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Cosima Revival Review – Is It Effective?

Cosima Revival Overview

Cosima Revival is an anti-aging skin care cream designed to fight signs of aging with the amino acid, L-Arginine.  When skin is young, it produces enough collagen to appear smooth, firm, and plump.  As we age, and our skin and bodies are assaulted by years of environmental damage, our skin’s ability to produce collagen is weakened.  L-Arginine helps counter that by stimulating the release of Human Growth Hormone, which has proven to help counter the effects of aging on our skin.

Cosima Revival ReviewCosima Revival Ingredients and How They Work

Cosima Revival uses a few different ingredients to accomplish its task of providing healthy, younger-looking skin, without resorting to painful and expensive surgery.

  • L-Arginine works by stimulating the production HGH.  Human Growth Hormone is abundant when we are young.  As we age, we lose most of our HGH,and it is believed that this has a big effect on the appearance of aging.  L-Arginine helps your body replace some of its lost HGH.
  • L-Ornithine works on HGH production in much the same way as L-Arginine.
  • Vitamin B5 heals and nourishes skin helping to create a smooth canvas.
  • Vitamin B6 works as an anti-inflammatory to soothe irritated skin and improve the tone.
  • L-Glutamine stimulates the production of collagen.  Collagen is also abundant when we are young, and it makes skin firm, plump, and elastic.  L-Glutamine helps skin replenish lost collagen due to aging.

Cosima Revival is said to minimize stretch marks as well as fine lines and wrinkles.  You should apply affected areas once per day after cleansing.  You’ll want to give it time to penetrate before applying other products or clothes.

Cosima Revival Pros and Cons

One good way to help decide whether or not a particular product is the right choice for you is to weigh the pros and cons you’re likely to encounter.

Cosima Revival Advantages

  • It works on stretch marks as well as facial signs of aging.
  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Cosima Revival Disadvantages

  • The “free trial” signs you up for future monthly billing.
  • We found no independent Cosima Revival reviews from actual customers.
  • There is no clinical evidence that it works.
  • Cosima Revival is expensive.

Where to Buy

You can only buy Cosima Revival online, and it is primarily available through the “free trial” offer.  This is a fairly common practice for skincare available online.  You pay only shipping to receive your first jar.  But unless you cancel within 14 days, you will be billed over $89 monthly and you will continue to receive new product monthly until you cancel.  These offers are deceiving as the terms are often hidden in the small print, and they are notoriously difficult to get out of once you’ve inadvertently allowed them permission to bill you.


We very rarely recommend getting involved with products offered through these “not-so-free” trials.  Cosima Revival presents itself as the ultimate alternative to surgery and expensive spa treatments.  The claims are big, but the proof just isn’t there to back them up.  As always, we suggest you find a solid wrinkle cream from a reputable company that doesn’t need to use deceptive marketing to get customers to use their products.

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  • Kerri Wilson

    They are still running the scam for the free sample and then sticking you with a $89.99 charge. No where did I see the 14-day trial sample, and it did not say that it was when received the package. Intentially trying to be deceitful! To top it off, the customer service reps are the rudest. I guess I probably would be too if I just talked to angry people all day who are getting scammed! Even if this product was amazing, I would NOT purchase again!!!

  • Lauren


  • Lori

    Exact samething happen to me, from not being told cost to calling to cancel then still getting cream. And billed and when I call I was told I never called to cancel . I have never spoke to a more rude company. I have filed a complaint with the Better Busness B. and I am going to email DrOz website and tell them they may want to investigate the company and product they are promoting on there site .i would recommend everyone sending a email and. Filling a complaint with the BBB.

  • Beth

    Wow! Wish I had read these reviews before jumping on board. I had the very same experience. They really do not give you a “free trial” at all! You have to mail back the unused portion or be charged for it. I told them it was very deceptive advertising and I’d let everyone know about it. So hopefully, others will read all of these reports and not use this company! Yes, I agree with Barb! With all the hassle, I ended up with MORE wrinkles than before!!! SCAM SCAM SCAM BEWARE!!!!

  • Barb

    STAY AWAY from Cosima Revival. It is a scam.I thought it was trial free. It is not. The cream you are sent you pay first the $1.99 than if the cream is not sent back they charge you $89.99. If you don’t catch it in time they send you another cream for $94. something. which I will send back but they will only credit my account $89.99. the difference is there shipping cost which I have to pay. Than they had the nerve to say to me, if I stayed with them the next cream would be half off. Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me. All of this is causing me more wrinkles than I started out with

  • Cindy

    Cosima Revival is a SCAM. Do not fall for it.
    No where does the ad say that you have to pay $45 for their “free trial offer” if you don’t want to
    continue being charged $89 per month!! Plus,
    you have to return the unuse portion!
    Once ordered, it’s VERY hard to get out of the

  • Lindsey

    I just called them to ask why they had taken out $89.99 from my account. The rep. tried to make me keep it by offereing me a 60% discount, then after I did not accept the offer he offered a 70% discount. I told him that just for the fact that they put the charges in the fine print, then they are really trying to get people to fall on their trap. He got angry and said” MAKE SURE YOU READ THE FINE PRINTS SO THAT YOU DONT CALL BACK TO COMPLAIN”
    dont fall for it usless you are willing to be scammed.

  • cynthia

    i didn’t even get my trial sample….they just billed my credit card $89.00. i received the jar today and called to cancel my order. i was not told there was a 14 day trial period etc. I never buy from companies that offer a free sample but I trusted in Dr. Oz. I wrote to him today and received an email from his staff that he was going to mention this subject on his show December 27th. This company stinks!

  • Brenda

    I saw an ad on facebook stating that Dr. Oz recommended this product so I sign up online on 11-30-12. I received the product on 12-10-12 and on 12-14-12 they charged my account 89.00. I had only use the product for 4 days. When I called the person was rude, telling me I didn’t read the cancellation policies and the trail period was from the order date and it didn’t matter that I only used it for 4 days. They would not refund my entire payment but agreed to return half of my money and cancel my account with them. Very deceptive practice and customer service sucks. I will not do business with them and will tell eveyone that this is a scam company.

  • Pam Walker

    Stay away from Cosima Revival and Equinox Skin care product offers! I ordered the so-called ‘free trial’ products, not realizing that my order meant an automatic subscription for the products at a charge of $89.95 per month. Once I realized that fact and read reviews where people had commented that their credit cards were being charged even though they had repeatedly called the companies to cancel, I shipped the products back and tried to call and cancel my unwanted subscription. When I called the numbers on their website, however, they now claim that they are not associated with the products, making it impossible to cancel the subscription. What a scam!!!

  • Terri

    Totally agree with previous comments ! It took 4 FOUR phone calls to cancel product after my “Free trial”. In the meantime, they sent 2 shipments, for which I was billed $99.00. JOHNATHON stated they did not receive any cancellation notices, although I have a record of the calls. IMAGINE THAT !!! Steer clear of this company. I also did not see any results from the product.

  • Edelyn

    When I called today to cancel the auto shipping, I was told I had to return the unused portion of the cream. And by the way, FYI they will not CANCEL your auto shipping membership at the time you called them to cancel it until they did not receive back the products. So even though you called them to cancel it, and you expected its been cancelled but it’s not that’s why people getting billed for $100 bucks. This is not right…they should cancel the auto shipping at the time you called them not after they receive the unused products. This is ripping people off….imagine $100 bucks for just a tiny bottle of products???!!! This is a SCAM! I will definitely not recommend my friends and family to buy this product!

  • E.Fielding

    They did not give me 14 days free trial before deciding if I liked it or not. They automatically took out 89.99 out of my acct 2 wks later after mailing to me. Not after I received it and tried it. I only had 1 wk to try it. TO PUSHY FOR ME. NOT THANKS 🙁 CANCEL, CANCEL, CANCEL

  • B. Berry

    I do not like “not so free” trial offers either. When I called to cancel the auto shipping, I was told I had to return the unused portion of the cream. Even though the “terms and conditions” for the 14 day free trial show “no hassles” if you cancel, this is a hassle to me, but they wouldn’t budge, even after I spoke with a supervisor. I ask if they were going to reuse the product, he replied, “I don’t know.” Pretty scary! Won’t do business with them…should have known.

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