authorization.”  Truth be told, with any free trial product, you are agreeing to future billing if you read the fine print, so you must be careful with these types of offers.

I discuss the allure of free trials and how they work in my latest article Beware of Free Trials for Anti Aging Products – an Investigative Report

Derma Juvenate

Derma Juvenate would appear to be the closest product that you will get to having a magic wand that will eliminate all wrinkles and fine lines. It claims to visibly reduce as well as alert the body when there is skin that is actually becoming damaged. Derma Juvenate works as an alarm system for the body to help create ageless looking skin.

How Derma Juvenate WorksDerma Juvenate Review

Derma Juvenate uses peptides that help to decrease wrinkles and fine lines, promote collagen production as well as plump and firm the skin. All of this gives the appearance of newer and younger looking skin. The main ingredient is Polymoist-PS, which is a peptide that firms the face. It is taken directly from nature and put into Derma Juvenate to give the best results.

Derma Juvenate Benefits

  • Clinical studies were performed on Derma Juvenate
  • There are before and after pictures on the website showing results
  • You will see visible results in as little as thirty days
  • You can try Derma Juvenate for “free”

Derma Juvenate Drawbacks

  • You can only try Derma Juvenate through a free trial by giving the company all of your information
  • There are no customer testimonials
  • There has been a negative response by our reviewers (see comments below) who say they were “scammed” by the offer of a free trial

Where to Buy Derma Juvenate

As of right now there is no place that you can purchase Derma Juvenate other than online through their free trial offer. The websites where you can sign up for a free trial is, and


Derma Juvenate has the look of a product that could work, but it feels like there is something missing. So what’s missing? There are really no real reviews that can be found about the product or the price. The only information we could find leads to the free trial.

Bottom line, like most free trials they are not in fact free – they are only free for a certain time period. When you enter your credit card information for a free trial, you are agreeing to shipping charges, and also a future billing to buy the product. Based on our customer comments, this particular company will charge you roughly $99 after 14 days when the free trial period is over. If you cancel before the 14 days is up, you should not be billed for the product, however remembering the date to cancel by is easily forgotten since it takes 10-12 days to even receive the product and many people say it’s difficult to get through on the phone. Based on all of the negative feedback from our customers, and the lack of disclosure on their part, we do not recommend Derma Juvenate.

Derma Juvenate Contact Info

If you signed up for this trial not fully understanding that you were agreeing to a monthly auto-ship, auto-rebill and wish to cancel, here is their contact information (I copied and pasted directly from their website):

Product Support:
Toll-Free: 1-888-447-6613
Email:[email protected]
Available: 8:00AM to 8:00PM Monday through Friday (Eastern Time), and 9:00AM to 2:00PM Saturday (Eastern Time)

Return Address:

In order to return the product, you must call customer service for an RMA number before shipping returns. Returned products must be sent to the following address:

Return Dept
41 Canal Street,  Lewiston, Maine 04240

Alternative Product

We have a product that we really like called Dermology Wrinkle Repair Complex. It contains Dr. Oz recommended Argirilene which relaxes the muscles responsible for causing wrinkles as well as Matrixyl 3000, a peptide that stimulates collagen production. I highly recommend this product if you’re looking to try what I would consider a “breakthrough product,” a wrinkle cream with the latest, most effective scientific anti-aging ingredients that tone, tighten, reduce wrinkles and redness, and absorbs to a matte finish and you can buy it outright with a 90 day money back guarantee (not a free trial). This is a product that I’ve personally used and I think it’s a good one.

Have you used Derma Juvenate? Leave your comments or questions below!

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Derma Juvenate Review – Does It Really Work?
1 out of 5 stars

Mar 15, 2019 by 

I just wanted to thank you for this article. My mother fell for the deceptive "Free trial" offer and, by the time she told us about it, had lost a LOT of money. I hope that your article will help others to find out what rogues this company is before they, too, lose their hard-earned cash. (And it's definitely no miracle product. Certainly not worth the full price, even without the deceptive sales practices. If it were possible I'd give it no stars at all!)

Rejuvn8 eye cream

Derma Juvenate Review – Does It Really Work?
1 out of 5 stars

Jul 06, 2017 by 

Sick that I fell for this scam. Used the eye cream once and it burned when applied to skin around my eyes. I was drawn to this because they led you to believe Joanne Gaines was affiliated with this "natural" product. The biggest issue was I believe it was this purchase where my card info was stolen where a $990 purchase was made in Chicago.

Derma Juvenate Review – Does It Really Work?
1 out of 5 stars

Aug 06, 2016 by 
Nancy Sansom

I don't know how this company is getting away with this scam. This 'free trial' ended up costing me more than $100. I am so sick over this and it seems there is nothing I can do. They finally agreed to reduce the cost by 50% but it hasn't shown up yet on my credit card so I have my doubts!

Derma Juvenate Review – Does It Really Work?
1 out of 5 stars

May 03, 2016 by 

I was also scammed by the free trial and had enormous charges on my cc. Be aware of these scams!!

1.0 5.0 4 4 I just wanted to thank you for this article. My mother fell for the deceptive "Free trial" offer and, by the time she told us about it, had lost a LOT of money. I hope that your ar Derma Juvenate Review – Does It Really Work?

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A: Janice, I don't sell or recommend this product. You need to call Derma Juvenate (888)447-6613 to cancel your order. The only reason I have the number is it's on the spreadsheet I keep with all the wrinkle cream scams & phone numbers. Good luck.

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Rachel Vrabel

Rachel is Chief Editor of Women’s Blog Talk and writes reviews across the spectrum of anti-aging, health and beauty. She has an English degree from USF and worked in finance for 15 years before establishing this website in 2011. She loves having a place she can share her inspiration for health and beauty and continue to help others! She lives in South Florida with her husband and her hobbies include beach volleyball, HIIT training and combing the beach for sea glass and shells.


  • Casey Borgers

    We just received a phone call from a Derma Rejuvenate customer that is getting scammed as well and they are using our name! She saw Supplement Spot on her credit card statement and called us. These people are using our store name in the merchant billing. We did not do autoship and we are NOT the culprit of this scam.

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Casey, that sucks!! I hope you can report to the BBB, FTC and whomever else may be able to help. I would let the credit card company know as well. I have a number for a “Derma Juvenate” (not Rejuvenate) 888-447-6613. I don’t know if it will help to call them but at least you’ll have that as a reference. I think the correct name is “Derma Juvenate” because when I google Derma Rejuvenate I don’t find any free trial offers. I could be wrong but usually I can find them pretty easily. Good luck, and let me know if I can help. ~Rachel

  • nat dyer

    Beware::: I thought I was ordering a free sample of the product as long as I paid the shipping charges. Well guess I was wrong… they scam you by adding you to their monthly reordering list and you do not know this until you get your credit card the next month and you have two charges the shipping and then the charge for the supposedly “free” sample. This is a scam. This company is being deceitful and not honest in their business practices. When I called them to ask about the larger charge they politely tell me that I agreed to their terms and that I have to pay them. When I told them that they were what people call Scam artists he tells me they are not and that I am responsible for not reading their rules. I let them know that I would be doing all that I could to give them negative reviews for their business practice and putting the word out that they are a scam company he offered to give me 50% off of the charge. I told him to do whatever he wanted as I would be hanging up to warn people not to fall for their trap of a free trial with only a shipping charge… and to have a nice day. I will never do another sample again… thanks dermaskin for scamming and misleading people. Shame on you…

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Nat, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I get a ton of responses just like yours everyday, so you’re not alone. And you’re right, they are rip off artists. I’m sorry you got caught up in their scam but glad you were able to cancel before incurring further charges.Good luck and keep a close eye on your credit card statement!


  • anonymous

    (* I would like to share my experince with others, but due to my profession, I must protect my identity – I ask that you not post this, unless it can be done without my full name)

    you are not stupid, or naive if you were taken by this company
    – it is slick – it’s also fraudulent
    – originally, i received the dermajuvenate and rejuven eye max in one box
    – for reasons unknown, i also received another dermajuvenate in a separate box
    – i contacted the company to advise that i wanted to return the product because i could not try it in the time allowed
    – i was offered an extension
    – i called to return the product within the time of frame of the extension
    – i was informed that there was no record of an extension
    – requested that no further product be sent

    – in june, i received and was charged for all 3 products again
    – when i spoke to customer service, i was informed that i could not return the product
    – i did not waiver in my lengthy insistance that i be compensated for receiving product i withdrew from within the time frame allowed
    – cust. serv. offered a 70% credit back to my card
    – however, the rep Frances, would not acknowledge that i received 3 pieces in 2 shipments each time

    – today, my statement showed 1 credit of a few dollars more than 70% of one piece
    – spoke with Jameer(phonetic) – it was gruelling
    – he also insisted that I did not get 3 pieces
    – i gave him the shipment notification numbers and dates – i asked how he could dare to tell me that was not accurate
    – he also gave me dates of 2 credits of 70% and stated that because they were not on my statement, the bank made an error
    – i asked where he was located(texas)
    – i advised him that a major north american bank does not make those kinds of errors
    – i repeatedly asked to speak to a supervisor because we were getting nowhere
    – he said there wasn’t one, only cust. serv. reps
    – i continued to insist – he then said no one else would take my call
    – i kept at it – finally he asked me to hold for a moment – he came back on the phone to say that i would be refunded 70% for the 3rd product
    – i will wait the suggested 10 days before checking for a credit refund on my card
    – i will stick with this until i have received 3 credits

    – if you must do anything like this, have all of your info at hand
    – be prepared for lies and manipulation
    – stay calm and true to yourself
    – don’t let the bad guys get you
    peace, lc

  • Mary Atwood

    Well, I don’t feel so stupid now, thinking I was the only one scammed by these people. I just received an un-announced bill for 90.00 dollars and boy did I blow it. I was going to call them till I read some of these complaints and have decided to wait till my bank opens first and put a stop to anymore money going to them before I call them to cancel. I read where someone had called and was held on the phone till they took more out. So I will wait till after I’ve changed my bank account no, as it did come out of my bank and not a credit card. Thank God we’re never to old to stop learning. Wish there was something we as a people could do to stop such evil practices, but it’s the world we live in and mixed with pride we all can get caught with out pants down now and then. First time ever to be scammed. Not bad for a 76 year old to get scammed once in an entire lifetime. Shows I’m still young at heart. God bless you all and thanks for giving me a venue to release how I feel about these turkey’s.

  • Anne

    Wish I had searched for this site before purchasing the trial scam. The 14 days notification should have been included with the product in the box. Complete rip-off. Do not purchase, product isn’t that great. Clinique has a similar cream and at they operate above board.

  • Joy MCCoach

    This company is a complete rip off. I’m going to report them for US postal service fraud. I never even received my trial offer. Meanwhile my son has been hospitalized with cancer. The derma juvenate representative told me that it sounded like my “personal problem” kept me from fulfilling my obligations. Meanwhile, she refused to let me speak to a manager or give me a mailing address. I’d consider that fraudulent. I asked if they were located in the United States to make sure they were under the jurisdiction of the USPS. I asked her if there was tracking on the package since I had not received it and she said yes. However there is no way to track the package. This company should be put out of business.

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Joy, I’m so sorry about your son, my thoughts and prayers for you and your family. Derma Juvenate is one of the absolute worst, and shame on them for speaking to you that way. My advice is just to be relentless with them, make sure your order is cancelled and keep an eye on your credit card to make sure they don’t charge you again. If you have any more problems, I would escalate this issue with your bank and request that they cancel the card if you have problems. Best of luck to you.

  • Alison Barker-Jevne

    Hi I just got this scam the prouct came in the mail yesterday- already confirmation for $93.78 is in e-mail as well as a much higher amount posted to the credit card- I notified my card that I want to dispute the charge, it needs 5 to 7 days before it can go to dispute resolution. I was given after much pushing an address to return product with the approval that after 6 to 8 business days after the product return the billing woiuld be removed off my credit card.. I called customer service, they first offered a 20% discount, then a 50% discount and finally a 70% discount. I will be returning the product. No product is good enough to put up with this kind of Customer service

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Alison, good idea to send it back, I do not like this product and I’ve had a ton of feedback that it’s really just a halfway decent moisturizer. Good luck, and be persistent with them to cancel your order. Let me know if you need a recommendation for your skin type.

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Rachelle, they are very misleading with their sales practices, you are not stupid – they are deceptive!

  • Debbie

    Scammers totally. Never ever will I order a free trail on line. I sent the face and eye cream back a month ago. I have nothing and they are charging my visa. I hate dealing with these people. They steal your money, they are assholes!

  • Carmen Rida

    Add me to the list of people scammed by this product. I had the same experience. I believed I was paying only for a free trial and I could return the product if I felt it didn’t work as claimed. It took 10 days to receive the product so I called within the 14 days and told them I didn’t have enough time, so he extended it and said I had till June 4th and then if I still felt the same way to call and cancel. So I called today, June 4th to cancel because the product is still not working and I find out that they said my chance to cancel expired today and I’ve been charged. Sure enough I look in my bank account and I was charged for the product. He said he cancelled my account and I wouldn’t receive any more product but the charge is for the product I already received. Hello?? It was supposed to be a FREE trial!! So nothing this company says is true – the trial isn’t free and the product DOES NOT WORK! Sure, it’s a nice moisturizer or at least feels like it, my skin is nice and soft as with lots of moisturizers I have tried, but no reduction of wrinkles and certainly no possibility of this product ever being able to replace Botox injections as one of their claims said. And now they have charged for the product that was supposed to be a free trial, even though I called to cancel when they said I should. They said it was charged at 10 am. Florida time – well, when I was told to call on June 4th no one said there was a specific time I had to call by. So now because it’s been charged, he can’t change it. But he said he did cancel my membership – I sure hope I can believe this and that there won’t be any further future charges on my account now that they have my information. How I wish I had Googled this product for more information to see if people were satisfied with it before going for the free trial. At least with the product LIFECELL they were very good at honoring their offer and they did refund me money when their product didn’t work for me. This Dermajuvenate product is a SCAM! Stay away.

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Carmen, thanks for your comment! I’m sorry you got the run around and were charged for Derma Juvenate – I really do feel it’s not a quality product. Did you ask them if they would give you a partial refund if you returned the unused product? Sometimes they will do that, but they will keep a $35 “restocking” fee. I happen to love Lifecell. I not only love the product, but you’re right. They honor their refunds and have a 90 day money back guarantee. It’s the only “trial” product on the planet that I recommend. Did you not like it? I had great results with it and still use it. I like the way it smooths out my wrinkles immediately.


      • Carmen Rida

        Thank you for your comment Rachel. I will try to call them back and see if I can appeal once more to get something back but I doubt they will budge. I’m also tempted to go to one of those consumer report shows that profiles companies that scam customers and expose them on national tv – except that I don’t want to be on tv myself. I wish there was someone who could put these people out of business. I did like Lifecell but I had to cancel because it didn’t work dramatically enough for me considering how much it cost, and I could not afford to keep paying for something that wasn’t doing noticeably better than less pricey creams I can buy at the store. If you can afford it I guess it’s a nice product. I’ve come to the conclusion that no cream can do what cosmetic surgery and fillers can do. So I’ll save up my money for that instead and just buy some nice moisturizers to keep the skin hydrated. And hope that one day the research into anti-aging will truly find a way to turn back the clock on aging skin with just a topical cream. For now, it’s just a dream.

        • Rachel Vrabel
          Rachel Vrabel

          Carmen, I found that the only way to “turn back the clock” is to wear a ton of sunscreen and don’t allow myself to EVER get a sunburn again, along with a strict skin care regime. It may take a few month of diligence, but once your skin cells can start turning over without further damage from the sun – you will start to see an improvement! Everyone wants a quick fix, but it does take a little time and patience.

  • France

    I order the Free trial!!!! it’s not free at all!
    when you go for the trial, you automatically sign for
    one botte a month, 90$ per month. I could cancelled it after one month, but still had to pay for the first month.
    I’m very upset

  • kr

    Unfortunately this product is not about skin care, it is about a process of using a product to scam money out of the hands of consumers. Plain and simple, before you could even consider the effectiveness of the product, which is precisely the essence of a trial period these slime merchants have already scammed you. They should be thrown in jail.

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      KR, thanks for your comment. You are unfortunately correct that this is a crap product not worthy of the cost. It stinks they are able to get away with it and doesn’t help that they are mostly based out of South American countries where we have no extradition policies for consumer recourse. Let me know if you are still in the market for a cream, I’m happy to recommend a good product for you from a reputable company. 🙂

  • raelene

    Thanks for the info on this page. I placed an order for the free trial on Wed, Apr 22nd and decided to go online to check out any reviews and stumbled upon this site. How unfortunate. I called the customer service number this afternoon and told them to cancel the order, that I didn’t even want to try the product. He provided me with a RMA # and an address to send it back. When it does come, I hope its really all that simple. I will also be contacting VISA to have my card cancelled.

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Raelene, it’s good that you caught it. They may charge you a restocking fee of around $30 which you may not be able to get out of but that’s better than being on the hook for an auto-ship auto-rebill program where you’ll be charged about $90 per month for a marginal product. Thanks for your comment. Check out Kollagen Intensiv if you want a quality product that is not sold as a trial. I’ve been using it for years now, I love it.

    • Coralee

      I just received my “free trial offer” and decided to check out any reviews. I wish I had checked this first. I phoned first thing this morning to cancel any more shipments. It seemed all legit at first, until she told me that they have to receive the product before they can stop the auto ship. I then became angry and said that I would use social media to tell about my experience and not to get trial offer as it is not free in anyway. She went away from the phone and came back to say that there was an accidental order put through on my account today. She cancelled that and said it would take 3-5 business days to get back into my account. I checked my email and sure enough they had put through an order as I was talking to her with a charge then a cancellation within a few more minutes. Please people, make sure you say and check to see if they are charging you for another order. Mine was only 8 days since my free trial and they were charging me for another order and not waiting for the free trial to end. Scam scam scam is all I can say.
      Oh and I have some other eye cream that is coming too. Keep all your bar codes and everything to send back with the product.

    • kathy

      It is scam! don’t try this crap.

      It happened to me too with both creams. It is a ripped off, few weeks after they shipped, It automatic charged me over $100. I called the visa to cancel my credit card to avoid the future charge. I should of read your website before do the purchase. It is a lesson and hope other people don’t fall into it.

      It is a total scam. I wonder these company paying tax to Revenue Canada/USA gov’t and legal operated.

  • Ruth Gibbs

    Does any one have a phone number for this co. I can’t find one . I need to cancel and cannot find the info.anywhere? Thank you!

  • Pam

    I wish I had read this before I ordered!! I filled in the request for a free sample but quit when it asked for a credit card number. However a few days later they called me, I told them I didn’t want auto ship. They said it was ok all I had to do was call the number on my email so I went ahead (why do I fall for this ?) I received full sized jars and started to use them. To me the size of the creams would last me for ages why would I need auto ship if it isn’t a scam. Then I came across this website and realized I had very limited time to call and cancel. I called straight away, they offered me 30 days to try before I cancelled. I said no cancel now. So they asked for the samples to be returned when they received them they would cancel. So today I boxed them up and sent them back. Cost me another $13 to mail. Time will tell if they cancel.

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Pam,that stinks you have to send them back before they will cancel. I hope they don’t ship you out another order before they get it!! Thanks so much for your comment.

  • Danielle

    I wanted to comment about this product because I am so disappointed by the company and what they did to me. I ordered the product and made sure to cancel before the 20 days, I was told by a representative there that no additional charges would show up on my credit card. I now have received my statement with a charge of $130.00 CDN to my visa. I now am going after them so I can get my money back. Please be careful this place is a scam and they will take your money even if you cancel within the notice period.

  • Dotty

    I ordered it @ 9:48 pm Apr.7 and cancelled it 12 hours later via the phone number you posted. Meantime I called Visa who said that they had already charged my account $8.78 US$. So I called them back and said either refund the total amount a.s.a.p. or I would post this to Facebook. After he left the phone and came back I was told that they “would make an exception and refund my charge on Visa”. I asked for confirmation via email, per instructions of Visa, on the outside chance they bill me again. I will keep a close eye and likely will change my Visa account number as well. How do they get away with this fraud? One would think that the government would be on top of it.

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      They get away with it unfortunately because most of the companies are based in South American countries with no extradition policies, so there’s no recourse for consumers like yourself.
      Glad you got your CC company to cooperate.

    • Dotty

      Follow up on my previous comments. Products were delivered and I refused to take delivery so they were sent back.I requested refund on S/H and was told no. So I informed them it would go on Facebook. They immediately got a supervisor who refunded my money. Once that was done I had Visa cancel account and give me a new number. End of story and end if these crooks.

      • Rachel Vrabel
        Rachel Vrabel

        Good for you Dotty! Sounds like they should have known better than to mess with you! 😉 This is exactly the way these people need to be dealt with though, firm and adamant. Thanks for your comment.

  • Jessica North-O'Connell

    Thanks for a great page, Rachel! Sadly, I also have “bad news” about Derma Juvenate. Their practices are questionable indeed! I was blatantly lied to by one of their representatives who phoned me after I had decided not to order the supposed “free” trial. This person told me nothing about it being a “membership program.” I was told that the products were “completely natural” (they actually contain emulsifiers and preservatives, which I do not use on my skin) and that my credit card information would be removed from the company database once my free and $4.99 trial size items, plus cost of shipping for both, had been sent to me. About two weeks later, I received an email “bill” for $89.91 in the late evening. When I spoke with customer service the next morning, I was told that the information was “on the website,”(I told him the order had been made over the phone) and that he would “do me a favor” and only charge me half price for the “sample” I had already paid $4.99 for. I was told I could return the second item (which arrived almost two weeks after the first) and given an RMA number. I was assured that my “membership” was deleted. I decided I was not satisfied with having to pay $4.99 plus $45.91 for a product I would never use and have spent a few hours doing research, which is how I found you. I would like to point out that one of the Derma Juvenate web pages states that orders cannot be made over the phone and I am going to point that out to them the next time I call. The onus is on them to either follow their own rules or to make sure that customers understand the terms if the company is going to break its own rule of “no phone orders.” No mention of membership was made to me during the call. The fact that I did not complete an online order for the product (and actually tried to delete my contact information but could not get back to the page where it was) indicates I did not want to order the product(s) in the first place so having someone phone me, against their own policy, says something about the ethics of this company, doesn’t it?

    • Gg

      This is a complete scam. Your ‘free trial’ comes with no instructions and then you get billed $200 for both pieces. Also, the product is poor…caused an allergic reaction. STay away from this product

      • Rachel Vrabel
        Rachel Vrabel

        Gg, this is one of the worst ones! I’ve had many comments saying the same thing – that it caused an allergic reaction. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to try Kollagen Intensiv, it’s very gentle, reduces redness and plumps up the collagen in your skin. I’ve used it for years and it’s my go-to if my skin is feeling troubled at all. You buy it outright, it’s not a trial product (but they do honor a 90 day money back guarantee with no hassles).

  • Kathy Lawson

    Im so glad I read this !! I had just recieved my ‘trial’ offer in the mail but hadnt used the product yet>>>I had no idea that I was now signed up to get the product every month !! So I just cancelled it and will be returning the product ASAP

    hope no one else gets charged if they dont want the product


    I decided to view the comments before I actually gave them my credit card information.
    I actually use a prepaid credit card, if I ever do decided to purchase one of these “trial” offers, and if they wont accept my prepaid then I don’t purchase. They still get their “trial” purchase money, but they cannot get any more money off of me. And if I do want to get more, I then give them a “real” credit card.
    Oh and by the way, I actually use coconut oil on my face overnight as well as using it in my cooking. Look up the benefits of coconut oil for all kinds of things besides cooking and beauty. I am 65 years of age and people tell me they cant believe i am THAT old.

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Julie C! Thanks for your comment. Good idea on the prepaid card, sometimes they don’t accept it but that’s a red flag in itself! Coconut Oil is wonderful for the whole body. I find it a bit too greasy for my face but I love it for my hands and legs. And I’ve heard it’s the absolute best remedy to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy. I also LOVE avocado oil for my face and hair. Natural stuff is sometimes very refreshing a nice reprieve to feel pampered. 🙂

  • sharon

    I have tried all the phone numbers I can find for
    this company to cancel but can not get through
    as you must be a phone number in and they
    keep saying they have no record of my phone
    number. I feel trapped!

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Lily I don’t sell Derma Juvenate, you should call them to cancel your order before they can charge you anymore. I hope you get it resolved.

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Cheng, all you can really do is learn from your experience and don’t fall for these scams in the future. I’m sorry you had a bad experience. Let me know if I can recommend something for you for your skin.

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Gloria, what do you mean? Where are you trying to write a review about Derma Juvenate? You can leave a review right here on my site if you wish. Thanks!

  • Teresa

    The product works…I read the fine print and knew that is was expensive, I contacted the within the first 14 days and that was that. Never got another penny off my card. Too bad it is so expensive, I rather liked it

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Thanks for the feedback Teresa, at least you knew what you were getting into and could cancel in time. Most people don’t realize they’ll be charged after 14 days. If you’re looking for a good cream that’s more affordable (and not sold as a trial), check out my review on Kollagen Intensiv. It’s 25% off through Dec. 31 so it will run you about $38 for a 2 oz tub which should last a couple months. It’s a wonderful anti-aging moisturizer.

  • Pat Malone

    When I first ordered dermajuvenate @ the introductory “free sample price, it was sent immediately & I was charged the low price agreed upon.
    Then I went on line to do more checking on the product (your site) + others where I learned it was scam.
    I immediately contacted my credit card company to put a stop on any future charges, Fortunately for me it was within the 14 days, but Visa said I had to contact the company to cancel & if unsuccessful contact Visa. I did & after much arguing I finally convinced them that I was not going to pay any further costs. However that moment they put through a $45. charge unbenownst to me.
    I contacted Visa & they said they would do a debit & credit for the amount so I would not be charged, as I had warned them in my 1st call that it was a scam.
    But they said it would be wise to change my card # to another. I agreed.They also said they had many many complaints about this product.
    Many thanks for the heads up which saved me from getting fully caught.

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Thanks for your comment Pat, I’m glad you were able to catch it! It’s unfortunate they require you to jump through so many hoops to cancel. Let me know if I can help recommend something for you if you’re still looking for an anti-aging cream.

  • Susan

    I have just got off the phone with agents who have told me that while I have successfully cancelled my accounts, the charge on my credit card is for the FIRST TRIAL ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do NOT order any Rejuveneye or Rejuvamax products it’s a huge SCAM..does not matter what you say to them they simply do not care!!!!

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Susan, did you cancel within the 14 day period? I see these stories all the time, I’m sorry you got scammed. Please let me know if I can help recommend something for you from a reputable company. Thanks for your comment.

  • Kelly

    I was called this afternoon about the free trial. I was told that they noticed I did not complete the process online and was asked if I had any questions about the product which caused me to not complete the application. I was very up front and told her that I wasn’t going to get sucked into one of those 14 day trial things for which I have to cancel prior to the 14 days were up and to ship the unused product back to them at my expense costing me double the shipping costs. She then proceeded to say I could have the product shipped for just under 9 dollars for the derma jouvenate and the juven eye max and if I was not happy with the product I could cancel and keep the remainder of the trial product. She said if I wanted to I could call two days after the arrival of my receiving the product and the trial samples were mine to keep. So I figured why not, I have nothing to lose with that offer so proceeded with the completion over the phone. When I got the confirmation email I was charged $15 for shipping and to read terms and conditions for more information. The terms and conditions said 14 day trial and if us satisfied to cancel and ship product back at my expense. I just called and they said they could cancel the shipment however the shipping charges are non refundable. So I let into him over the phone saying if that was the case and they could not refund my shipping charges which were almost double than what I was told over the phone this afternoon then I would turn to social media (Facebook, Twitter etc) and warn everyone that their company was misleading people and were outright lying about trial offer over the phone if you don’t complete the online application. The guy at customer service put me on the phone for about 30 seconds to speak with the supervisor who made an exception and will refund my shipping charges and not send the product to me. If anyone gets sucked into the 14 day trial terms from any free trial offers from ANY company just start threatening to use social media to warn others and you would be surprised what hoops they will jump through to get you to not discuss the scam on social media. My problem solved in less than 10 minutes (including time spent on hold for next available customer service rep). I am not one to mince words. I state what I want to happen and if they say they can’t do it I remind them that social media gets word out to people in many countries without me having to know anyone in those countries just by people sharing or retweeting my posts, works every time.

  • Paula

    I too was scammed by this company. They had an add/link on Yahoo (shame on you Yahoo). After you click through several pages of ‘free trial’ instructions, there is a tiny one line statement on the extreme lower left of the web page that says that you have to cancel the trial within 14 days for the trial to be free (and get a return auth number and send back the product). What is dishonest is :
    1) They don’t disclose the volume size of the sample
    2) they do not disclose that the tiny ‘sample’ bottle that they send is the actual product size and that they will ‘rebill’ (additional charge for the sample already received) your account for about $100 if you do not cancel in time
    3) When you call them to cancel (phone number on credit card statement), they use delaying tactics so that you won’t dispute with Mastercard right away
    4) After you send the product back with the RMA number that they give you on the phone, then they don’t credit a refund on your credit card.

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Paula, I’m sorry you’ve fallen victim to this short-term free trial scam, unfortunately I write about these all the time and try to warn people but they use very deceptive methods to attract you. I do have something free for you if you’re interested, it’s a free Ebook called Wrinkles No More, which is a complete skin care guide to understanding your skin. I promise you it’s free! 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to comment so hopefully others can see this and avoid ordering Derma Juvenate. There are literally hundreds of these short-term free trial scams. If you’re considering purchasing a product, do a search on womensblogtalk first to see if I have a review on it. The only free trial I recommend is Lifecell and that’s because it has a 60 day money back guarantee and it’s a reputable company with no shenanigans. I would not be able to uphold my reputation otherwise.

  • Sybil Boyle

    OI too was ripped off by DermaJuvenate. I have sent the products back, talked to my bank to no avail. They have caused me over-draft charges and the only thing I can think to do is to close my bank account and go to a different bank. Bank of America has been of no help. The owners of dermajuvenate should be put in jail!!!

  • Anonymous

    Listen up people. Read all the blurbs before you accept their free trial offer. Once you sign up they will send you the free trial offer and immediately charge you nearly $200 and continue to send you products once a month whether you want it or not. Even if you return the product, they will refuse to reimburse you. It is a very sleazy way of doing business for a useless product in the first place.

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Dear Anonymous, Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I’m sorry you’ve had to experience the way this company continues to run its business, and unfortunately you’re not the only one. A question if I may. What are you looking for in an anti-aging moisturizer? If you’re interested in a great product, check out my personal review on Kollagen Intensiv. I’ve used it with great results and it’s NOT sold as a free trial. I only do business with reputable companies. It’s unfortunate that many people find my website because they’ve been scammed! But hopefully more people will read these comments and avoid having the same problem.

    • Kelly

      I read all the terms and chose not to complete the application but they calked me the next night with a new offer that was no risk to me. Turns out the person that called me outright lied to me and I threatened to speak to the better business bureau and share my experience on social media and ask everyone to share with their friends. It is funny that they tell you over and over again that they can not refund the shipping costs until you threaten to tell your story on social media and contact the better business bureau. You just have to stand your ground and don’t be fooled by the “we can’t do that” comments and you will get your refund OR if you have already received the product then cancel and tell them you refuse to pay double shipping. And if you have cancelled but they keep charging you for the product after cancelling then tell them you will take the issue to the BBBureau and social media. You will see how quickly they stop charging and how they will let you cancel and not have to ship unused product back to them

    • elma remando

      the very same thing happened to me , then i opened my visa account they said i owed 273.37 i called visa i told them no way am i paying it , as i never ordered anything, so they put it the fraud people and cancelled my visa and sending me a new one . these people who steal peoples id should get into big trouble trust no one.

        • Rachel Vrabel
          Rachel Vrabel

          Elma, you need to contact Derma Juvenate directly to cancel your order. I do not sell Derma Juvenate and I recommend AGAINST their product. Sometimes people get confused because they see my article on it, but you need to call the number on your credit card statement to cancel.

  • Diane

    I guess I am a sucker as well! The site I ordered from had no “small print” notice nor anything stating any 14 day trial or future billings!~ I am peeved because I ordered the free trial on July 7th and received the “sample” on July 20th. They promptly billed my credit card for $200.00 on the 20th. There is no way to find out if this crap will work if we are not given the 30 days the product says it will take to notice any difference. What a blatant rip off!~ This pisses me right off! How are they getting away with this? I do not want anymore of this garbage coming to my mailbox and have cancelled my credit card today. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!!

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Diane, don’t feel like a sucker, it’s very hard to tell you’re being scammed when the company runs deceptive practices. May I ask what you’re looking for in an anti-aging treatment? How is your skin? I have some really great top products with very reputable companies. I know you may be turned off at the moment for a free trial, but Lifecell has a great free trial period – it’s a total of 60 days with a money back guarantee and I’ve never had any of my customers leave any negative comments about not being able to cancel and get their money back (I don’t deal with those companies who give trials a bad reputation). If you’d rather just purchase a great product without a free trial, I would recommend Kollagen Intensiv. These are my two top products and I’ve used both with great results.

  • gf

    Hello there, I was scammed by this company too. Learned a very expensive lesson to the tune of about $400.00 cdn. Funny enough, they were very forthcoming with advising me via email that the trial offer was coming and the amount being billed to my account. but the other shipments came with no paperwork or notice. Smoke and Mirrors. These people have no morals and they abuse the system without shame.
    Given all the complaints, its a wonder the internet marketing sites (e.g. google) don’t disallow their advertisements.
    I was offered a discount of about $200.00 of the $400.00 that I was charged. Better than nothing I guess but I still feel like kicking myself for being so gullible.

  • jewell

    dr. oz should be ashamed for being associated with this scam company. call the phone numbers that your credit card provider has on their file for the companies and they are disconnected. search on their wesite to get the number and then call the customer service number within the 14 day cancellation window (in writing under their own terms and conditions they say a no hassle, no commitment guarantee within the 14 days) and they run you around and around. The eye cream people gave me a return merch. auth # , BUT the other cream customer rep kept me on the phone for over 30 mins. saying he (alex) was trying to help me. would not give me his supervisor. called three times to get this product cancelled and they said i agreed to a 39$ charge.i never agreed to any charge other than the one on the pop ups (4.99) for samples to be sent. after 14 days they appear to stick it to your credit card with their monthly charge of 89$ for the creams….over $1000.00 a year! that is a lot of expensive other creams women could buy from a real store and a real reputable skin care company! If this product really is any good why don’t they get it into Sephora and other reputable stores???? wish i had visited this site before i got scammed.

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Vrabel

      Hi Jewell, were you ever able to finally cancel? That’s the problem with these companies who offer short term free trials (14 days), it’s hardly enough time to try the product to see if you like it or not, and then they’re impossible to get through to! I don’t deal with ANY companies like this for this reason! If I can offer some advice, I have used Kollagen Intensiv with great results and it’s NOT offered as a free trial, but they do offer a 90 day money back guarantee which is nice (and they stand by it and you CAN actually get through to them if you’re not happy. Kollagen Intensiv is a highly moisturizing, collagen plumping anti-ager that also reduces dark spots and won’t leave you greasy. Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Kris

    Argh! I feel so stupid!
    I saw the websites, read through the details (I thought I also read the fine print, but must have missed the auto ship part) I ordered a trial, which arrived 12 days later (which now I’ve learned was a 14 day trial)? and, I was a little sceptical when it just came in an empty box with no invoice or method of reorder… then suddenly, I was billed $104.24 to my credit card.
    It was at that moment I knew I was scammed!
    I have rung customer service line (which is a generic service line for many different products) and after many attempts to give the operator my information, I ‘think’ the product has been cancelled for good.
    I have been using the product…. I honestly don’t see a difference as opposed to using any other quality moisturizer. For that amount of money, I surely could find something better in my local pharmacy.
    Don’t order this product! It’s not worth the headache, or the hole in your pocket!
    Total scam. These people should be stopped.

  • Judy

    I’m another statistic! It’s amazing how they can still be in business, just unstoppable . No repeat clienteles but their market is worldwide! Their trial ads pop up everywhere on the internet. They know how to manipulate your mind, lots of psychology in their ads.

    If a company is so unethical, I can’t imagine what they put in the products! Now I have to throw $200 out the window as well!

  • Laura Robinson

    With all the comments here, well add me on your list of “got scammed”. Unbelievable!! I called and told them why am I being charge for something I paid only as a sample/free trial? The operator was not very pleasant to talk, said I did not pay for sample there is no sample. You paid for the actual product. I said no wonder I never received any sample in the mail.

    Whatever…it was sooooo frustrating. I cancelled my non-authorized order and told them I will return what I have on hand and I want a refund. I called my bank to cancel all future charges from this company, maybe it is best to cancel my card.

    Valerie Thorne I will send you and email.

  • Melanie Bisson

    I just totally got ripped off as well. IF there’s is fine print, it sure is hidden. They charged me $99 for my “monthly subsciption”, and as soon as I realised the charge, I called and cancelled. She “apparently” cancelled my order, but I will not be refunded the $99. Thanks for all the above mentioned advice, I will be changing my credit card now.

    • Karon

      Hi. I ordered the free trial bottle, cancelled over the phone as soon as I received it by paying 38 bucks. I haven’t been charged anything more.Honestly, I have been using it and I do like the results. So, it’s been worth the $38 to have the bottle. I won’t pay $99 for it so now I’m looking around for something that works as well.

      • Rachel Vrabel
        Rachel Vrabel

        Hi Karon, thanks for your comment. What is your skin type like and what’s your main concern (wrinkles, redness, dark spots)? Maybe I can recommend something for you.

  • Kathy Artelle

    My husband also signed up for the “Free Trial” and was supposed to only be charged approx $3.00 or so for the shipping. Turns out they charged $200.00 for this product and it was our credit card company that said there isn’t anything we can do because the questionnaire he filled out somehow gave them the legal right to charge the full amount. Very tricky company and of all things the “Free Trial” pop up was on a legitimate government website, not sure how that happened but it did.

  • Lo

    Sorry but if there are so many reviews of this product and company being a scam then maybe this artice should be updated with the words “scam alert” at the top instead of looking like a bad paid ad by the company.

  • Lou

    My advice is to call your credit card company immediately and have your card number changed. You can also block charges. Your card is not affected but there is a wait for a new card. Have the card sent to your nearest bank, it only took me two days!
    It is a scam!!!!
    Good luck!!!
    Also: look in the mirror and say: ” you are beautiful just the way you are!” Out loud….. Every day!

  • Toni

    I am weak and fell for the scam for dermo and the rejuven eye max cream. I thankfully looked into them after receiving both because I couldn’t remember which one to use first lol. Then saw the bad reviews. I called and canceled my bank card right away before they take anything out!! I take it no one has had luck stopping this? AND anyone know if the product works yet?

  • Arnie

    Hi Ladies,

    I just called up the Customer Support.

    The agent told me that you need to call them after 14 days trial so they would know if you like the product. They can also extend another 20 days for additional trial. So they will not charge you. Hope this helps

    Customer Support –

    USA/Canada – 1-888-960-3123 : 24 Hours , 7 Days a week

    United Kingdom (+44) 20 3468-4270(+44) 20 3468-4270 : 24 hours, 7 days a week

    • Toni

      I would not believe that!!! After the 14 days is when they charge more. So she probably said that to delay you.

  • Veronique

    I just ordered and cancelled my order about 30 minutes ago; after reading comments on the Net. The toll-free # is disconnected but I was able to talk to someone at their US based # 1-646-569-9095. It was quite easy to cancel but I still have to pay the shipping fees of the products I will not receive; off course…

    Just to be on the safe side, I cancelled my credit card as well.

  • Lina

    I was deceived too. They are selling their products with different scams. When I clicked on some websites it prompted out a survey with several simple questions, and a female voice told that I could get a DermaJuvernate product for free if I complete the survey. I did this and entered my credit card information for shipping, but they charged me $101. Furthermore, a monthly basis subscription of the product was automatically set up in their system. I was aware of this automatic subscription a month later when I received the product from them again. They charged on my credit card for another $106. I phoned the company, but they told me that I can’t refund for the product I never ordered. They stolen money from people using such disgusting fraud. What we should do to stop them?

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Williams

      Hi Lina,

      I agree, I wish there were more we could do. Unfortunately, they bury the terms in the fine print, which makes what they do legal. It’s completely unethical, of course, but it is legal. I think the best thing we can do is spread the word, like we’re doing. I hope you were at least able to cancel future billings.


  • claudette

    I have not received the products I was interested in and have been charged two different products on my Visa card. When I contacted the phone number indicated on my statement, I am told I don’t have an account with them. I am at a loss…go figure

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Williams

      Hi Claudette,

      Sorry to hear you have to go through this. Know that you’re not alone. I’m not sure what number you have, but I looked on their website and found this phone number: 1-888-447-6613, and this email address: [email protected]. Hope it helps!


  • Lorraine Lilley

    Diane is correct. The small print on the same page states the full amount you will be paying for the Trial sample and future supplies. I always look at the small print before ordering anything.
    I personally would pay that monthly amount if the product works but reading through the blogs, I don,t see any evidence of that. Any advise on any product that does work that can preferably be bought over the counter, would be appreciated.

  • Bobbie

    Like so many other gullible and vulnerable women, I have been totally ripped off by Dermajuvenate and Deadsea set, it appears from various blogs that I have since read, that Dermajuvenate take another product with them into this scam.
    Together, Dermajuvenate and Deadsea set have stolen almost £200.00 from my account. That is on top of the initial ‘trial offer price’ of £4.99 (which with shipping was nearer £12.00)
    I exist on an overdraft facility, so was totally beguiled when I saw this amazing offer and read the review from the “Cardiff grandmother/mother”, with such amazing results and so cheap (I cannot afford to buy facial products normally).
    Also I very very rarely buy anything via the internet. Why oh why did I fall for this scam AND WHY, AND HOW are these LOW-LIFE SCUM still advertising and still getting away with it?
    No where on the e.mails I received from the ‘two’ companies was there any mention of a full price product, and I kept wondering ‘if it works, how does one re-order and at what cost?’ because absolutely no information comes with the products.
    When I realised something terribly wrong had occured with my bank account, I immediately contacted my bank, I also telephoned Dermajuvenate, I was afraid although it was a UK telephone, that the call was transferred to the U.S. and ended up being on the phone for almost fifteen minutes trying to reason with an Asian/American woman on the other end who refused to pass me to a manager, she refused to send me a cheque for the monies unlawfully taken from my account.
    As soon as I realised the scam I ordered a new bank card.
    I tried to contact Deadsea set via e.mail (because there is no phone number) BUT only to find I could not e.mail them, it appeared their site had vanished. I tried a couple of days later, to no avail, my computer kept telling me ‘this site has expired’.
    Meanwhile, my bank kindly reimbursed the stolen monies and cancelled the fees accrued by non-payment of some of my essential direct debits.
    However on Saturday I received a letter from my bank, stating that they found Dermajuvenate had not done anything wrong and therefore they are going to debit my account for £187.86.
    Is there any way this company, and other such scams can be brought to justice and shut right down? Is there a way that these adverts can stop being displayed on the internet?
    Please please lets find a way of ensuring no one else gets caught by these disgusting low life individuals who prey on the gullible.
    The products do not work, you’re much better off sticking to Pond’s or Nivea. The only things Demajuvenate and the Deadsea set have done for me are to increase my stress levels, giving me even more wrinkles and a lot more grey hairs!

    • Rachel Vrabel
      Rachel Williams

      Hey Bobbie,
      Sorry to hear about your story, and believe me it’s not the first time Ive heard it. Unfortunately, the internet is full of scams like this, and there is not much we/you can do about it. When one company closes their doors due to this type of fraud, they simply relabel the product under a new name and run the same scam all over again. Your best bet is to read the terms and conditions carefully before ordering anything.


  • Amanda Harrington

    What a total rip off please do not order ,ad £89 out of my bank , I was not aware and wondered where money had gone,,,,,, rip off be aware,,,,

  • Margaret

    Same thing here in UK. I managed to get 50% refund without much argument, but as I have not tried the stuff yet I don’t know if it works!
    The fact that I got the refund fairly easily makes me wonder if they are aware how close to the wind they are sailing.
    Same thing happened with Dead sea beauty stuff which was advertised with the Derma product so I thought they were the same firm…oh no!
    After more of a battle with them I did get some refunded….AND,,, big deal, got to keep the product!! Also as yet untested…I’m hoping to be very beautiful soon!!

    • Lisa Proffit-Mouland

      Hi, my mum has been caught out by this, where did you contact them, the phone number seems to be disconnected, we are worried they’ll keep taking the money, thanks.

      • Rachel Vrabel
        Rachel Williams

        Check your credit card statement, there is usually a phone number associated with the transaction.


    • mirian

      Hi Margaret,
      It happened to me too with both creams. I’m trying to get in touch with them. What did you do to get the money back? Do you have any telephone number or email address? Thank you.

  • heather

    Talk about something looking too good to be true! Had a real shock when the billing amount appeared on my statement. I, too, thought I’d sent for a free sample not signed up for life. Still can’t believe I fell so easily for such a scam. Buyer beware! Watch out for Deadseaset too,

  • Alan Shields

    This product is sold using a total scam. The free sample offer which states pay postage only will in fact take £89.91 after 2 weeks and continue every month. The banks say they can do nothing. SCAM SCAM SCAM…Worldwide.

  • MarCy Ellul

    Us seniors are the ones worried about the wrinkles–right? And us seniors are constantly being warned aboutgetting ripped off on the internet–right? Well, I’m one of the senile ole ladies who learned her lesson finally. I don’t know if this stuff works or not. I got my FREE trial and then three days later they waltzed into my check acct and removed my electric pmt. The electric company told me they don’t care if I have wrinkles or not cause nobody can see them in the dark anyway. And when I called dermapoopoo they told me they’d cancel it and give me back 1/2 my money! Half???? Half????? And then sweet thing proceded to persistently try to sell me something else to put on my debit card. And when I kept telling her “NO”. She then tried to sell me sometjing else on my card! She would not stop and I finally ended up just very politely hanging up on her after wishing her a good day. So if you aren’t rich RUN from this add. I won’t die from my wrinkles–and you probably won’t either. This has not been fun.

  • Ann

    Thank god I found this site. I searched all over the internet to find info about this product. The review from Diane really helped me a lot. I will try the product but I will use a gift card to do it. That way they will not have my credit card info, and will not send me any more when they try to bill me again.

  • Diane

    Regarding not being able to find the pricing after the “free trial”. The small print when you sign up states they will auto ship and bill the credit card you used for your “free trial” and it is VERY expensive. I have copied and pasted the disclaimer below.

    By clicking “Order Now” we’re giving you a trial bottle for only $1.99 today (non refundable), and then you have 14 days from the date you place your order with us to evaluate the product. If you are unhappy with the product at any time during those 14 days, you must call or email us to avoid being billed and cancel receiving future shipments. If you are satisfied with our product, do nothing and we will bill you $89.71 for the trial bottle you received. We will also send you a full month supply for $89.71 plus $3.99 shipping and handling, every thirty (30) days thereafter. Cancel anytime by phone by calling 1 888-447-6613

    • valerie thorne

      They ripped me off too, did not know that your trial period starts when you order. There is a way to get these people and stop them from ripping people off, they will continue to do it unless someone puts a stop to it. If there are more of you out there, please e-mail me, I am going to do whatever I can to stop them, they went into my mortgage money. [email protected]. Look to hear from you.

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